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Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails Review

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The Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails is one of the original table saw fences and built to fit saws with a 27 inch table.

It has been designed to secure simultaneously at both ends to achieve the utmost in accuracy and rigidity. The Shop Fox W1410 relies on a unique ball bearing design for the guides that make it super easy to move the fence back and forth with a single finger.

Whether the beginner or pro contractor is left or right-handed this tool is very easy and comfortable to use with fine positioning knobs on both ends. Plus, the universal attachment method means this is one of the table saw accessories that has the ability to fit virtually all of the major brand table saws.

Features You’ll Value

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails ReviewA rock solid table fence, the Shop Fox W1410 is a reliable performer that comes with plenty of trusted features to make sure it is able to provide the dependable service in the long run. Let’s look at some of the most appealing features:

Versatile use

The Shop Fox W1410 Fence is a very versatile piece of kit and easily fits to most major name-brand cabinet and contractor table saws with a table that measures at least 27 inches from the front to back.

Roller tracking system

This table saw fence is able to provide the high level of accuracy thanks to its unique roller tracking system. The purpose of this system is to maintain the precise blade and fence alignment. This is even possible when the lock system isn’t engaged. This consistent control makes it very easy for the pro contractor to make the fine adjustments with absolutely no difficulties.

Solid construction

The Shop Fox W1410 table saw is built to be solid and reliable in a black and polished anodized aluminum that includes the micro precision adjustment knobs for greater control. The positioning knobs are located at both ends of the fence which makes it easier to use for the left or right-handed person.

Easy installation

The W1410 Fence is designed to be quick and easy to install and comes with detailed instruction to give step-by-step guidance through each stage of the setup.

Table saw accessories

This table fence is easily able to accept add-ons like the anti-kickback system offered by Board Buddies®, while other extras like the table saw jigs are helpful for cutting the more unique shapes and lines.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to know what other pro contractors are saying about the performance of the Shop Fox W1410 Fence, why not take a look at the following pros and cons that have been sourced from real user feedback.


  • Works really well
  • Easily improves the performance of the saw
  • Highly accurate and makes cutting timber to the precise size such a simple process
  • Once locked down it stays in position
  • Good instructions that are easy to follow
  • Designed to fit a wide range of saw tables
  • Solid construction in aluminum
  • Fence glides with ease and instantly locks down without any effort
  • Built to accept other table saw accessories
  • A nice roller tracker system to help maintain the accuracy of the cut
  • Easy to use for the left or right-handed carpenter


  • May be difficult to install on some of the older table saws
  • Pre-packaged drill bit and tap are low-quality, and will need to be replaced

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A very satisfying table saw fence; the Shop Fox W1410 is designed with plenty of useful features to create a perfect tool that significantly increases the accuracy while using the cutting machinery. With its solid construction, roller tracking system and easy installation, this table saw fence is a high-quality piece of equipment that is perfect in a wide range of applications for the pro contractor or dedicated hobbyist.

This table saw is solidly built in steel and aluminum with no plastic which means it should be able to provide long-term durability and strength. Also, there is nothing fancy about the rails which come in angle iron, but they are still sturdy enough.

The Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails has a highly respectable 4.7 out of 5 on the Amazon marketplace to provide a solid performer that has the ability to guarantee the accuracy and consistent cuts.

Product Name: Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails
Brand: Shop Fox
Fence Length: 49.5 Inch
Features: Versatile use, Roller tracking system, Solid construction, Easy installation

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