Sky: Children of the Light games codes (Update)

Sky: Children of the Light games codes (Update)

Sky: Children of the Light is an immersive open-world adventure game for Android. Join the Children of the Light on a journey to restore fallen stars to their celestial constellations. Explore beautiful realms, team up with players worldwide, and uncover ancient treasures while bringing light to desolate areas.

Latest Codes

  • iZUEjpsHXXX
  • N3GB6obEXXX

How to Redeem Codes

  1. Open Sky: Children of the Light and log in.
  2. Navigate to Settings (gear icon) and select “Redeem Code.”
  3. Enter the code and tap “Redeem.”
  4. Enjoy your rewards!

Active Codes

  1. GIFT-RTBZ-46HS: Unlock ancient temple treasures and abilities.
  2. LIGHT-MYTH-12GJ: Epic quest with mythical creatures and exclusive items.
  3. WINGS-FLY-19JK: Stunning set of wings for effortless gliding.
  4. GIFT-ETES-94DY: Special emote to bond with other players.
  5. PETS-FOREST-11ZX: Unlock a companion pet for your adventures.
  6. MUSIC-HARMONY-8RTD: New musical instruments for harmonious melodies.
  7. CANDLES-IGNITE-56QP: Colorful candles to light up your path.
  8. SKINS-DREAMS-25CF: Customize your character with dream-like skins.

Explore the magical world of Sky: Children of the Light, and embark on an endless journey filled with wonder and light.

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