Best Water Flosser Reviews


Best Water Flosser Reviews

We believe that the best water flossers are those confirmed by consumers as the best. You can tell whether or not a product works if the majority of those who tried and tested it say it does work.

That said, we have gone through major online retailers and read through the reviews, feedback, and ratings given by users. The result of this research is this “top” list.

Our criteria for choosing the oral irrigators on the list include the following: generally positive feedback, number of reviews given, and the rating received by the water flosser.

Consumers have spoken. The following are the top 7 best-rated water flossers available today.

Waterpik Ultra


The Waterpik Ultra (WP-100) is one of the best-selling and most trusted products of Waterpik. Unlike older models, the Ultra has an ergonomic, compact, and sleek design to address issues regarding space, storage, and general handling. Its 10-water pressure setting allows deep thorough cleaning of dental pockets to improve oral health.

The verdict? Buyers on Amazon have left their feedback and gave this product a very high rating .

Unboxing the product, you should get or see the following parts: 6 color-coded tips, high-volume covered reservoir, an on-off switch, 10 pressure setting knob, tip compartment, tip eject button, handle, and pause on the handle.

Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A


Inexpensive and portable, this oral irrigator is every traveler’s best friend. Only 8.6 inches long, the Panasonic EW-DJ10-A is washable, yet 100% waterproof. It’s powered by two “AA” batteries, so this eliminates the need to use cords and electricity.

Although this oral irrigator has several misses, it has received a generally positive feedback over at Amazon.

Among the feedback include: “For its small size, this water flosser is powerful. It does the job well, and will not let you down especially when traveling.”

Waterpik Aquarius


One look at the Waterpik Aquarius is enough to tell you that this product has stand-out features. It veers away from the usual light blue and white color. Instead, the water tank is transparent, which gives it a sleek, clean, and professional appearance.

Just like the Ultra, the Aquarius has received a high rating from consumers. Features of this product include the following:

– 7 water flosser tips
– 10 pressure settings
– LED information display
– 1-minute timer
– Handle control

ShowerBreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator


From its name, the ShowerBreeze is a shower water flosser. To make it work, you need to attach it to your shower and turn it on to start flossing. It’s very inexpensive and one of the easiest oral irrigators to install.

One of the advantages of the ShowerBreeze is that it eliminates the need for refills. And because you’re flossing in the shower, you don’t have to worry about getting wet as what usually happens with countertops.

The simplicity, yet high effectiveness of the ShowerBreeze is one of the good points of the ShowerBreeze as told by many consumers.

ViaJet Pro Irrigator


The ViaJet Pro Irrigator cannot compete with Waterpik products when it comes to innovation, but consumers have no problem with its effectiveness. It features 4 tips (2 standard, 2 rubber), and a knob for adjusting water pressure. As far as size is concerned, the ViaJet is “about the size of 1/2 loaf of bread,” to borrow the words of a consumer.

For a non-Waterpik or non-Panasonic irrigator, the Viajet Pro Irrigator has received a pretty high grade from consumers.

ToiletTree Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator


The ToiletTree Professional Oral Irrigator is a battery-powered water flosser, which has excellent portability. It makes a great travel companion, and it’s designed for multiple users.

BPA-free and FDA-approved, this water flosser includes the following features: three operating modes, rotating interchangeable nozzles, waterproof design, and a large capacity water tank.

Aside from the design, consumers love that this product actually works. As one consumer has said, his dentist has noticed a tremendous improvement after 14 days of using this product.

QuickBreeze Dental Oral Irrigator


Another product from Oral Breeze, the QuickBreeze is a “faucet water flosser.” It attaches to your faucet and adjusts through the faucet control. It is therefore very easy to use, and it eliminates the need for refills. It comes with minimal parts, so it addresses storage issues.

Given a high rating over at Amazon, this product comes with two color-coded tips, which makes it the ideal oral irrigator for couples.

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