Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker Review

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker Review

Tesco, the manufacturer of this model made it suit any kitchen style and prove to be the best companion during those busy schedules. It suits best for medium sized family and serves about 6 to 8 people. The style and technology go hand in hand in this model.


The outer finish is of brushed steel and consists of rotary type of control. It has a toughened glass that fits the led well to the pot. The capacity of this model is 3.3 litres. The dimension of Tesco SC356 Brushed Steel Finish Slow Cooker goes as height of 215mm, width of 300mm and depth of 354mm. This appliance weighs about 4.2 kg and hence shifting and carrying this product is simply easy.

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker


This model consists of rotary type of control with have 4 positions of low, high, medium and off. It also has a red light indicator that indicates the functioning of the slow cooker. The appliance is been switched on by positioning it in the desired heat levels and can be put off by turning the knob towards the off position.

Functions and Features:

Along with easy cooking, it also gives 3 different cooking levels of low, medium and high. Based on the demands of the receipe and the nature of the food the temperature can be chosen. This makes the appliance an all rounder and is suitable for the preparation of any food. This slow cooker consists of a removable pot that makes not only cleaning easy but also allows using for serving purpose.

Found in this 3.3 litre capacity Tesco SC356 Slow cookeris the non-slip feet that holds the appliance firm on the kitchen top and even those unexpected shakes does not disturb the slow cooker. It consists of a toughened glass lid that allows seeing through the cooking and it fits so perfectly without letting the steam to escape.

Being dishwasher safe makes this Slow Cooker more appealing to those most concerned about the cleaning. However, it does not feature with cool touch handles and hence it required giving the waiting time to remove the food.

Energy Requirement:  The energy requirement of Tesco SC356 Dishwasher Safe Slow Cooker is 174 – 207 Watts. This seems to be reasonable consumption and is been used even in the power conscious homes.

Tesco SC356 Slow Cooker – Technical Specifications, Features

Manufacturer Tesco
Model Name SC356 Slow Cooker
Colour/Finish Brushed Steel
Dimension (HxWxD) 215 x 300 x 354 mm
Capacity 3.3 Litres
Number of Heat Settings 3 (Low, Medium, High)
Product features Removable pot
Three different heat settings
Toughened glass lid
Non-slip feet
Weight 4.2 kg
Power consumption 174W – 207W
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