Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric ChainSaw Reviews


Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric ChainSaw Reviews

The Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric Chain Saw provides high-technology features to power up any job, whether it’s big or small, for your total satisfaction. The chain saw comes fully assembled, so you can use right away without the need to assemble some parts, unlike other products in this category. It is perfect for any maintenance stuff, such as maintaining or cleaning the garden, and is built with power but lightweight overall, giving you flexibility to work on different angles without gas or mess hassles.

Since it is powered with a high-precision HP engine, the product is great for woodcutting and pruning bushes and tree branches, getting across fallen trees, and accomplishing other house repairs. The product also has a portable design, and is lightweight that keeps you away from body pains, even after prolonged usage.

poulan-pro-400e-18-inch-4-hp-electric-chain-saw-reviewNow see how convenient it is to work with an electric saw for it does not need priming gas or pumps, which produces mess and irritating odors in your garden, making you chokes at some points. Because the product comes in an easy to utilize large view window and chain oiler, it is not hard to lubricate while you perform the job. The chain saw also manages to work in a low-noise level compare to other products of its kind, making a yard task not irritating for your neighbors and your family.

The electric chain saw includes a steel guide for control and accuracy, a comfy trigger for an easy startup, and vital safety benefits like the inertia steel brake, easy-grip handle, avoiding injuries.

The product also comes with 2-layer insulation protection to aid in shielding the user from electric shock. The double insulation built is made of 2 insulator layers. As an outcome, you can work using an extension with the electric saw; and it can be utilized into a standard 120V electric outlet. It comes with a year warranty.

Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric Chain Saw Features

  • Enables you to work with a 4 high-powered motor to provide you versatility in cutting at different angles without any gas or mess worries.
  • Gives high precision and control, 18 inches steel bar that serves as guide
  • Comes fully assembled upon delivery
  • Has Anti-Kick bar tip and insulated handle for protection against electric shock
  • Includes inactivity blade brake when not in use
  • Comes with one year warranty

Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric Chain Saw Quick Reviews

After scouring the Internet for customer feedbacks and reviews, we are surprised to discover how positive people take this chain saw as part of their home chores and repair needs. They say that there is no other electric chain saw that provides high-quality work and perfect features, and they are cutting like an expert. According to customers, they like the product since it comes fully assembled upon delivery.


One customer note that the electric saw is easy to use in his backyard maintenance without causing noise that can awaken sleeping neighbors. Many customers profess love for the product because of its low-noise, and perfect safety features, enabling them to work without electric shock hazards. Customers also report on the worry-free use without the need of warming up engine, overheating concerns, coming out of oil, or choking to death. Some customers especially like the easy to maintain body of the chain saw, making it very convenient to utilize.

However, some of them note that the product must come with a chain, so, it will be easier to use, without the necessity of running to a hardware store. There are also a few other complaints from customers. Very few customers have the exact same problems. Some of them complained about unwounding of a spring in the pull mechanism, others complained that the chainsaw stopped running and would not run after repeated attempts. Also there are some customers that saw the clutch seizing up. Most of the customers are satisfied with the product.

My suggestion is if you want good value for your money and on a shoestring budget, then get this chainsaw. If you have deeper pockets and want an excellent chainsaw, i would recommend getting the Makita UC4030A Commercial-Grade 16-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw.

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