Remington RM0612P 6-inch 6 amp Electric Pole Saw Review


Remington RM0612P 6-inch 6 amp Electric Pole Saw Review

It’s that time of the year again. The garden is growing beautifully but nature doesn’t care that you want the sun to reach your flowerbed, making the tree grow and extend its branches like a hand in front of the sun. Your garden might be growing wild. To take it back from nature and shape it the way you want, you will probably need to prune those trees.

That’s an annoying and tiring (recurring) task. You can make it a bit easier on yourself by using a chainsaw, but then you still need to stand on a wobbly ladder with your saw above your head. This is not only very exhausting it is also very dangerous. That’s why Remington made a pole chain saw. With the Remington RM0612P 6-inch 6-amp Branch Wizard Electric Pruning Pole you don’t have to stand on a ladder ,you actually don’t have to do much at all. Just connect the electrical cord, put the bar and chain against the branch, apply a little pressure and go straight through the branch like a warm knife through butter. Just be careful the branch doesn’t fall on you. With its 12 feet reach you can reach many branches without the use of a ladder.

This is a good electric pole saw and you can go directly to Amazon to pick it up for the best price including free shipping, but it’s wise to read our whole review before making your decision.

The RM0612P has a 6 inch low kickback bar and chain, which is a bit on the small side but for most users it is enough. It is corded so you don’t have to worry if you still have gas left or if the battery isn’t empty. This means that this electric pole saw is easy to use around the house. But if you have a very large garden you will need an extra long extension cord or a pole saw that runs on gas or uses a battery.

Remington RM0612P Electric Pole Saw Features and Specifications


  • Shipping weight: 10 pounds
  • Product weight: Only 6 ½ pounds!
  • Fully extended reach: 12 feet
  • 6 in. Chainsaw
  • Cuts through branches up to 6 in. in diameter
  • Low kickback bar and chain
  • Fiberglass pole with non-slip grip
  • Trigger lock to prevent accidental starting
  • 1 year warranty

Remington RM0612P Electric Pole Saw Reviews

This is not the first Remington pole saw we review, we also reviewed the Remington RM1025P. Both Remington electric pole saws have their advantages, the RM0612P’s (the model we are reviewing now) main advantages over the RM1025P are that it weighs less and it is a bit cheaper.

The advantages of the RM1025P over the RM0612P are quite strong: it can reach 3 feet further. It has a 10 inch bar and chain so it can cut branches as thick as 10 inches in diameter. Which is 4 inches more than the RM0612P. Its engine is stronger, letting it cut more easily through thick branches and the biggest advantage of all is that the RM1025P can be used as a normal electric chainsaw. The chainsaw is removable from the pole, without the use of any tools.

The reviews of the RM0612P are mixed but mainly positive. A frequent complaint is the gears of the saw are weak because they are made of plastic. You cannot fix them, so once they break you need to replace the whole chainsaw. Also the pole is not telescopic so it can be a bit annoying to wield and store. Aside from this most people were surprised at how strong such a small little engine could be. It is so easy to use that even an elderly lady was surprised how easy it was.

In conclusion: If you need to do some light work and really can’t spend more than this, get the RM0612P. But if you can spare a few bucks more and want a better product then get its big brother the RM1025P. It is stronger, longer, has a bigger saw, a telescoping pole and a removable chainsaw.

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