Proform 290 CSR Recumbent Bike Review


Proform 290 CSR Recumbent Bike Review

If you thought it was great that you could sit on your recumbent bike and exercise whilst watching your favorite soaps or movie, Proform has just taken that scenario a step further. Now you can exercise while you’re playing games! The Proform 290 CSR Recumbent Bike combines comfort, exercise, entertainment and affordability all in one machine. It even looks good in your home gym and in your living room or bedroom. The games provided, of which there are four, aren’t there just for your entertainment, however. Far from it. The harder you work on the bike the easier the games become. Pure genius!

proform-290-csr-recumbent-bike-review-2You can even change up your fitness regime with no less than 20 tips from your virtual personal trainer. The trainer determines the performance goals, weight loss, aerobic achievement and resistance levels to suit your needs. And you’ll never guess who your personal trainer is… The infamous Julian Michaels of America’s Biggest Loser.

Yeah I want Julian Michaels in my house every single day! Are you kidding? Keep in mind, however, that she didn’t get the name America’s Toughest Trainer by whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

Features of the Proform 290 CSR Recumbent Bike

  • Digital resistance levels: 16
  • iFit workout card compatible
  • Video game system that is interactive by GameFit complete with four games
  • 300 pound capacity supports the user with an oversized adjustable seat with lumbar support
  • 2.0 Intermix Acoustics system, mp3 and iPod port, trainer workouts totaling 20
  • Simple, gliding seat is adjustable

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Amazon reviewers gave this product 4 stars out of a 5 star rating. Unlike some other models of this caliber, assembly of this product was easy and brief. This comes from the reviewer whose story touches your heart. But after recovering from a long illness she is using the Proform 290 CSR Recumbent Bike to rehabilitate. The ridiculous comfort level is one of her favorite features and its sturdiness amazes her. The video games are a bonus and she has more fun exercising now than ever before. This wonderful woman heartily recommends this machine to anyone needing physical rehabilitation. In fact, it’s been pretty helpful for her psychological rehab as well.

A reviewer that formerly considered himself to be a gym membership addict has replaced that addiction with a home gym that includes this bike (the closest to a real gym machine that they could find). The games consist of Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘em, Fat Blocker and a little something called Calorie Destroyer. Enough time on this thing and you sure as heck won’t need a video game to destroy calories and fat!


Even though Proform is best known for their treadmills, they have somehow managed to outdo themselves with the Proform 290 CSR Recumbent Bike. Once upon a time they took the treadmill world by storm with their innovative, pioneering, foldaway, space saver design. Now it’s time to set the recumbent bike world on its collective ear. They have managed to combine innovation and tradition with the latest enhancements in reliability, electronics and cushioning.

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