Best Chainsaw Reviews & Guides


Best Chainsaw Reviews & Guides

A chainsaw is not a toy; this is a power tool that is used to cut woods. Sometimes a chainsaw can be pretty dangerous if not handled properly. This is always very important for any power tool, to know about that carefully before you purchase. Since there exist a lot of variables and options for you, this can be really confusing. No matter you are an at-home user or beginning professionals, this is important to know the tools carefully. We have spent times for that and then come up with this best chainsaw reviews. Here a complete buying guide is included below, after the best chainsaw reviews section, this is a must read for you if you are going to spend your money on a chainsaw.

Here we will discuss some questions that you need to ask before buying the best chainsaw for your project. These days, the power tools can be very much user specific. A great tool with some handy features might not work for you because the type of your project might be different. So it is important to know your own purpose clearly. Be honest with your needs. Ask some basic questions and gather the answers. Then compile them together. Now start filtering, chances are there that you are going to get the best chainsaw for you. We will also discuss the use of a chainsaw. Let’s dive deeper.

There are different types of chainsaws. No single chainsaw is going to be the best for everyone. Here we have covered all three types of chainsaws so that anyone can find the best chainsaw for them. Before making the final decision it’s recommended for you to go through the buyer’s guide below. This will make sure that you are on the right track.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 | 40V 12-inch Cordless Chainsaw

black-decker-lcs1240- 40v-12-inch-cordless-chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • 40V MAX lithium ion battery for longer runtime
  • 12” Oregon low-kickback guide bar and chains
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for easy and quick chain adjustment
  • Comfortable handle to cut in a different orientation
  • Battery power indicator


Black+Decker has a range of chainsaw that rules the market for quite a long time. If you are a homeowner and looking for a cordless chainsaw for your home projects, Black+Decker LCS1240 is arguably the best chainsaw for you considering the features and the value of price. Inside the home or any other indoor projects, you should like an electric saw. Since having a cord inside the home is not a big problem. But if you are looking for enhanced mobility, it is okay to go for a great chainsaw like this one. With some advanced technology and some handy features Black+Decker LCS1240 has become very popular in American households.

Talking about the power, the battery is a 40V MAX lithium ion battery. As the company states, this battery lasts five times longer than other normal batteries of its class. This battery is light and easy to handle. Once fully recharged, you can cut down even a 10 to 12 inches base firewood tree. The chainsaw guide bar is 12” with a low kickback blade. The overall weight is 8.3 pounds. It features automatic oiling system. Around the handle, there is a wrap so that the user can handle it with immense comfort. Tool-less tension adjustment is another handy feature. There is a battery power indicator that will keep you updated about the battery power.

Talking about drawbacks, this chainsaw can be a little bit noisy. The medium sized tank can be a problem for some users. Other than them, this is a great chainsaw for small projects. Know it very well, that a cordless chainsaw is not perfect for big projects. You should not expect that much power from a cordless chainsaw that you can expect from a gas chainsaw.

GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX | 40V 16-inch Cordless Chainsaw

greenworks-20312-g-max- 40v-16-inch-cordless-chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium power of DigiPro brushless motor technology cuts up to 100 cuts on a single charge
  • Motor delivers up to 30% more torque for the greatest cutting performance
  • Motor offers up to 70% less vibration for comfortable working experience
  • Chain brake and low kickback chains for enhanced user safety


For a cordless chainsaw, GreenWorks 20312 is an amazing power tool with its great battery. In a small package you will get so many things, and that has made it one of the best chainsaw of its class. Gas chainsaws are noisy and they require more maintenance. You may not like them for the reasons. But at the same time, if you are looking for power with enhanced mobility, this one is for you.

16-inch Oregon guide bar and chain, metal bucking spikes are there to offer extra stability while cutting. The tool-less tension adjustment feature is very handy for easy and quick adjustment. The brushless motor is far more efficient than any standard electric motors. This design of motor creates 70% less vibration. You can cut a full cord of wood in single battery charge. But don’t be so sure about that, since in real world there are many variables. At your home, you can easily have a corded chainsaw, but if you need power far from home, and you are not interested in a gas chainsaw, this is the best chainsaw for you. This is great for pruning, limbing, felling trees, also firewood cutting.

This is absolutely a very popular chainsaw. Talking about drawbacks, there are not even few so that we can discuss. You cannot even say that the battery life should be better. Well, the other model of its class does not have any better battery. If you need more power, change your type, maybe electric or any gas chainsaw be great for you.

GreenWorks Pro GCS80420 | 80V 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

greenworks-pro-gcs80420- 80v-18-inch-cordless-chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 150 cuts with fully recharged 2AH battery
  • DigiPro brushless motors are more reliable and offer gas equivalent performance to a 45cc engine
  • Steel bucking spikes, durable metal wrap around handle and electronic chain brake for enhanced safety
  • Rapid 30 minute charge for standard 80V 2AH battery


GreenWorks pro GCS80420 is the best cordless chainsaw for cutting woods up to 16” diameter. You can also cut larger woods occasionally. Any woodwork around the home that can be done by a chainsaw can be perfectly done by this product of GreenWorks. Normally a cordless chainsaw is not supposed to be powerful to handle medium or large projects. But this cordless chainsaw will change your idea about a conventional chainsaw. It includes a brushless motor, which is clearly a major invention of modern technology in power tools industry. A brushless motor offers 30% more torques and 70% less vibration. With generous 10 years warranty, the brushless motor stands for its quality. The batteries can be charged super-fast. For the 2.0 AH battery, it takes only 30 minutes to get fully recharged.

GreenWorks pro GCS80420 has 4 years warranty and that assures the quality of the product. With an 18-inch guide bar this can handle woods easily of up to 16” diameter. The handle si ergonomically designed so that you can continue operation without having fatigue. The 13.7 lbs weight does not seem pretty light, but it’s not heavy as well. Make sure that you are able to handle this weight comfortably. Even in case of any kickback, to protect you this chainsaw comes with an electronic chain brake.

Talking about drawbacks, you will need a wrench to adjust the chain tension. It’s not a deal breaker, but it would be great if they provide tool-less adjustment. Not many cordless chainsaws are as powerful as this one. The 18” guide bar is not for show. But we consider that for maximum homeowners, this will not be of any use. You can go for GreenWorks 20312 40V chainsaw. That should be enough for a typical homeowner.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 | 20V 10-inch Cordless Chainsaw

black-decker-lcs1020- 20v-10-inch-cordless-chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • 20V MAX lithium ion battery for long run-time
  • 10-inc premium Oregan low-kickback guide bar and chain
  • Tool-free blade tension system for quick and easy adjustment
  • Features wrap around bale handle


Black+Decker LCS1020 is one of the latest chainsaws of the company’s line up. For medium duty projects like in a garden, cutting green branches or green logs, this can be great. At an affordable price, with all the features that a homeowner might need, this has been a popular cordless chainsaw. The lithium ion 20V battery lasts 5 times longer than other competitors of its class. The ergonomic handle is a bale fashion one and has a wraparound design to assure enhanced comfort in hand.

The low kickback chain reduces the chances of injuries. The 10-inch guide bar is just perfect to deal with small-scale projects. This small chainsaw weighs only 7.2 pounds. Tool-free tension adjustment feature is another handy feature. This is relatively noiseless. Talking about drawbacks, for medium and heavy-duty projects, this is not at all suitable. The oil plug needs to be tightened properly since we have found complaints of oil leakage due to automatic oil plug loosening. The charging time is a bit longer. But you can purchase a Black+Decker Fast Charger. It would be great if this would be a part of the original purchase.

WORX WG303.1 | 14.5 Amp 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

worx-wg303-1- 14-5-amp-16-inch-electric-chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • 14.5 Amp motor output delivers a cutting performance similar to a gas powered chainsaw for homeowners.
  • Features auto-tension chain system, that prevents over tightening
  • Low kickback guide bar and built-in chain brake for enhanced safety
  • Automatic oil lubrication and built-in oil reservoir with window level indicator


Worx WG303.1is one of the most popular electric chainsaw in the market. If you ask me why, there are specific reasons behind its popularity. This well designed and solid constructed electric chainsaw can provide enough power to deal with any projects around the garden and yard, this is very easy to use, it has some handy features and finally all of these combinations you are getting at a pretty affordable price. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

The ergonomic design of this chainsaw will make sure that the user feels comfortable and confident in hand. Since this is one of the most dangerous power tools, it is very important to feel comfortable. The weight is 11 lbs. The 14.5 amp powerful motor produces an output of 3.5HP. This much power from such a lighter and affordable model is not available in the market. It comes with a 16-inch bar and features built-in chain brake to deal with sudden kickback. Tool-less tensioning system is there to eliminate the risk of over-tightening the chain. The front handle and the rear handle both offers firm control in hand. The rubber-molded rear handle helps to absorb the vibration that is why this Worx WG303.1 is almost ‘no vibration’ chainsaw.

Talking about drawbacks, the range of cord is pretty less. You will need to purchase an extension cord for ease of functionality. Other than this, Worx WG303.1 is one of the best chainsaw for homeowners with a great value of the price. For any trimming or pruning jobs or felling wood and trees up to 12-inch, this is a smart purchase.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper | 4.5-Amp Electric Chain Saw


Highlighted Features:

  • Innovative clamping jaws grab and cut in one easy motion
  • Scissor action for effortless branch cutting
  • Comes with 4.5 Amp motor for powerful, fast cutting
  • 4” cutting capacity


This one is not what a conventional chainsaw is. This is far safer, smaller, easier to handle. Chainsaw is great for cutting wood, true, but at the same time, it requires a certain level of skill. If you are a beginner and looking for a chainsaw for home use, this Black+Decker LP1000 is a very safe product for you. This excellent alternative of the chainsaw is very easy to use. If you know how to use scissors, then you can operate this

4.5 amp motor is ideal to deal with almost any home garden projects. Heavy-duty 6-inch cutting bar and chain makes the operation very smooth and safe for the newbies. The mechanism of this alligator looper is pretty simple; you can grab and cut in a simple motion. Talking about drawbacks, there is nothing actually that will make up unhappy about this powerful tool. Just be sure that it is not a conventional chainsaw and if you need to handle commercial or large projects, this is not the right tool.

Makita UC4051A | 16-inch Electric Chain Saw

makita-uc4051a- 16-inch-electric-chain-saw

Highlighted Features:

  • Powerful 15 amp motor for high performance and professional cutting
  • Tool-less tension adjustment system
  • The longitudinal motor provides improved maneuverability
  • Large trigger switch with soft start feature eliminates start-up shock
  • Ergonomically designed rubberized grip handle for comfort
  • Automatic chain oil mechanism enables continuous operation without any fatigue


Makita UC4051A is a very popular model of electric chainsaw in American household, for over 7 years. This duration is a strong indicator of the quality and the reliability. If you ever own a Makita tool before, you should know the Makita quality. If you think of a long-term power tool, Makita UC4051A is arguably the best electric chainsaw with an amazingly high value for the price. Why am I talking about long-term? Because there are some models out there from some less known manufacturers, they are pretty cheap in price, but they are more likely be a disposable tool. Yes, this is true; you just use it for few times and then see they will start giving you trouble.

This Makita tool comes with a 15 Amp powerful motor that provides ample power to deal with any small and medium-size operations. The 16” guide bar and the motor combined offers you enough power of a gas driven chainsaw.  If you have seen the review of Worx WG303.1 chainsaw, that has a 14.5 amp motor. The configuration is almost the same, but in real life performance Makita UC4051A is far better. If you have a budget issue, you can go for Worx WG303.1. Otherwise, Makita will be the best chainsaw for you. This easy to use chainsaw has tool-less chain adjustment system. This has made tightening and adjustment very easy, you just need to urn the chain tensioner knob clockwise if tightening required.

This 13.9 pounds chainsaw is easy to handle. It features ergonomically designed handle that has rubberized grip. Talking about drawbacks of this Makita tool, there is nothing that actually can be a deal breaker. But there is no anti-vibration technology. Still, the vibration of this tool is not much since it’s a medium-duty chainsaw.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher | 20-Inch 55.5cc 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Chain Saw

husqvarna-455-rancher- 20-inch-55-5cc-2-stroke-gas-powered-chain-saw

Highlighted Features:

  • 55.5cc 2 stroke gas powered chainsaw with 20-inch bar
  • Features with new X-torq engine technology that reduces fuel consumption up to 20 percent and emission up to 60%
  • Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter
  • Allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system to remove larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter
  • Ergonomic front handle with a comfortable grip reduces fatigue
  • Inertia activated chain brake for enhanced safety and less chance of kickback
  • LowVib system greatly reduces vibration and minimizes fatigue


Husqvarna 455 rancher is a gas driven chainsaw and arguably one of the best chainsaw tools for the homeowners and farmers. If you are looking for something on a budget, this is not your one. If you are a homeowner, this will be considered a high-end chainsaw for you. It can deal with any operations, personal or commercial. It is great in all the ways, but you just need to decide that is it right for your use.

This professional grade chainsaw is perfect for landowners or anyone who needs a heavy-duty chainsaw for a wide variety of tasks. What you think about a traditional gas-powered chainsaw, this is far better and more polished than them. This is packed full of features that will make your life easier. The X-torq engine reduces emission and is known for economic fuel usage. The fuel tank is small in size that means you need to refill it in every 30 minutes. Well, this might be considered as a drawback, but overall the quality of this Husqvarna 455 Rancher is extremely high.

As a homeowner, if you need to cut a lot of firewood or need to fell large trees, then this is the best chainsaw for the money. The overall quality and the performance is amazing, but, if you don’t need this power, why would you spend for this? No, you should not go for this one. Less powerful, cheaper electric chainsaws are there for you.

Remington RM5118R Rodeo | 51cc 2-cycle 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

remington-rm5118r-rodeo- 51cc-2-cycle-18-inch-gas-chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a 51cc 2-cycle engine with 18-inch low-kickback bar
  • Equipped with QuickStart technology that makes pull starts easier
  • Front and rear anti-vibration handles for comfortable operation
  • Durable die-cast chassis and pro-grade crankcase and sprocket
  • Adjustable automatic oiler provides continuous lubrication
  • Electric ignition for a reliable start in all condition


Remington RM118R rodeo is the best chainsaw that is gas driven, for the beginner. The size is a bit big, so is the weight. That might turn you off at first glance, but there are some handy features you need to know. The most important is, we do not recommend any homeowner who is looking for the best chainsaw for home use or some small or medium duty projects. An electric chainsaw like Makita UC4051A can be a great choice. But if you are into some real heavy duty jobs, then a gas-powered chainsaw is the best chainsaw.

With excellent power and amazing cutting performance is has been a very popular chainsaw for a long time. You want a chainsaw for cutting wood efficiently and effortlessly, well, Remington RM5118R rodeo can do this job very well. Another impressive feature is the price. The price is very low for a gas powered chainsaw. The high-quality anti-vibration handles make it easy to handle this power tool. You can also purchase anti-vibration gloves for extra safety measures.

The 18-inch bar is ideal for cutting any type of wood. The only negative thing that you will find is the weight. The 17.5 lbs weight might be pretty heavy for you. To handle this weight smartly, you need to be really big and strong. If you are strong enough and looking for a powerful tool at an affordable price, this is definitely the best chainsaw for you. You can look for the larger version of it Remington RM5520R Rodeo Pro 55cc 2-Cycle 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw.

Husqvarna 450 | 18-Inch 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

husqvarna-450- 18-inch-50-2cc-2-cycle-gas-powered-chainsaw

Highlighted Featured:

  • Powerful 18-inch gas powered chainsaw ideal for landowners
  • 3.2HP X-torq engine reduces harmful exhaust emissions and increases fuel efficiency
  • Effective anti-vibration dampeners to absorb vibration
  • Machine start quickly without much effort
  • Ergonomically designed comfortable handle
  • Transparent and visible fuel indicator


Anyone who needs a powerful gas driven chainsaw for professional quality performance, will love this Husqvarna 450 chainsaw. Unlike many other gas driven chainsaws, you will get a cleaner working experience. The easy to start feature is very handy and appreciable. The X-torq technology assures lower emission and higher efficiency of fuel. The lightweight construction makes the use very confident about the tool. Also the anti-vibration technology spares the arms of the user and reduces vibrations. For a gas driven chainsaw, less vibration is like a blessing, if you ever used one before.

This is powerful enough to deal with any home projects, at the same time it will not overwhelm the user. The price might seem a bit high on first sight, but for the performance the price is pretty reasonable.

Introduction of a chainsaw

A chainsaw is widely used for cutting trees and branches. It has an engine that powers a metal chain. A centrifugal clutch drives the chain and that moves around the groove in the guide bar at fast speeds. The chain has sharp teeth. When the moving chain with sharp teeth comes in contact with any surface, here wood, they are dragged across and cut the wood. A chain cannot be guarded anyhow, this is the reason a chainsaw is the most dangerous handheld power tool on this planet. A wide range of people like homeowners, gardeners, landscapers, loggers, carpenters and many others use chainsaw in different projects.

Gas vs. Electric Chainsaw

Normally there are three types of chainsaws, considering the power supply, gas powered, electric and cordless. The cordless chainsaw or the battery chainsaw is a type of electric chainsaw. Se here in this part we will be talking about mainly gas powered chainsaw and an electric chainsaw.

A gas-powered chainsaw tends to be perfect for heavy duty projects. Serious wood cutting projects require this type of chainsaw for efficiency. They are little noisy and require more maintenance than an electric chainsaw. But when it comes to the power and versatility there is no alternative of a gas powered chainsaw. No matter how hard the wood is, or how big the tree is, a gas powered chainsaw does its job perfectly.

An electric chainsaw is best for home use, small projects like pruning and cutting small trees. This is great for your neighborhood since an electric chainsaw is much quieter than a gas powered one. It requires less maintenance. While using an electric chainsaw, you have to have a heavy-gauge waterproof extension cord, to assure the movability. Homeowners always prefer an electric chainsaw for their jobs.

Best Chainsaw Buying Guide

Here, to make things easier, we have split this part into two main segments. As we have mentioned earlier that you need to know the exact requirements before purchasing any power tool. A chainsaw is no exception. For this reason, the first segment includes a set of questions that you need to ask yourself before making the decision of purchasing the best chainsaw. On the second part, we will talk about the important features of a chainsaw that you must know properly to get the most out of the best chainsaw you purchase

Questions to ask you:

What is the primary reason for purchasing a chainsaw?

This is the basic question, you must ask yourself. If you are a regular homeowner and need a chainsaw for occasional use and some light wood cutting projects, then you should go for an electric chainsaw. An electric chainsaw requires less maintenance. On the other hand, larger projects like cutting big trees or working in the woods require gas driven chainsaw since they are reliable with immense power. Since they serve bigger, they need better maintenance. So you have to decide carefully.

What is the type of wood you will be cutting?

If you are cutting hardwoods, like dogwood, hard maple, birch oak etc. you will need a gas driven chainsaw. If the hardness of the wood is not much, an electric one will be the best chainsaw.

How often you are going to use the chainsaw?

If you need to use your chainsaw only a few times a year, an electric chainsaw will be the best purchase. Since they require less maintenance, they are noiseless and require no fuel, they are the best for the occasional users. If you need more often than this, maybe for commercial purpose or to deal with the larger amount of woods, a gas driven chainsaw is the best chainsaw for this kind of projects. If you are one of them who loves to get dirty while working, this is your cup of tea. A gas drive chainsaw requires more maintenance and better care.

Where will you be using?

If you are working indoors or in a small area like a small garden, an electric chainsaw with extension cord will be great. But if the area is bigger and maybe you need to work in woods, you need more mobility, a gas driven chainsaw will be the right choice.

What is your experience with a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is probably the most dangerous power tool that exists. So you will not want to have an accident, this is why you need to know how to handle it properly and you need to be able to do that. If you are a beginner and this is the first time you are buying a chainsaw, you should buy a smaller electric chainsaw. An electric chainsaw with a guide bar of 18” or less should be perfect. The 20” guide bars and bigger one are for experienced users. In most of the home projects, 12” guide bar should work just perfect.


There are few other minor questions like, which time of the year you will be using your chainsaw. If you need to work in winter, you will like the ones with a heated handle and heated carburetor. You also should think of your neighborhood. A gas driven chainsaw can be really noisy. If you prefer a quieter environment like indoor or some sensitive areas, you should go for a quieter electric chainsaw. Also, you should know the diameter of the woods you will be cutting to determine the length of the guide bar.

Things you need to consider:

—Guide bar length

This is probably the most important consideration for a chainsaw. The length is measured from the tips of the bar to the point where it enters the housing. This refers to the maximum size length of the wood the chainsaw can cut through in a single pass. This is a very important measurement but not the only measurement to determine the size of wood you can cut. You can still cut a larger price of wood with a smaller size of a chainsaw. How? Well, you just have to do it in two passes.

Like, you can easily cut a 32” wood with a 16” chainsaw. But the problem comes when it also requires enough power to cut through the woods. Your 16” chainsaw might not provide you enough power to cut a 32” wood. For safety, we recommend you to purchase a chainsaw that has at least 2” bigger guide bar than the maximum size of wood that you usually need to cut through. You can cut a larger piece of wood with a smaller chainsaw, but not always. If you regularly need to cut a 32” wood and you purchase a 16” chainsaw that is a bad idea. So for a larger size of woods, you will need larger guide bars.

For a typical homeowner 14” guide bar should be perfect. For medium size projects, the bar length should be 16” to 20”. And for bigger projects and cutting larger trees or any other heavy duty cutting, you will need something in between 22” to 36”. Generally, the electric chainsaw ranges in size from 14” to 20”.  But remember, the bigger the bar length is, the tougher it is to handle. And that increases the risk of accidents. The most of the chainsaw injuries happen because the chainsaw gets imbalanced. If you feel the chainsaw heavy in your hand, you are going to be in trouble. The most common danger is called kickback and this happens due to the oversize of a chainsaw. So make sure you are able the handle the size and the weight.

—Power type

We have mentioned earlier the types of a chainsaw. The power of a gas driven chainsaw is measured by cubic centimeters (cc) or cubic inches (cu. in.). The bigger the number, the more powerful motor it has. But that means heavier chainsaw. If you are a typical homeowner, something in between 24cc to 46cc will be the best chainsaw for you. The power of an electric chainsaw is measured by amps.

Cordless chainsaw is a type of electric chainsaw. They are powered by rechargeable battery. The power of cordless chains is measured by voltage (v). Typically a cordless jigsaw is the weakest jigsaw type of all three. They are used for very light cutting and pruning. There are different types of batteries. The most popular one is the lithium-ion (Li-ion). There are also nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries. The first one is lighter and gets recharged quickly.


Safety is always important for any power tool, especially when it comes to the most dangerous home power tool that exists. If not handled properly the best chainsaw can turn into a real danger. That is why buying a chainsaw is not like buying other consumer products. Every year in the United States there is over 100,000 chainsaw injuries. Besides being careful while operating the chainsaw, there should be something else to be taken care of. You should wear protective gears like safety glasses, safety boots, heads protection etc.

Before purchasing a chainsaw you need to be properly educated about the functions of a chainsaw. If you are a beginner try to purchase an anti-kickback chainsaw. What is kickback? Kickback is the most common reason for chainsaw injuries. While cutting woods, if the tip of the guide bar hits another object, kickback occurs. Normally the chain moves in circular motion. It rotates forward and moves away from the user. If the tip hits another object, the chain changes its direction and rotates backward. This is called kickback.

If the bar gets pinched on either side by the wood, the kickback can take place. This can cause a super-fast reverse reaction. You can avoid kickbacks by avoiding touching the bar guide tip to other objects. You should never cut more than one woods at a time. While cutting makes sure that the saw is fully powered. Make sure that you purchase a proper sized chainsaw. The right sizes chainsaw that you are able to handle without any fatigue is the best chainsaw for you.


There are some other facts you need to be careful about. One is your physical ability. Your ability to handle and control the chainsaw is dependent on your physical ability. While using a chainsaw, you like it or not, that chainsaw becomes an extension of your body. If you are not physically fit, the best chainsaw can be dangerous. The chainsaw should be or ergonomic design. You need to feel comfortable in hand. If the chainsaw is not ergonomically designed, it will cause fatigue and thereby imbalanced control. The price is an important feature to consider. Always try to get the best value for the money you are paying. Go for some famous brands to assure the quality. Check if the chainsaw comes with the warranty. If any product comes with the warranty, it means the manufacturer stands for the product. This assures the quality of the product.

Final Verdict

A chainsaw is something that you need to be really careful before you purchase or use. As we have mentioned earlier, if you are not confident enough to operate a chainsaw, you should not use it. You can better hire someone to do the job for you. If you feel confident enough, you can purchase the best chainsaw for you. The guide above will help you in great extent. Also in the best chainsaw review section, we have suggested the best chainsaw in the market for different users. No single best chainsaw exists. A great chainsaw for one user might not just work fine for another. That is the reason you need to know your sole purpose first. Thank you so much for going through this big article. Happy Shopping!

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