Panasonic EW1211A Cordless Water Flosser Review


Panasonic EW1211A Cordless Water Flosser Review

In the past, we reviewed another cordless water flosser from Panasonic, the Panasonic EW-DJ-10-A. We gave it stellar ratings based on consumer ratings. In fact, it’s one of THE best-selling and top-rated battery-operated oral irrigators on the market today.

Now, can we say the same thing about another Panasonic cordless, the EW1211A? In this review, we help you answer the question.

What You Need to Know About the EW1211A

Panasonic EW1211A Cordless– The Panasonic EW1211A has three water jet settings, which should be helpful in laser-targeting your cleaning preferences. Gum sensitivity, therefore, is not an issue with these settings. Plus, with a low setting, flossing is safe especially with children.

– The different settings are the following: Jet for cleaning in between teeth; Air in Regular for cleaning between the gums and teeth; and Air in Soft for massaging the gums.

– It has an ergonomic and compact design. It’s therefore perfect for travel.

Panasonic EW1211A Cordless Water Flosser– It weighs 10.6 ounces.

– One of this water flosser’s best features is that it’s 100% waterproof. Therefore, this device is easy to clean. It only requires one quick rinsing.

– Aside from that, the water tank is dishwasher safe.

– This requires a lithium ion battery. The dock is rechargeable, and it has a charge indicator light.

– Upon unboxing the package, you should see the following: an AC recharger, 2 nozzles, 2 screws, an instruction manual, and the EW1211A water flosser.

Consumer Feedback

– Space Saving. Those who have complained about bulky electric toothbrushes or countertop water flossers will find that the EW1211A is space saving. It has a small footprint, so storage is not that difficult. Plus, as one consumer has said, this device leaves the “vanity space free of clutter.”

– Cleaning and Maintenance. This water flosser is easy to clean because it’s waterproof. Plus, it also comes apart.

– Weight. The general consensus is that at 10.6 ounce, the EW1211A is lightweight. You won’t get tired easily when using it.

– Performance. The settings are much-appreciated by consumers. The Air in Soft setting is truly ideal for people with sensitive teeth. So if you’re tired of bleeding gums by using a string floss, you might want to consider this oral irrigator.

Also, one consumer has compared its power with that a Waterpik. She said it’s “on a par with the power I get from my trusty ol’ Water Pik.”


– Noise. You might find this oral irrigator a little loud.

– Charging. The instruction manual says you need to charge it for 15 hours before the first usage. This can be an inconvenience.

– Features. The 2 nozzles are color-coded, and consumers are appreciative of this feature. This is a plus for you if you want to share this oral irrigator with another person. The colors make it easy for you to tell the nozzles apart.

– Limitations. You might find that the water tank doesn’t hold enough water for your needs. Also, there may be a learning curve. At first, it can be messy to operate.



The Panasonic EW1211A oral irrigator has been given top ratings because it performs well. The three jet settings are helpful in laser-targeting your needs. For instance, children with sensitive gums and teeth can benefit from this oral irrigator’s Air in Soft setting. It’s also space-saving, easy-to-clean, and lightweight.

However, this water flosser is not perfect. Consider the following limitations. For instance, you might find it loud, and you might find that the water tank does not hold enough water for your needs.

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