The Best Battery Operated Bathroom Dehumidifiers


The Best Battery Operated Bathroom Dehumidifiers

The best battery operated dehumidifier for bathroom areas can be a bit difficult to find, especially if you are not familiar with recent technology advancements in the home appliance market. It can be very convenient to use a unit that doesn’t require cords as they can sometimes be inconvenient obstructions in small spaces where this is not much room to move around to begin with. Additionally, most bathrooms have a limited number of power outlets and you may need to save those for other items that are frequently used like hair dryers, curling irons and other common bathroom items.

However, some people might be surprised to find out that a battery operated dehumidifier for bathroom spaces doesn’t actually use traditional batteries. Yes, they are rechargeable and very energy efficient but they typically rely on silica gels which are small crystals which absorb moisture. As the gel absorbs moisture and becomes full it changes color to let you know when it needs to be recharged.

How to recharge a battery operated dehumidifier?

Recharging these units is very easy and you can typically recharge them in one of two ways. Silica gels, also called desiccants, can be recharged by removing the gel packet from a dehumidifier and baking it in the oven for several hours on low heat. However, some units offer even more convenience and you can simply plug them into a power outlet for 8-12 hours to renew the silica gel.


How long does a battery operated dehumidifier last?

Even though these units do not use traditional batteries they can last for a very long time. Most of the units are designed to last for ten years or even longer. When it comes to how long they can operate on a single charge, they are very efficient. After a single full charge, most units will last from 30-60 days before needing to be recharged again. This offers an excellent level of convenience and makes owning one of these hassle free units that much more enjoyable.

Not only are they great for controlling the humidity level in small spaces but they also make it easy without the need for a lot of maintenance!

Why doesn’t a battery operated bathroom dehumidifier use traditional batteries?

Dehumidifiers require too much power to operate for traditional batteries to be an effective power source. Theoretically, you could use a traditional battery in one form or another but you would end up spending a lot of time and money changing batteries. The silica gel crystals and Peltier technology are far superior if you want a rechargeable unit that is cordless.

Best Battery Powered Dehumidifier Reviews

Eva-dry E-500 Battery Operated Renewable Mini Dehumidifier


The Eva Dry E500 is an excellent rechargeable dehumidifier that will last for 30-60 days on a single charge. It uses Peltier technology which utilizes silica gel to absorb moisture from the air and it can be recharged by simply plugging the unit into a power source for twelve to fifteen hours. Because it doesn’t utilize a traditional compressor for its operation it is very quiet, actually almost completely silent.

The unit can effectively manage humidity levels in spaces of up to 60 square feet and has a lifespan of up to ten years. If you need a high-quality dehumidifier but want to avoid the noise that comes with compressor-based models then the Eva Dry E500 is a great choice.

Fully recharge in only 12-15 hours
Peltier technology
Eliminates moistures and protects against mold
No cords or batteries needed
Perfect for bathrooms, closets and small spaces
Pros Cons
Ultra-quiet operation Only good for spaces of 60 square feet or smaller
Lasts for 30-60 days on a single charge
Unit designed to last for ten years
Rechargeable-no cords needed to operate

GERO Battery Operated Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier


This GERO Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier is one of the best in the battery operated dehumidifier for bathroom areas category and it offers a high level of convenience. The unit is specifically designed to handle small spaces such as bathrooms, travel trailers, closets, safes or even laundry rooms. It is fully rechargeable by plugging the unit in for just ten to fifteen hours and will last for one to two months on a full charge.

If comes with a very affordable price tag at under twenty dollars and will help you protect your home from dangerous mold and mildew. If you need to control moisture in a small space then this unit is worth a good long look.

Silica gel changes colors to tell you when it’s full
Easy recharging in only ten to fifteen hours
Will operate for one to two months on a single charge
Controls mold and removes odors
Pros Cons
Whisper quiet operation Good for spaces of 50 square meters and below
Advanced silica gel technology
Unit lasts for up to ten years
Low maintenance

Eva-Dry E-333 Battery Operated Renewable Mini Dehumidifier


The Eva Dry E333 offers all the same great features and convenience of the E500 model but is good in slightly smaller spaces. The unit is designed to handle spaces of 48 square feet or less which is perfect for many bathrooms, laundry rooms and storage rooms. Even better, you can now get the E333 in a twin pack and save even more money! Just like the E500 these units are fully renewable and offer silent moisture removal at its best.

Uses advanced Peltier technology
Compact and easy to use
Reduces toxins and problems with mold and mildew
Cordless operation
A good fit for bathrooms, storage areas, closets and other small spaces
Pros Cons
Available in a twin pack for extra savings Limited performance
Fully renewable
Moisture removal for spaces of up to 48 square feet
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