The 132 Featherweight Compact Sewing Machine Review


The 132 Featherweight Compact Sewing Machine Review

The first Singer Featherweight sewing machine was manufactured at the early part of the century.

It was considered a breakthrough at that time, because of the incredible functions it contained.

It was one of the few that spearheaded the sewing machine revolution and helped propelled Singer into a huge company that it is now.

Moving on many years later, there are new and more contemporary Singer Featherweight sewing machines that are created today.

They still contain a lot of the features that make them and Singer famous-and much more

featherweight-compact-sewing-machineSinger Featherweight 132 Overview

The Singer 132 Featherweight was made to be lightweight, weighing only less than 15 pounds. There are 32 stitching functions available. It also features a 6-second threading system, which makes it so much easier for you to begin sewing.

There’s also an automatic threading tension mechanism, which can help control the stitches that they don’t become too loose or too tight. Moreover, there are two needle positions, and a button for reverse stitching.

Advantages Of Singer Featherweight 132

1. It’s lightweight.

One of the reasons why there are more and more people purchasing the Singer 132 compact machines these days is because they are lightweight. That allows you to attend sewing classes with your own sewing equipment.

2. It’s a quiet.

The Singer 132 Featherweight sewing machine allows you to work in a more peaceful environment. It is very quiet, so you don’t end up waking up anyone when you’re going to work at night.

3. The machine is very easy to work with.

For an inexperienced sewer, it’s essential that you’re not only comfortable with the machine that you’re working on, but the equipment is also easy to work with.

Fortunately, the Singer Featherweight models allow you to conveniently combine the stitching functions. Even winding the bobbin is not a challenge at all.

It also helps that all the main controls, such as that for the reverse stitch, automatic tension assembly, and a foot pedal can be controlled electronically.

4. It comes with accessories.

Sewers right now are not just after for the sewing machine itself. They also want to receive extras, such as bobbins and presser feet. When you’re going to purchase the Singer 132, you’ll also receive lots of accessories.

Disadvantages Of Singer Featherweight 132

1. The manual is sometimes hard to understand.

Some pages of the manual are unclear, especially the illustrations. Unless you have read other manuals, you may be spending some time understanding the manual of the Singer 132 compact sewing machine.

2. You cannot add some more designs and patterns.

If you’re a creative person and you love to design patterns for your sewing project, you may be disappointed with this sewing machine. It doesn’t have such capability. It doesn’t even have an LCD screen.

Consumer Reviews

This is a machine that I would definitely recommend to beginners. After just a week of working on it, I feel like a pro. I love playing on its decorative stitches, and winding the bobbin was surprisingly very easy.-Claire

I have a slight problem with its manual. A lot of the pages are pretty unclear, and I have to ask help from my mom to figure things out. But when I began working on it, it was just a breeze. The Singer Featherweight wasn’t a difficult sewing machine after all. The stitching functions are just enough for me, and I can work on the reverse stitching and buttonholes with a lot of ease.-May

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