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Singer 2732 Mechanical Sewing Machine Review

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The Singer 2732 is a mechanical sewing machine designed to sew almost everything from a simple craft to a more complex home decor.

It can even endure the intricacies of constructing a multifaceted garment.

The Singer sewing machines are well known to minimize the struggle of having to put the thread in the needle with their built-in needle threader.

The Singer 2732 sewing machine easy to work with and to learn from. This machine truly makes your sewing projects trouble free and simple.

singer-2732-mechanical-sewing-machine-reviewSinger 2732 sewing machine overview

It is made and produced by Singer Company and is built with a 60-stitch function and 32 built-in stitches. Its variables stitches range from the most decorative to the most constructive ones.

It has a straight stitch and a straight stretch stitch for the left, center, and right needle positions, a zigzag stitch for 1.5 mm to 6.0 mm, a zigzag multistitch, random zigzag, blind hems and stretch blind hems, slant and stretch overedge stitch, buttonhole and button sewing, template and motif quilting, appliqué and blind stitch appliqué, zipper insertion, french seam, piped edging, embroidering, couching and a whole lot more.

The Singer 2732 has a compartment where it can keep a few of the accessories that comes with the machine. They are the stitch cams, bobbins that comes in a pack of 4, a couple of foot presser for the zipper, buttonhole and the standard foot press, spool caps (small and large) and an extra spool felt and pin, screwdriver, lint brush, seam puller, guides for blind hem and seam, and a pack of needles.

Advantages of Singer 2732

1. 32 Built-in Stitches and 60-stitch Function

The Singer 2732 has 32 built-in stitches and 60 stitch functions. With that, you can make a variety of stitches from the simplest constructive stitch to the most decorative one you could sew.

2. Automatic Built-in Needle Threader

The sewer would no longer strain their eyes in trying to thread the needle of the machine because it has a built-in needle threader. As easy as just putting the thread through its built-in needle threader and then pulling down the lever and voila, your machine is threaded.

3. Clear Cover and Top Drop-in for the Bobbin

It has a clear top bobbin cover and is made for an easy drop-in. You simply follow the instructions to drop in a bobbin and then trace its track then bring up the bobbin thread. In a glance, you can easily monitor if the bobbin thread has been pulled in already because of the clear bobbin case cover. This also allows for an easy changing of the bobbin.

4. Universal Pressure

The Singer 2732 is multifunctional sewing machine because it is equipped with a universal pressure. This means that this machine can basically sew any fabric, from the hard denim to the most delicate ones with equal ease.

5. Horizontal Thread Delivery

With a horizontal delivery of the thread, it is smoothly fed from the spool to the needle.

6. Built-in Accessory Storage

The built-in storage of the 2732 sewing machine is handy and keeps your things organized. The accessories can also be kept in that small compartment for an easy access and convenience.

7. Three Needle Positions

The Singer model 2732 is equipped with a three needle position that helps in the quilting and top stitching.

8. Free Arm

In the Singer 2732 secret compartment and storage is a free arm that will be revealed, which is a great help when you are sewing the cuffs, pant legs, and other long garments.

Disadvantages of Singer 2732

1. It isn’t laid out for heavy fabrics.

When sewing on heavy fabrics or layers of garments, this machine is not that strong enough to tackle on projects like this. But it is not impossible to work on them.

2. The machine tends to hang when doing buttonholes.

The 2732 machine is built to sew buttonholes in 4 easy steps. Sometimes though, when you get to the third step, the machine just stops. The timing just has to be reset when this problem occurs though.

Consumer Review

As a beginner I gave this machine 5 stars. The directions and pictures were clear and easy to follow. The only time the machine messed up was when I did something wrong, like sew with an empty bobbin.

I’ve made a couple of easy to medium skill level projects (i.e., pillow cases and pajama pants) and they’ve come out wonderfully. I have even started on making a simple Renaissance costume and it is working out pretty good. This machine works great with light to medium weight fabrics.

I picked it because of the removable arm which comes in handy when sewing arm holes and the like. I also picked it for the 60 stitch feature (I’ve only used about 10.) -J. Vaughn

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