The Best Toaster Reviews For Your Kitchen


The Best Toaster Reviews For Your Kitchen

It is a fact, that a good toaster is a must in every kitchen. Get Best Toasters. This device is primarily used for toasting different types of bread using 2 or 4 chambers to achieve a perfect and your favorite ‘golden-brown’ colour toast. Quite a large variety of them are available on the current market; however it is not easy to find the right and the best toaster. Therefore, we are going to describe here in detail the most popular toaster reviews and reveal their strengths and weaknesses.

We can segregate and differentiate toasters:

  • By its size: we can buy a 2 slice and a 4 slice toaster;
  • By its colour and materials: it can be made of chrome or stainless steel; and could be available in different colours such as red, cream, black and silver, which are the most common ones.

How to use toasters?

It is as simple as that: put the sliced bread into the machine or leave it on the top of it (if it would not fit in) and press the lever. Toaster Reviews UK 2016The time of cooking vary from the toaster’s and user’s preferences and its features. Once the process of cooking is completed the machine will pop up the ready to eat bread. Apart from bread top toasters can easily cook English muffins, bagels and waffles. This device is much faster and much smaller than the toaster ovens therefore it is an easier and better choice.


The size of the actual toaster is a crucial decision – it will determine whether you will be able of fitting 2 or 4 slices at the same time. Best toasters in 2017Where some two-sliced machines are able to offer the activation of both or just one slot at the same time, which definitely will save you a lot of energy. Four-slice devices can activate only two or four slots at once depending on the user’s preferences. It is also possible to have two separate levers and the advantage of using all additional features and options in our toaster. A conveyor toaster offers the highest slice capacity.

Special Options

Depending on the model of your best toaster, you will have an option of choosing, which extra functions would suit your needs the most. Here is the list of the most popular features and accessories depending on the brand and model:

  • Pause and peek – relatively new feature that allows you to pause the toasting process and see how brown the toast is.
  • Defrosting function allows you to toast bread straight from the freezer
  • Energy saving option will only heat up one part of the toaster to finish single slice
  • A metal bun rack warmer attached to the top of the device, which can heat up rolls and croissants quite fast.
  • Countdown option lets you judge how much time has been left till the end of the browning process.

How to properly use the best toaster for beginners?

You need to remember that toasters are regularly used machines, so it’s important to know how to use them.  Here are our most common tips:

  • When you press any button, make sure it’s a light work, they are quite fragile.
  • Make sure you know which feature makes what and when you need it.
  • The crumb trays should be of easy access and stay always clean.

Which colour to take?

While matching styles and colours of your toaster is always good to check some toaster reviews first. The kettle set is the most common habit while choosing the device. Best toaster in the UK in 2017Most of the popular brands such as Russell Hobbs or Breville make their toasters in sets, which you could buy them all at the same time, as well as individually on separate occasions. While sometimes it might not be cheaper to buy the same kettle set with the toaster, however doing so you will definitely improve the design and the overall look of your kitchen.

Analyzing 2-slice versus 4-slice toaster

Analyzing some of the best sandwich toaster reviews in the UK – the majority of them will fit two slices of bread in two chambers located on both sides of the machine. Two-sliced toasters are the most popular models and will not take much space of your kitchen. Four-sliced toasters however are widely used by families or by people who prepare breakfast for more than a one person. A small disadvantage of it is that it is more bulky than a 2-sliced one and it might take a bit more of your space. A decent toaster will have deep and wide enough slots to accommodate thick slices of bread, baguette or croissants.

Here are illustrated our top toaster reviews:

Russell Hobbs 18117 4-Slice Deluxe Modern Classic Design Silver Toaster Review

Well designed and very fashionable, made of stainless steel, the Russel Hobbs Deluxe best toaster will fit to any kitchen. Designed to deliver a perfect slice of a toast, with its smooth design it will help you to toast bigger slices of bread because of its extra-long toasting slots.Best toaster reviews on the Internet


  • Lift and look feature – will help you to peek the toasting stage of your bread, without pressing cancel button.
  • Frozen bread option- designed to toast the bread taken straight from the freezer with an extra heat additional option.
  • Extra lift facility will help to clean the machine from crunches within few seconds.

This best toaster will come in the compress card, which can be easily re-cycled. The dual control will make yours and your partners life easier. It toasts bread, bagels, muffins and crumpets to the perfection.

Breville VTT236 Silver 4 Slice Toaster Reviews

Well-designed toaster made by a good brand its totally worth its value. Four slice with a slim design, which does not take much space from your kitchen’s counter. Breville VTT236 Silver best 4 Slice ToasterIt makes your toasts well ready on the 3rd level, so it will not use as much as energy as other toasters from the competition. You can easily fit inside 4 sandwiches loaf slices of bread or put 2 slices of a different shaped loaf in sideways, so it’s flexible to accommodate your bread shape and size.

The main features include:

  • Two slot four slice toaster
  • Browning control option
  • Reheat function
  • Very helpful defrosting  feature
  • Removable crumb
  • Contains Red illuminated buttons for easy use of the toaster

We fully recommend this toaster for everyday use, however if you were planning to toast bigger slices or unusually shaped pieces of bread we would recommend a bigger machine such as this Russel Hobbs 2240.

Tefal Avanti Classic 532718 – Black – 4 Slice Toaster

This 1200 Watt brand new toaster has a revolutionary front operating panel with the ability of speed toasting and easy check of the toasting progress. Best 4 slice toaster reviews UKVery simple functionality will make you a very happy user of that wonderful machine.

Most important advantages are:

  • The perfect design of that best toaster allows you to check the toasting progress without having a risk of burned eyebrows.
  • Having two pairs of slots with independent temperature control allows you to mix and match different items that need different degrees of toasting.
  • Extra levers to push up smaller items so that they can be extracted without burning your fingers or (worse still) sticking something metal into the toaster to extract them.

Small and only disadvantage would be that slots sometimes aren’t quite big enough to take the standard large loaf that you can bake in a bread machine. Apart from that it is a great device fully compatible for everyday use.

Dualit 46202 4 Slot Lite in Cream Toaster Gloss Finish

A four-slot classic cream colored toaster built of high quality gloss finish, with a function of Peek and Pop that allows you to check the bread without a need of stopping the toasting process.Dualit 46202 4 Slot Lite Toaster in Cream Gloss Finish It has the most advanced bagel and defrosts functions with an extra wide (36mm) slots with an automatic pop up.

The biggest advantages of this product are:

  • It takes the almost all sizes of bread (even Morrisons instore multigrain and the Sainsbury’s batch)
  • Controlling buttons are well described
  • It provides a consistent results, which enables more accurate settings from my memory
  • It can fit in the toasting bags with a filling without any issues.

This device is 100% reliable and provides the consistent results. In operation, each slot has a sprung bread holder which widens if you prefer toasted doorsteps (or sandwiches / half a currant bun) to check the toast whilst ‘cooking’ just pull up the lever… and the elements stay on.

The rotary dial for each half is marked from 1 to 8 , and there are four steps between each number (which suggest there are 28 different settings – (however there is no 0)) in the centre of the rotary dial is a cancel button. The other two buttons are for defrost and one that only operates one the side of the element – if you like your toast half done. So do not hesitate and get one of the British made toasters of the best quality for yourself!

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