Singer 7462 Sewing Machine Review


Singer 7462 Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 7462 sewing machine is one of the top models from the great sewing equipment manufacturer, Singer.

It’s an electronic machine that is capable of creating different kinds of stitches. What’s more, with its incredible technology, it can produce them with precision.

An interesting feature of Singer model 7462 is the use of Class15J for bobbins.

This is completely different from the regular ones, or the class15.

The former is exclusively used by the 7400 series of Singer, including the 7462 model. It’s much smaller than the standard class15.

singer-7462-sewing-machineSinger 7462 Sewing Machine Overview

There are around 80 stitching functions that you can find in the 7462 model, with 28 stitches that you can combine. When it comes to button holes, you have two options, both capable of creating them with just one step-a press of the button.

As an electronic sewing equipment, you can have more control when it comes to the selection of the stitches or even their formation. The threading system is known to be truly fast: within 6 seconds, you can already place the thread into the needle.

The drop-in bobbin system is paired with a slide plate that acts as a bobbin viewer, so you will be able to monitor it. You will know the time to wind it.

The Singer 7462 sewing machine is also equipped with auto tension, which means the equipment has the ability to adjust itself depending on the stitch that you’re going to form as well as the fabric that you’re using.

The lock function in decorative stitches prevents them to loosen up immediately. There’s also an on-board storage, 13 needle positions, and a free arm for better workspace.

Advantages Of Singer 7462

1. It’s highly durable.

The entire sewing machine itself is very strong – a typical Singer machine. This means that it can be used for several years. As a matter of fact, if you can take care of it properly, it’s a good heirloom to your kids.

2. You can conveniently adjust the dimensions of the stitches.

Different types of sewing projects and even fabrics require a different set of length and width of stitches. It will definitely save you the hassle if the sewing equipment already has the capacity to help you immediately adjust the dimensions. The Singer 7462 sewing machine comes with programmable controls to help you easily vary the width and length of the stitches.

3. The optimum stitch setting is superb.

This function absolutely works wonders. It can help you create even, nice, and clean stitches regardless of your sewing task.

The dimensions are perfect, and the stitches are produced with utmost precision. There are only few sewing machines that have this capability, and 7462 is one of them.

Disadvantages Of Singer 7462

1. The unit is heavy.

You can’t expect to bring this equipment to your classes and workshops. This is also not a good thing to buy for those who are already old or suffering from pains in the back and hands.

2. The auto-tension assembly doesn’t function well with thick fabrics.

If you’re working on multiple layers or if you are using a thick fabric, the auto-tension assembly of the sewing machine may not work as expected. You may even end up breaking the needles.

3. It’s a loud machine.

If you have kids or you simply don’t want anything that’s noisy, then you better look for another one. This equipment produces noise than may annoy you.

Consumer Reviews

I bought this machine after a friend recommended to me, and I’m happy I listened. I have been having problems creating stitches, and this machine definitely removed all my worries.-Jill

When my wife celebrated her birthday last month, I wanted to give her a surprise, so I bought the Singer 7462 sewing machine. It was working well for a couple of weeks, until the needle broke when she worked on the denim pants. It’s also a little bit noisy, and she couldn’t work on nighttime, or else she would wake our baby up. This is a very good machine, as it tends to create beautiful stitches and designs, but I wish it could be much better.-George

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