TomTom Via 130 GPS Unit Review


TomTom Via 130 GPS Unit Review

This Tomtom Via 130 is same on design as that of a Via 120, but differs greatly in terms of performance and this aspect is clear based on the Tomtom Via 130 review. This version is lighter than the previous installment and works efficiently than ever before. If you are looking for matchless performance without hitting your wallet hard, then this is your GPS device you should have with you before being on the road. This TomTom is a great purchase.

Brief Product Description

Unlike many other devices, the mount is attached to the device making it pretty compact. The system is handy and with the incorporation  of the latest navigation system, this device has become a must-buy for you. The USB adapter is small and pocket-able so you can carry it with ease.

If you intend to boost the external memory of the device, then you can do so with the help microSD card. Along with UK and Ireland, you also get pre-installed maps of more than 45 European countries. The audio output of the device is commendable and the powerful speakers makes audio nice, loud and clear.

What comes in the box

It is always nice to debate as to what you’ll get in the box. If you’d like to keep guessing, then you can skip these couple of lines, but if you’d like to know what actually comes in the box, then make sure you don’t miss out on this. There is the Tomtom device including the easy to use mount.

There is a USB cable and a USB car charger or a Traffic Signal transmitter, which entirely depends on which version you go for. In addition, there is an installation poster, so there is more or less everything there in the box you need to set up and operate your GPS device.


Product Features & Technical Details

The battery life of a GPS device has always been a watch-out for thing in terms of the device. The device offers up to 2 hours of autonomous and uninterrupted operation. The vehicle mount is not just easy to handle, but also it is foldable and passive used for windscreens. The device supports 2GB of internal memory, but if you’d like to install additional maps or other features, then you can make use of the external memory via the SD memory card.

The screen size is 11cm, which turns out to be 4.3”. Screen type is resistive with 16:9 and 480 x 272 pixels. This is more or less ideal for a GPS device, and if this isn’t enough, then here are the screen dimensions for you. In the order of width, height and depth, the dimensions are 119 x 85 x 19 mm with a weight of 146g.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Feedback from existing owners can always come handy for you to base your decision on. If you think along the same lines, then make sure you thoroughly read this Tomtom Via 130 review. Most of the existing owners find this product a great addition to the pre-existing Tomtom GPS devices. As it serves as an entry-level nav device just like the 125 model, so customers’ expectations are based on the product being entry level and having those limited options. With the entry-level tag aside, the device has worked fine enough to grab the attention of the customers.

Pros of product

The Speak and Go feature of the device is something you can count on. When on the road, you can use the device with sound that helps you concentrate on the road rather having to navigate the device manually. Hands-free calling is another feature you can’t overlook, particularly when it comes to the performance of the device. If you aren’t good enough at comprehending the pictorial representation on your device, then spoken street names can add to the user-friendly experience this Tomtom Via 130 has to offer.

The device comes with pre-installed Tomtom speed cameras that help you manage your speed and make sure you aren’t over-speeding that can costly at times. With integrating mounting and foldable mount, you can enjoy the mounting system like never before. With this feature, the mount conveniently  gets attached to the windscreen and doesn’t pave the way for a time-consuming installation process, unlike many other GPS devices. Parking assist and frequent destination features add to the convenience and utility you extract of a GPS device.

Cons of product

There are no web-based services there for the taking. If you’d like to activate the voice control immediately, you will still have to work your way through the onscreen icons. Other than the directions, you don’t get alerts for what is happening around you on the road, so you have to keep an eye on traffic and other variants yourself.


Who should buy this product

It is no secret that people who like to drive and drive a lot should have this product at all costs. If you are at an unknown destination and want real-time navigation services, then this product can help you come out of a tangle.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a user-friendly device with many additional features. If you don’t mind buying an efficient nav device that comes with a handy price tag, then this device is for you. Moreover, this Tomtom Via 130 review highlights all those technical details you need to know in terms of buying the product.

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