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NuBest Tall Review: My Actual Experience with this Growth Supplement

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If you are reading my NuBest Tall review and looking for a detailed one based on its formulation, ingredients, or comparison between this supplement and other similar ones…I think this is not for you.


It is easy to find out that many articles on any website are written in this style, but I will present my review differently.

So, if you are interested in knowing what I experienced from this product, keep scrolling.

But before that, let me tell you…

A disclaimer

I am not working for this brand and what I write down here is 100% based on my opinion and experience. I am not glamorizing or detracting from your thoughts on this supplement.

If you buy it after reading my review only, your results might be different to me depending on many factors. So, the best way is to read as many reviews as possible to make the right decision.

Still want to know, continue reading to find the answer.


Why I picked NuBest Tall

My name is Larry Fling. I have 2 boys Jason and Jackie, aged 12 and 9. Well, they are the real users who took this supplement while I am the one who bought and witnessed their process. It can be said that this is the product my boys take daily to help improve their height and to keep their health optimally.

But before that, let me tell you the truth!

Both my boys did not gain normal growth in a long time. Their height and weight were even fixed in months.

I guess you know what I am talking about when we did not see any improvements in children though they are in their growing years. It hurt so bad…

Nearly zero treatments worked for my boys

One of the common treatments is to use HGH injections to boost growth hormone. But I think my children are too young to use it.

Then I tried some natural supplements and multivitamins, even raw calcium supplements, but none of them worked to support their height for real.

This was truly a long process, tried this one, changed to this one, and felt disappointed.

Then I heard a dietary supplement called NuBest Tall

I always believe that there is a better option than that. And it is.

When searching for “how to boost height growth naturally and effectively,” I came across its official website.

It is advertised as a height growth product for children (5+) and teens who do not drink milk. It packs a nourishing source of grow-taller nutrients that are described as natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Also, it claims some following benefits with constant use like supporting bone strength, bone growth, and boosting overall health.

Frankly, I was so doubtful when I read about the description for the first time. All the supplements seem to sugar-coat their products.

But when I kept reading and reading, I quickly changed my mind.

Yes, I am talking about the formulation of NuBest Tall.

When it comes to bone health, Calcium is the most important ingredient that you can find in most of the growth supplements available on the market. But what impressed me is that this Calcium is prepared in nanometer size for the best absorption. That means it is easily absorbed directly in blood vessels, thereby decreasing excess Calcium, kidney stones, or constipation.

The next good thing is the powerhouse duo of Calcium and Collagen. From what I know, when both ingredients are combined, they will help strengthen the bone and boost lengthening, promoting bone and body growth effectively. And it is because I have not seen Collagen in any grow-taller pills before, I found eureka.


The last composition is the proprietary blend of precious herbs. Although it sounds strange when using herbs to stimulate natural growth hormones and enhance immune health, I think this makes this supplement special. Then I tried searching for more information and found out each has particular benefits for health. And the truth is that when all work together, they truly help my children become healthier.

Sounds interesting, right?

And just like that…indeed, I also read reviews and Q&A at the bottom before making my decision to give this supplement a try.

Yes, I should do and read more before buying it. But if you are trying many things and getting ZERO – just like me – I believe you will do the same thing.

For people, finding an interesting supplement like this that we have not tried before is like having new hope for a better life.

And here is the result…

My 12-year-old boy gets 4.3 inches (4 feet 9 inches) while the 9-year-old gains about 4 inches (4 feet 4 inches).

It seems they just attain the normal height at their age, but this is a big effort to help them get back to the normal one in 1 year of use.

And the reason why we keep using it for a long time is that we did see promising results while using it. Yes, that was the big reason when other supplements did not give us.

And here is how it went.

1st month

I must admit that the first month was a disaster. Both refused to take these capsules instantly (I think they were tired of taking too many things before). But I heard mixing the powder into their drinks and food is fine and does not decrease its effect, so I tried.

During the first month, there was no change in height. The only difference is that my children did not get any bad reactions (they used to get nausea and itching). A good start, I think.

2nd month

Their appetite improved. I recognized that they did everything on their plate in every meal and sometimes asked for more. The next positive thing, right?

Their sleeping pattern has changed as well. I did not urge them to go to bed because they felt sleepy earlier.

Besides, I found that both seemed to be more active. They love playing outside more and even joined a sports club at school.

About improving the height, I think they might get at least a half of an inch, but not sure. It might be too soon. But seeing they looked healthier, I was hopeful.

3rd month

This was the most terrific part because one of my boys got a BIG improvement. My big one gained 1 1/3 inches while the young one got less than ¾ inches (perhaps he took fewer capsules than his brother, only 2 per day).

You might ask me whether or not it was a natural growth.

Honestly, I was not 100% sure this supplement is working at this time. But when they keep using it month by month, their height has positively changed.

Now I believe that I made the right decision up to 90%.


What makes me unsatisfied?

I think the BIGGEST reason is its HIGH price, especially if you have two boys like me. The next thing is that you cannot get a good result right after one night. I told you earlier, we have spent a long time to attain these promising numbers.

Importantly, you need to help your children have a healthy lifestyle when taking this supplement. Take care of what they eat (avoid junk foods as much as possible), encourage them to exercise (luckily, my children love swimming and playing football so much), and go to bed early.

Remember that you need to observe your children and then create the ideal plan to help them. Do not think that taking only supplements can boost height easily.

All in all, should you buy NuBest Tall?

Glad you ask because my answer would be YES.

And if you buy this supplement at its official site, it will be great.

You will get 15% OFF for the first-time purchase. And in case you subscribe, your next order will be auto-delivered and discounted as well.

Check Price & Availability

One more thing, the customer service of NuBest will take care of you at best. They answer all your queries and give helpful advice so that you can attain the optimal result.

That’s what I have been experiencing for a year, and I will certainly keep using it for sure.

So, if you are okay with that, I highly recommend you to order this supplement today to help your children build healthy and strong bone growth naturally, effectively, and safely.

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