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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

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  • -Quick and Discreet
  • -Heats up quickly
  • -Easy to clean
  • -Hydrotube
  • -Heating Presets


  • -Short battery life
  • -Can get very hot

pinnacle-pro-vapeSo, should i buy it?

Despite the previously mentioned flaws, The Pinnacle Pro has too many advantages to dismiss out of hand. The Pinnacle Pro is perfect for using a vape while being out of the house- it can be used for either wax or dry herbs and as previously mentioned, it is discreet and heats up very quickly. Though the battery can be a problem, the updated version of this model comes with a charger AND can be used while charging.

New design and aesthetics

VaporBLUNT produces the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer. This model is a second generation, which comes with vastly improved design elements over its predecessor. The second generation Pinnacle Pro comes with five preset temperatures, all controlled by a single button for ease of use. Additionally, the Pinnacle Pro has lights that change based on what temperature setting you are using, for ease of selection. The ease of accessibility with this model, combined with its very covert size (6 inches in long, easily able to fit in your pocket) makes it both a pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing device.

If you value durability in your vape, then look no further than the Pinacle Pro. It is made from extremely tough, high impact plastic, meaning that in addition to fitting easily in your pocket, it will be quite safe whilst there.

These design elements, along with a few smaller alterations (the mouthpiece isn’t transparent anymore, so it doesn’t start to look too dirty, even after you’ve been using it for a while) make this model a big improvement on its original, even though the first Pinnacle was by no means a sub-par vape.

So about those temperature settings…

One of the best elements of this vape are its temperature settings. Although this is a great feature, it does typically lead to the question, “Well, which setting should I use?”

The short answer is that the temperature selected will depend on you, the user. However, I can provide some information concerning heating levels and which is advisable for different vaping materials. Remember that each setting is color-coded and is set to the following temperatures (Fahrenheit):

  • Level 1 (White)- 370°
  • Level 2 (Turquoise)- 395°
  • Level 3 (Green)- 420°
  • Level 4 (Orange)- 445°
  • Level 5 (Purple)- 470°

Levels 1-3 are what you want to you for your dry herbs. In my experience, starting at level one (white light) and working your way up during the vaping process will allow you to get as much out of the herb as you can. If you go higher, the vapor will begin to become uncomfortably warm.

Levels four and five are better used in conjunction with the full metal jacket bullet and concentrates. There is no screen on the bullet, so you want to load waxy concentrate into the bullet bowl and lower it into the heating chamber. Level five will easily vaporize thicker concentrates, but you need to be careful to not flip the vaporizer upside down during use, as the concentrate can run into the mouthpiece cover.

How long does the battery last?

As I previously mentioned, the battery is the largest drawback to this model. The battery doesn’t last more than an hour. However, an indicator built into the vaporizer can give you a good idea of how much charge is left in the battery so that you don’t need to worry or guess about how much battery life you have remaining with each use. Higher temperatures obviously use more energy, so you’ll burn through power faster vaping concentrates and the like. Of course, the Pinnacle Pro can be used while it is charging, so if you are at home or in an area where you can charge you don’t need to worry about the poor battery life very much.

What is the hydrotube attachment?

The Pinnacle Pro comes with a hydrotube attachment. This is one of its best features and one of my favorite things about this unit. The hydrotube is basically a little water pipe that you can attach to the top of the unit with an adapter (which comes with the unit). The water pipe filters the vapor through some water, making it cooler and smoother- excellent for the bigger hits you get with this vaporizer. The hydrotube is almost as large as the Pinnacle itself, which I think makes it less useful for on-the-go use. Nevertheless, it’s a great option to have and increases the versatility and comfort of this unit.

Can i use concentrates with the pinnacle pro?

Unlike its predecessor, the Pinnacle Pro is designed to vaporize concentrates in addition to dry herbs. Using concentrates with the Pro requires that you use to full metal jacket bowl that comes with the unit. The bowl is completely sealed, which means that you can place the concentrate directly into it without worrying about things like leakage. Remember to use setting four or five (orange or purple) for concentrates, or you aren’t going to get as much vapor as you could. Be aware that the bowl WILL become quite hot, so the best way to reload your bowl is to either leave it attached to the Pinnacle or wait a few minutes between uses (if you decide to take the bowl out).

How do i use and maintain the pinnacle pro?

Cleaning your Pinnacle Pro is thankfully pretty easy. The bowl slides in and out of the unit, so you can quickly slide the bowl out and remove the herbs. Actually cleaning the bowl out requires a soak in a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to eliminate any residue. The same rules apply to the full metal jacket bowl. You will eventually need to replace both of the bowls and also the screen in the mouthpiece. Also, remember to clean the heating chamber clean by brushing it out every time you use it.

You will find that the PRO is simple to keep clean and working. It is low maintenance, and clever design decisions like not placing the bowl directly over the heating source reduce the wear and tear you see on this model. The bowl does not become discolored as quickly

The Pinnacle Pro is relatively easy to use, but it does come with a few things that can make maximizing its capabilities a little harder. A common problem seems to be the amount of vapor being produced. The Pinnacle Pro can make copious amounts of vapor, but you will need the correct technique. The Pro has a smaller air path, and thus clamping down on it to draw can reduce that airflow to a trickle.

The best way to draw from the Pro is to allow air to flow around the mouthpiece- when you draw from the Pro, act like you are taking the last hit off a joint- let air flow through and around the mouthpiece. Additionally, I find that packing the herb a little causes the heat to seep through the material slower, resulting in a thicker vapor. Of course, like any new vaporizer, you’re going to want to play around with the settings to figure out what you personally prefer.

Overall review

This is one of the most convenient vaporizers for use when you are out. It is small enough to easily fit into your pocket, and quick and easy to use. The battery life indicator allows you to make maximum use of the admittedly short battery life, but with a quick heating rate and five different heating settings, you are going to be able to squeeze quite a bit out of this small device in a short period of time! Comparable to a pen vape, but more versatile, the Pinnacle Pro is a fine addition to any collection!

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