NuWave PIC – Precision Induction Cooktop Review


NuWave PIC – Precision Induction Cooktop Review

NuWave Cooktop is made by NuWave, LLC, a reputed producer and distributor of the popular NuWave products. With over two decades of experience in selling products that impact positively on customer health, NuWave focuses on household safety, environmental awareness and improving quality of life. The company’s products are convenient to use, efficient and also affordable.

NuWave Pic (precision induction cooktop) is the latest creation of the company and the cooktop boasts of a 1 in one trillion defect rate. The product uses 90% less amount of energy when compared to the traditional cooktops.   NuWave cooktop uses sophisticated precision induction system that lets you do all types of cooking anywhere provided you have an outlet for power nearby.

Is the cooktop a comprehensive solution for all your cooking needs? Let us look into the various features of the cooktop in detail to know whether it meets expectations fully or not.

Salient features of NuWave Cooktop

NuWave PIC is a revolutionary cooktop that allows you to multitask in the kitchen with the extra burner and simmer, sauté, boil, grill, deep fry, sear or steam foods easily. The compact space saving cooktop is designed to make cooking a breeze regardless of where you use it. Here are the important features of the cooktop:


Mess free and efficient cooking solution

The precision induction cooking solution from NuWave gives you a great option to avoid the stress and mess of cooking in conventional stovetops. You will no longer have to spend too much time in the kitchen with NuWave pic.  The cooktop helps to cook safely, quickly and efficiently. You will not have to deal with hot coils or open flames. The induction system heats cookware directly, so the remaining space in the cooktop and the kitchen remain cool. The precision induction system heats up twice as quickly as traditional cooktops reducing fuel consumption by 70% and saving you money and time.

Dimensions and weight

NuWave cooktop is very compact with dimensions that include 14.4 inches x 15.9 inches x 6.3 inches. The cooktop weighs 7 pounds.

Precision cooking with NuWave cooktop

NuWave PIC has induction coil that produce magnetic field, which heats iron and steel based pans and pots. Thus heat is not present in the cooktop but only in the cookware. This makes the cooktop energy efficient when compared to electric or gas stoves. With less heat generation and huge energy savings and no toxic emissions, the cooktop is highly eco-friendly. The flameless and minimal residual heat generation in the cooktop makes it cool to touch in areas where the magnetic field is inactive.


Accurate temperature control

There are 52 different temperature settings included in NuWave PIC to endow you with powers to cook like a professional culinary expert. You can easily control the temperature, even if it is a small level of 10 degrees. This cannot be done in an electric stove or your traditional gas stove.

The cooktop also has an expansive range of temperature at which you can cook starting from a low temperature of 140 degrees to a high of 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus you can easily warm your soups and fondues or boil pasta or sear a juicy steak at a high temperature of 575 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safe cooking design

The cooktop is made of ceramic glass, which is durable and sleek to look at. The round shaped design is identical to the round cookware used normally for cooking ensuring efficient cooking. It is very resistant to breakage and is able to withstand heat shock trial at a high temperature of 760 degrees Fahrenheit after continuous cooking for 10hours. Thus it is very safe to cook at high temperatures.

Since the cooktop operates via precision induction method, there is no danger of accidental burns. You can even grab the cookware by their cool handles, while on the cooktop without wearing oven mitts. The cooktop has automatic shut off feature making it even safer to use.

Convenient cooking

NuWave PIC gives the ultimate cooking experience with its programmable cooking settings. You can easily program different times for cooking and the temperature settings, so you need to just touch the start button, the cooktop will take care of the rest. The cooktop has 100 complete programmable memory hours similar to having a personal chef cooking for you.

With its light weight and compact body, the NuWave PIC is very portable. You can take it along in your RV, boat or even when you are on a camping trip provided there is access to electrical outlet where you go.


Where is NuWave PIC manufactured?

NuWave cooktop is made by NuWave LLC, based in Libertyville, IL. The product is designed in line with the eco sound, value driven and health conscious product construction that the company is popular for. The product is provided with one year manufacturer warranty. The company will provide the required parts as well as labor services for replacement or repair.

For queries and complaints regarding the product, you should contact the customer service department of the company at 1-877-689-2838 from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm CST from Monday to Friday. Email service is also open for customer queries and the address is,

The postal address for contacting the company customer service is

NuWave, LLC.

1755 Butterfield Road,


IL 60048-1227

Advantages of NuWave Cooktop

  • The preprogram feature with 6 different cooking settings helps dish up meals quickly
  • Control buttons are of push type and situated in front making it very convenient
  • Circular design takes up minimal space
  • Can be used conveniently and safely on the dinner table
  • Automatic shut off after pan is removed from the cooktop
  • Clean up is easy due to ceramic glass cooktop
  • Light in weight hence very portable
  • Cooks food faster than conventional gas stoves

Disadvantages of NuWave Cooktop

  • Automatic shut off makes it necessary to switch the power back every time you remove the pan while flipping it for making fried eggs or pancakes
  • The newer square shaped pans will not fit properly on the cooktop
  • Heating in round pans is not even
  • While cooking in steel pans, the food gets burned easily
  • Only pans made of stainless steel and iron or those with induction base can be used on the cooktop. Aluminum pans and pots cannot be used
  • Noise emitted by fan during operation is annoying

Customer reviews

Customers who bought NuWave PIC find it safe and faster to cook. The flameless and cool to touch top makes it safer to use around kids. When cooking is over, the cooktop can be stored away compactly. Daily use of the induction cooktop helps save fuel and helps complete cooking faster.

Many customers mention about the high quality ceramic glass of the cook top, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The cooktop maintains and recovers heat properly. However a few customers find that the cooktop takes more time to heat up pans and pots. And the cooktop also tends to move when it is cooking. The induction system fails to cook evenly. The cooktop can heat only pans of 6.5 inches diameter and not larger diameter pans.


Bottom Line

The NuWave PIC is an ideal cooktop for your kitchen, as it saves you fuel, effort and time with its energy efficient cooking features. The features including 52 settings for temperature, 6 preset cooking temperatures, programmable cooking, esthetic and ergonomic shape, make the cooktop a great solution for cooking different types of food easily. The portability makes it ideal to use when you are on a trip and when you need an additional burner for cooking at home. Other than minor hitches like noise generated and having to use only particular type of utensils, the cooktop is a good addition to consider for your kitchen.

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