SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw Review


SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw Review

The SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw with 52-Inch T-Glide Fence System is built to provide complete safety and stability for the pro contractors, hobbyists, maintenance shops, and do-it-yourselfers.

The 1.75HP SawStop CNS175-TGP52 is built to provide precision and mobility, and comes complete with a table top of heavy duty cast iron and trunnion to give the stable platform for each and every cut. Plus, this saw is highly versatile with the ability to adjust to nearly 100 potential configurations.

The 52-inch T-Glide fence system is a must have feature which makes it possible to achieve the precision measurements, smooth operation, and solid lockdown with no fear of deflection. Also, the left tilting blade makes it possible to stop the wood from binding with the fence.

Features You’ll Value

SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw with 52-Inch T-Glide Fence System ReviewQuality piece of machinery, the SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw is feature rich in performance and safety features, including:

SawStop safety system

The built in safety system on the SawStop branded table saw gives the greater peace of mind. It has the ability to instantly detect contact with fingers or hands and puts the tool in shut down mode within a matter of milliseconds.

Table saw fence

The SawStop CNS175-TGP52 is built with the 52 inch T-Glide fence system that has the ability to improve the accuracy and make sure the precise cut is easily achieved.

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Mobility options

For complete ease in relocating the contractor saw by SawStop it is possible to include several transport options such as a mobile base or job site cart. Whether working from a maintenance shop or on a job site, this easily portable table saw is great for pro contractors, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers.

Dust collection

The saw has a dust-collection port and well-shrouded blade to help minimize the airborne dirt and debris, while also gathering the dust that falls beneath the table.

Solid table top

The solid build of the tabletop of heavy duty cast iron and trunnion means it has the ability to provide long-term service while also guaranteeing the true and steady cut.

Tilting blade

The left tilting blade makes it possible to stop the timber from binding against the table saw fence while in use.

Table saw accessories

This Contractor Saw comes complete with everything needed to get up and running immediately, and includes blade wrenches, riving knife, miter gauge, blade guard assembly, two stamped wings, 40-tooth – 10 inch combination blade and two adjustable legs. Other accessories like the table saw jigs can help to produce the more unique cuts.


The SawStop CNS175-TGP52 is at a useful size to complete a wide range of applications, and measures: 85-1/4 inches (W) by 45 inches (D) by 34-3/4 inches (H).

What Consumers Say

If you really want to find out what other professionals are saying about the SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw, why not take a look at these pros and cons which have been sourced from real customer feedback.


  • Great safety features to give that extra peace of mind
  • Solid and reliable build
  • Easily accepts other brands of table saw fence systems
  • Useful measurement for making small or large cuts
  • High performance motor
  • Quite easy to collect dust to avoid a build up in the workshop
  • Nice mobility options if you plan to relocate at regular intervals
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Takes up a lot of space so not ideal for those with limited space
  • It can help to have some assistance while setting up

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Great design with a safety module that is priceless, the SawStop CNS175-TGP52 is a solid piece of machinery offering great versatility and stability for the pro carpenters to hobbyists. With its T-Glide fence system, complete precision, and table extension, this table saw is a useful piece of kit for the workshop or jobsite. Plus, for those that need to relocate the SawStop unit it is possible to invest in the optional mobile base or job site cart.

For ease in clean up and ability to maintain the dust-free work environment, the SawStop CNS175-TGP52 has plenty of practical features to help trap the airborne particles.

The SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw with 52-Inch T-Glide Fence System has built up a high 4.4 out of 5 rating on the Amazon marketplace to provide a great quality unit with a lot of thought put into the design.

Product Name: SawStop CNS175-TGP52 Contractor Saw
Brand: SawStop
Fence Length: 52 Inch
Features: SawStop safety system, Table saw fence, Mobility options, Dust collection, Solid table top
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