Spartan Combat codes (Update)

Spartan Combat codes (Update)

Do you already own the new code of Spartan Combat game? Hurry up to get codes and play Spartan Combat game today. The amount of giftcode Spartan Combat is limited.

Summary of codes games Spartan Combat

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Event codes Spartan Combat









A limited number of Spartan Combat codes

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How to get new Spartan Combat game codes

Step 1: You can go to the website of Spartan Combat

Step 2: Next, go to the codes input section of Spartan Combat

Step 3: Enter code Spartan Combat and enjoy!

About games Spartan Combat

Spartan fighting TD is the best castle defense game ever! The war has just begun. Shooting arrows has never been this much fun.


The story of this god of war is famous in Greek history. Some say he is the son of Zeus. Another legend says that he was sent to earth by Hades, while others say that he was Apollo in disguise. With his Herculean powers, he stands like a tower between the great power of the demon Thrackus and the wall of justice. Armed with god armor and blessed with incredible attack speed, he awaited his share. He was the clan leader and the most powerful warrior ever.


Various potions and spells make it easier and more fun to destroy evil. Fire dragon, ice or rocket effect – you have it all. Equip your mighty Spartan heroes with divine weapons and march to victory. Clashes in the portal become intense and to save you from the extra pressure factory several mines are nearby. Shoot the smaller units while you freeze the big ones like giants. Beware of cannons and tanks that can be launched remotely.


Each boss has a special power and you will need special help to defeat them. When facing a large number of troops, to fight them the lethal strategy is to release the heroes in the middle of the battle. They are your friends and allies in the thickest of wars. They did not fight with bombs and bullets, but preferred swords and hammers. Use them wisely as they can only be hired as mercenaries from time to time.


Attack is the best form of defense. In battle, never let go of the pressure on your opponent. Shooting like a sniper is fine but sometimes shooting at random is a great way to fend off enemies. Sparta angrily stares at the enemy at the gate and waits for them to attack.


Currently the game does not have a mutliplayer option but we are working on it. If you like our game, rate us and share us on facebook. And make sure you make google plus for us. We’d love to hear from you, so write to us with suggestions and emails.

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