Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill Review


Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill Review

Sole fitness is one of most popular marketing companies that always produce best seller product in the term of fitness equipment and machine. One of those products must be Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill. This is one of most recent product which is launched to fit people need in the term of reaching the weight loss programs or certain fitness goals. Moreover, this fitness equipment is available in affordable price which allow all of you for owning this product. Luckily, it is also supported with advanced technology features that will make your training session more exciting. For the features on this product, it will be explained in detail in this article.

Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill: the powerful motor


Talking about the power for Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill, it will be equipped by 2.75 hp motor which has no longer the treadbelt for about 20 inches X 58 inches when it is compared with its previous product. This treadmill allows the users for starting at speed of 0.5 mph up to 1 mph. It is the models of folding treadmills by manufacturer which means that these units can be the big space saver for the condo and apartment users. This product is also known due to its low noise level and durability.

Because there are the flywheel which is attached to this treadmill, the motor will be able to run cooler than most of the treadmills on the market generally. Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill also allows the users for enjoying the longer life spans rather than the average. As it comes to the quality and price, this F65 should be on your top list definitely.

The details on Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill review

Mostly, the customers purchase this treadmill either for jogging or walking. This F65 treadmill is claimed as best treadmill for walkers. By having this treadmill, you can do walking in your home comfortably. Yet, for those who plan for running on this treadmill, it will do definitely the great jobs as well since this is equipped with cushion flex system. There are also unique features on this treadmill that offer stability for users and also providing the minimal stress for the hips, knees, ankles, spines at the similar time. This product is also perfect for all of you regardless of size and age. In other words, this treadmill can fit for all.

The Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill model is also completed with the clear large of LCD screen. This is truly user friendly and it is designed for easy access and control. Moreover, there are also different programs which are installed in this treadmill. Those programs will allow you to see the speed, time, calories burned, distance, traveled, pace, pulse, and incline. This will not require the rocket scientist for operating even the baby also can do it. It means that this treadmill is perfect option either for those who are the serious runner or the new beginner.


The must be the key for staying motivated as using any kind of treadmill throughout the years. This must definitely be the workout goals and having numerous of the preset applications. Probably, you will feel boring on the short period of the time as you use the usual treadmill. Yet, by using this treadmill, you will not. It is because this treadmill is completed with six pre-programmed. Those can be the cardio instruction, fat burning specific plan, and many more. By this, you can go with whatever you feel and want like doing. This is truly easy to do.

Additionally, this treadmill is also featured by wireless heart rate monitor that is fitted with the contact type. All this requires is for wearing the straps around the chest and this wireless will signal to the monitors for showing the current heart rates on screen. It is more convenient as it is compared with the others treadmill where the users must place their palm on the grips in order for getting the heart rates can be read.

The features which are also important part of treadmill is frequently taken for the granted. As purchasing the exercise machine, you have to make sure that the weight limit of the machine is greater than the users as what the manufacturers try for making the customers understand. For this product, the weight limit is about 350 pounds. By this, it must be suitable for more users. Also, make sure that the materials which are used for desks are heavy duty as this treadmill can affect the performance during the workout session.

This treadmill is best option also for those who live listening to the music when they are exercising. With this compact Treadmill, you will be allowed for connecting to the CD player, iPod, MP3 players, and the others audio devices which you have. Instead of entertainment features, there is also cooling fan in this treadmill. There are twin workout fans which include one that is located on console. All you need to do just hit the button and you will get the chilling breeze for maintaining the cozy during your most intensive exercises.

As explained before, this Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill is a kind of folding treadmill and it is very much ideal for the saving space in the small house. It means as you have completed the workout session, this is possible for folding the certain running decks up to the near top to bottom where this will occupy less flooring spaces. The certain folding device will incorporate the good easy assist for the folding design. The function of this allow the users for discharging the decks, taking the step back as well as the decks unfold alone when you observe. The style of easy assist folding deck is so unique for Sole and it tends to allow the unfolding the treadmill machine truly easily.

There is also safety lock design on this treadmill in which the locks at the times to the place when this treadmill is within upright places. As in folded position convenient transportation wheels will enable Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill to be retracted to the suitable storages area. Others things that will benefit you from this product is about its warranty. For the electronics, belts, and rollers, those are covered under the three year warranty and for the service is one year warranty. For the motor and frame, it has lifetime warranty.

To sum up, if you are looking for the treadmill machine that is suitable for every ages and sizes, the Sole Fitness F65 Folding treadmill must be on your top list. It offers lots of features which are supported with advanced technology.

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