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Best Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood Review

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For building or remodeling the kitchen, best under cabinet ducted range hood is the finest appliance to consider. It is an important appliance to add to the mix if you are intended to use a stove in the kitchen.

While cooking, scents and smoke particles are released and they generally hang in the air. So, some kind of air filtration system is needed. It is also known as the vent hood, and it removes all of the smoke and particles from the room.

there is no need to worry about the unpleasant odors and the unhealthy smoke. Models with ducts are most effective and are considered best under cabinet ducted range hood.

Why you should choose the best under cabinet ducted range hood

Best under cabinet, ducted range hoods are cost-effective, and are easy to install and they easily fit the various designs of the kitchens. The under-cabinet range hoods are installed above the range or hood, and under the cabinets.

The length of the stove is ideally spanned, so the smoke, and heat is captured, as soon as it rises, before reaching the cabinets. Best under-cabinet ducted range hoods can be found in the stylish and simple models.


Best under cabinet ducted range hoods transport the smoke particles from the kitchen to the outside. The following points highlight the importance that why under cabinet ducted range hood should be used.

  • Gives furnishing looks to the kitchen.
  • Keeps the kitchen atmosphere smoke free, and clean.
  • Adds style and elegance to the home décor.
  • It reduces the speaking of cooking at night, by reducing the noise, and odor.
  • Removes the excess heat and provides additional lighting.
  • Resultantly, the value of the home is highly increased.

It is a well-known fact that the use of best under cabinet ducted range hood gives a comfortable, and clean environment for cooking.

Best under cabinet range hood serves the purpose very well for ventilation of the kitchen and provides a fresh environment for frequent cooking.

Reviews of The Best Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood

1.Cosmo UC30 30-in ducted under cabinet range hood


Quite but powerful having 760 CFM with 3-speed push-button control. Ventilates the kitchen quickly, reduces noise levels and the contaminants. Provided with the arc flow permanent filters which are extremely durable and safe for dishwashing.

Its strength is much good and comparable to the commercial restaurant’s hoods. The vent on this hood is located at the front but the top. It works properly and sucks everything out. It captures, the steam easily and due to the LED lights, it causes the soft glow on the stop top.


  • It has powerful energy-efficient lights and provides better visibility at night.
  • Its filters are much easy to clean.
  • It can nicely fit under the kitchen cabinet.
  • Does not produce the noise, so it is best to use at night also.
  • Can also be installed against the wall.
  • Its exhaust fan works very well, and its overall strength is great.


  • The duct flaps and motor housing are made up of plastic.
  • At high speed, it is vibrating and is noisy.
  • It has a mat finish, so it is harder to clean.

2. Cosmo QS75 30-in under cabinet ducted range hood


It has convertible duct. In this hood there is 900 CFM provided with the backlit touchscreen and twin centrifugal motors with 3 speed. It ventilates the kitchen quickly, without producing any sound and loudness.

Due to this property, it is considered best under cabinet ducted range hood. Its filters can be easily cleaned and there is no need to replace them. They can be simply placed in the dishwasher and it helps for the cost savings and easy maintenance.

They have powerful energy-efficient lights, which are long-lasting and provides, bright high lumen LED lighting. It’s prostyle canopy gives powerful addition, elegance, and sophistication to the kitchen.


  • It has high speed, even more than that someone can want.
  • Due to streamlined styling, it is much easier to clean.
  • Due to a powerful fan, no smoke, steam or other particles stays in kitchen.
  • Its remote works pretty good.
  • It has heavy, solid stainless motors.


  • Its plastic hinge may get weaken and it needs to be replaced.
  • Its vent flap is also of plastic and can be easily broken.
  • The 8 inches ducting is super weak and can be torn easily.
  • Its installation could be difficult as it is not a tight spot.

3.BV Range Hood – 30 Inch under cabinet ducted range hood


This hood has dishwasher safe baffle filters. The featured baffle filters made up of stainless steel. They are easy to wash and can be removed. It worries free guarantee and is ETL rated. There are 2 years of product warranty. It has additional features such as radiofrequency and interference protected.

Its general input power is 156W and has a single chamber ultra-quiet motor. Its fan has a centrifugal blower. This hood does the best job to remove the particles and smoke out of the kitchen. One can easily fry the food at high temperatures, without causing any smoke in the kitchen.


  • The installation of this hood is much easy.
  • It is very industrial and sleek.
  • If it is running at high speed, then also it does not interfere with the conversations.
  • The looks of the unit are very well made and fan is very quiet.
  • The hood is provided with hardware to attach it to the wall behind, unit.


  • There is no option to recirculate and it must have to be vent outside.
  • A lot of air is pulled by this hood, so there should be proper aeration in the kitchen.
  • The white light could be very harsh.
  • The filters may start to rust.

4. Cosmo 5MU30 30-in under cabinet ducted range hood


This hood has a 3-speed motor, 56 db max, and 200 CFM. It has cosmo’s vent filters and filters the kitchen without producing any noise.

Due to this feature, it significantly competes with other products of its kind. It requires a 3 prong plug of 120V. Its 30 inches size is more popular and it easily fits in most of the homes. It has easy 5 buttons control, 430 grade for the unparallel quality and 20 gauged brushed made up of stainless steel.

It has superior multi-layer filtration and oil, and trap grease can be easily filtered due to durable and reuseable aluminum mesh filters. Due to unique features, it is one of the best under cabinet ducted range hood.


  • This hood is not loud and moves the particulate air.
  • The design and functionality of this hood are great.
  • The LED lights of 2x3W give excellent energy savings.
  • It is made up of stainless steel so it easily matches the kitchen appliances.
  • Its price is easy and is affordable within the budget.
  • It is a lightweight hood but in terms of work, it is great and strong.


  • The pushbuttons provided at the front feels like cheap and loose.
  • The lights are situated at the rear of the unit, so they may not be much effective.
  • It works good for grease trapping, but the suction is not good enough.

5.Broan-Nutone 424204 Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood


This hood has a high-quality hood insert. Improves the lighting and ventilation over the stove. A protective lens that distributes the light evenly on all over the cooking top. Can accept the bulb up to the 75W. Gives easy cleaning and care due to the presence of the dishwasher safe aluminum grease filter.

For the convenience of the user, it can also work in an ADA compliant application. Due to its measurements of about 42 inches, it can neatly underneath the cabinet.


  • It is made up of stainless steel, so it gives lavish looks to the kitchen.
  • It has excellent quality, sturdy construction, easy installation, and fair price.
  • The fan has two speeds, low and high.
  • It is a durable and effective solution for installing under the cabinet for the vertical charge installations.
  • Light activation and fan speed can be controlled.
  • This product comes with a built-in 7 inches adapter.


  • Screws can be a little short for installation.
  • Its fan is smaller, so it is less effective for removing the heat and greasy smoke.
  • It cannot control the smell due to the extensive burning of food.

How to Choose a best under cabinet ducted range hood

The best under cabinet ducted range hoods in the market are becoming more practical and stylish. Nowadays, they mostly offer the commercial looks of stainless steel and there is no need to pay a pro-style price for buying a pro-style hood.

Before choosing the best under cabinet range hood, one should consider how much it excels to remove and exhaust the smoke, fume, and particles and how much air it can exchange.
Some important points which should be considered to choose the best under cabinet ducted range hood are the following.

  • Check either it is duct-free or vented.
  • More airflow ensures faster ventilation, so select the hoods with twice airflow.
  • Most of the hoods have three to six fan speed, but the hood with two fan speed is highly recommended.
  • Check the size of space available under cabinet and then select the best-suited hood.
  • In the market, there are hoods in all the types, and configurations, so select which exactly fits according to kitchen dimensions. Selecting the best hood according to the layout of the kitchen can enhance the kitchen’s looks.
  • Always read the recommendations of the manufacturer for better results.
  • According to your cooking requirements check the speed of the exhaust fans.
  • Calculate the hood energy for your kitchen. Mostly it is calculated in the CFM units that are cubic feet per minute.
  • Consider the range of noise that the hood has to cover.
  • Test the run of the hood in the showroom before bringing it to home.
  • The most important thing is the consideration of cost. So, compare the prices and get the idea of spending the money on a quality product.

Buying Guide Of an under cabinet ducted range hood

While entering the kitchen, everyone wants to be welcomed by the appetizing smell of the cuisine. Caked-on-gunk, oil, particles, and smoke are uninvited things. The range hood is an ideal solution for the stoves as it easily filters the grease and removes the impurities and heat from the kitchen.

Before buying the best under cabinet ducted range hood, consider the three main factors such as functionality, style, and the requirements of ventilation. An under-cabinet range hood can be easily installed under a small cabinet or against the wall.

The use of this hood is great to save space in the kitchen. Best under cabinet ducted range hood covers all these aspects.

  • Check the requirements for air ventilation. The range hood should completely recycle the air in the kitchen. So, to measure the airflow according to the kitchen needs.
  • Consider the sound levels of the hoods that are measured in the soves. Select the quietest hood for the normal operation levels.
  • Some hoods have dimming features of lights and some provide additional visibility. So, decide the one that can also be used as a night light for the kitchen.
  • The lighting of hoods can be halogen, incandescent, LED, or fluorescent.
  • Choosing the hood with Wi-Fi capability is a better choice. One can control it by connecting with a smart device.
  • Several types of filters are associated with the hoods such as charcoal, aluminum, or the residue cups.
  • Under-cabinet range hoods cost less than the other hoods.
  • The power of the hood exactly determines its effectiveness.
  • In some cities, powerful blowers are not allowed so check the compatibility of the hood with the city rules.

User Guide

For safe residential use, of the best under cabinet ducted range hood read and follow the instructions.
For installation respect all of the codes.

  • Use the unit only for the purpose which is intended by the manufacturer.
  • Installation should be performed by a qualified person.
  • When the hood is to be used with the stove, keep the door and window of the kitchen open.
  • When drilling or cutting into the wall, make sure that the electrical circuit is not damaged.
  • Always do evacuation of the outside conduit system.
  • Grease the range to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Select, and use the pan size properly.
  • While working do not touch the bulb.


The right selection and use of best under cabinet ducted range hood clean the air of the kitchen. It removes the smoke, heat, airborne grease, steam, carbon monoxide, and combustion products. In other words, it filters the air and ensures that toxicant irritants are not inhaled in your body.

As a bonus, it provides extra light to the kitchen. Best under cabinet ducted range hood gives the lavish looks to the kitchen. Additionally, space is also saved. Nowadays due to construction and durability, stainless steel hoods are considered best under cabinet ducted range hoods.

By use of best under cabinet ducted range hood, the value of the kitchen is enhanced as it gives finishing looks.

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