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Zig-Zag Vaporizer – Classic Pen Vaporizer Review

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  • -Heats up quickly
  • -Compatible with both dry herbs and e-liquids


  • -Can burn herbs if heated too long
  • -Limited color selection
  • -Cannot vape waxes or concentrates

The Zig-Zag is a powerhouse of a vaporizer. I found that it vaporizes its entire load of herbs in fewer draws than average- between five and eight- meaning this vaporizer isn’t a good choice if you are looking to be economical. However, the Zig-Zag will produce plenty of vapor and get you high real fast. So if you want a powerful, portable vaporizer that you can use in public, the Zig-Zag is an excellent selection.

zig-zag-vaporizerABOUT ZIG-ZAG

Zig-Zig is famed for its high-quality rolling papers and has been a maintstay in tobacco and stoner culture for over twenty years. They are now moving into the vaping market with a powerful, multi-function pen vape. Zig-Zag’s shift into the vaporizer market signifies a major change in the industry, as companies who made their mark in combustive products recognize the explosive success of vaporizing.


This Zig-Zag vaporizer functions similarly to the AtmosRx vaporizer. Like the AtmosRx, the Zig-Zag has a lithium-ion power source that is completely rechargeable. Both designs also utilize a stainless steel heating coil. Both have a cylindrical design, which is a design feature that serves the Zig-Zag well.

Where many vaporizers have problems with temperature- both regulation and keeping from burning your hand- the Zig-Zag’s design insures that the exterior is always cool to the touch despite the 380°F temperatures inside. A one touch system keeps using this thing easy and no-nonsense- it begins to heat up as soon as you unlock the device, which cuts down on wait time even more. The cylindrical design also makes this a convenient pen vape to keep in your pocket when not in use.


One of the Zig-Zags most appealing features is its dual-nature design. Whether your poison is nicotine or THC, the Zig-Zag can work with you due to its ability to vape both dry herbs and e-liquids. The Zig-Zag comes with a cartomizer and a clearomizer for herbs and liquids respectively. This makes it a fantastic multi-use pen that can be utilized for different purposes on the go. The one shortcoming the Zig-Zag has in this area is that it does not have the atomizer needed for wax. While the multi-use thing is great in theory, it seems to fall a little short with waxy concentrates being a total non-option.


Weighing in at half a pound and measuring to seven and a half inches, the Zig-Zag is great for easy and convenient transport. Its small size makes it discreet and stealthy enough that you can use it on the go. I have to say I am a little disappointed that it only comes in one color though (burnt sienna).


The Zig-Zag will get you high without putting a bad taste in your mouth. Comparable to the AtmosRx, my hope is that this pen vape will be improved upon in the future: more colors, smaller size, and an atomizer would make this vaporizer spectacular. While this is a solid unit, I’d be quicker to suggest something like an Ascent Vape for its better efficiency and ability to vape concentrates.

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