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Siemens LI46931GB Cooker Hood Review

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Most of the models of Siemens are seen as a great welcome in this competitive market. It also makes a style statement which gives its model a unique appearance. The engineering is technology-rich and they cater to the latest system with highly professional approach. More on Siemens LI46931GB Silver Metallic Lacquer Extractor Hood can be obtained in the following review.

Design Overview:

siemens-li46931gb-cooker-hoodThis model is an extractor hood which the telescopic canopy and it comes with the silver metallic lacquer finish. The dimension of this product is 475 x 897 x 273 mm and it relates to the height, width, and depth. It is designed in the pull out style and it is the half-integrated hood. The silver finish for the profile and handle makes it alluring.

Technical Aspects:

Siemens LI46931GB Canopy Cooker Hood comes with halogen lights and the present 3 lights are of 20 Watts power each. It works in the re-circulating system and it is suitable to be ducted. The maximum extraction rate is 450 m3/h. This appliance operates with the electric power of 260 Watts. The length of the electrical cord supplied is 130 meters.

Controls and Filters:

The control here is been required to be operated manually and it comes with the slide switch style. This model has a grease filter of type cassette. The presence of 2 metal grease filter cassette gives utmost purification and it is also removable and washable in the said interval.

Other product details:

Siemens LI46931GB Telescopic Hood comes with an indicator light which intimates the saturation of the grease filter and requires a change or clean. The noise emission is 59 dBa and it operates with 3 different power levels which include the intensive setting too. This model has a standard line design and it is suitable for the domestic use of any home style. The total power of the lights used is 60 Watts which gives the total luminance of 500 lux.


Siemens LI46931GB Pull-Out Extractor Hood is been provided with the included accessory of 1 handle strip and the optional accessories which are available are brackets for installation and re-circulating kit.


Provided for this model is the guarantee for the period of 12 months and it can be extended with the required registration for the additional cost.

Siemens LI46931GB Extractor Hood – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Siemens
Model Name LI46931GB Silver Metallic Lacquer Extractor Hood
Type of hood Pull out, half-integrated
Operating mode Convertible
Metal Grease filters Yes – cassette
Charcoal filter Yes
Number of motors 2
Extraction flow rate 450 m3/h
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 475 x 897 x 273 mm
Material Steel finish
Halogen lights 3
Control Slider switch
Extraction or Re-circulation Modes Yes
Motor 200 Watts
Total power of halogen lamps 60 watts
Total luminance 500 lux
Noise Level 62 dBa
Optional accessories Brackets for installation, re-circulating kit
Guarantee 12 months

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