10 Best Robot Dog Toys

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

10 Best Robot Dog Toys

A robot dog toy is not just a kid’s plaything but is also a source of fun and wonder among adults. This is because updated toy robot dogs do more than just bark and move around. Robot dogs can now speak, do tricks, and even obey simple commands thanks to breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence.

There’s no doubt that robot dogs can’t replace a real one, but it’s just amazing how much a robot toy dog has gone so far. It can even be your dog’s next best friend! And whether you’re looking for a nice present for your child or you want to get one yourself, here are the top ten amazing robot dog toys to check out this year.

Contixo Puppy Smart Interactive Robot Pet Toy

Contixo Puppy Smart Interactive Robot Pet Toy

Leading our list of the best robot dog toys is the Contixo Puppy Smart Interactive Robot Pet Toy. It is one of the best because it has features that you won’t see in most regular robot dogs. First, this toy has a unique design that it can move its entire body to follow different tricks. It can follow the voice and touch commands, and with the PuppySmart App, you can command and program this toy easily. It obeys many different commands, including play dead, sit, sleep, dance, and come when called. It connects to any device using Bluetooth and can also play different tunes. The toy dog’s face is animated with pre-programmed LED lighting giving this toy personality. It will provide endless fun for children and even for adults.

Conclusion: The Contixo Puppy Smart Interactive Robot Pet Toy is like the dog of the future. It is designed to perform all kinds of tricks using visual, voice, and touch sensors on its body. It also has an app that will make tricks and programming all kinds of tricks seamless. It has more impressive features, and thus, it has become one of the most sought-after robotic dog toys of all time. We also have a list of the best air swimmers remote toys.

. With the PuppySmart app
. Obeys visual, voice and touch commands
. With Bluetooth speaker
. Can obey many stunts
. With an animated face

. ​No spare parts
. Can be a very loud toy

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

The WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog is another popular toy dog with a funny attitude. Lovingly called Chippies, it can make you laugh as you play with it endlessly. It has different reactions to different commands, including barking, sniffing, kissing, and sneezing. You can communicate with Chippies using voice commands, or you can use its remote to control it. With the remote, Chippies can sing, dance, chase its tail or you can make it roll over in any direction.

Chippies can also guard you, explore different areas, and with its sensors, you can make it perform more tricks. This toy is available in different colors and can also communicate with other Chips. These robot dogs can even sing as a pack.

Conclusion: WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog can bring endless fun and interaction. It can obey verbal commands or play tricks using its remote. It can explore your room, interact with you and your family, and guard you. This will also communicate with other WowWee Chippies robot dogs. It may be the robot dog you’ve been looking for.

. Works using voice commands
. Comes with own remote
. Can perform tricks
. Can guard you and explore your room
. Can communicate with other Chippies

. Complaints that it consumes a lot of power
. Battery-operated

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

The Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog has lovely, lifelike eyes. It is an interactive robotic toy that can walk, dance, and does all kinds of tricks. It is also programmable using its controller. It also obeys touch controls like touching its head will make it perform cute moves and sounds. Other impressive tracks are a patrol, head spins, blinks, demo, and looking left or right, to name a few.

The Fisca robot dog has an all-plastic body with a smooth surface; therefore, it won’t hurt your little one’s hands as he plays with it.

Conclusion: The Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog is an interactive and intelligent walking and a dancing dog that operates with lights, sounds, and movement. It is voice-activated, touch-activated and will also need its remote for many functions and programming. This life-like robotic dog is made from hard plastic and is battery operated. And despite some flaws, it could be the robot dog you may be looking for as a gift for your child.

. Can interact with you
. Can be programmed
. Sings and dances on command
. With a remote but can move with voice and touch
. Made from high-quality materials

.​ Consumes a lot of power

Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

Imitates Animals mini Pet Dog Robot

The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy is your puppy pet that’s able to follow up to 12 voice commands. It can also imitate 10 animals from monkeys to cows as one of his many tricks. It can sing, dance, and it can move like a real dog. It is also programmable as it can perform different tricks on your command. The Top Race Robot Dog works using rechargeable batteries, and one full charge can give it hours of playtime.

Conclusion: The Top Race Robot Dog will follow voice and remote control commands. It is the only robot dog that can imitate different animals and sing and dance in a lifelike form. It is programmable, easy to use, and will give you and your kids hours of use in just one full charge. The robot dog’s batteries are included, but you need to buy batteries for the remote. Because of its many great qualities, this could be the robot toy dog you’ve been searching for.

. Voice-controlled and remote control-operated
. Can sing and dance
. Can imitate up to 10 animals
. Programmable robotic toy
. For kids of all ages

. Made entirely of plastic
. Toy surface is not scratch-proof

Dimple Interactive Robot Puppy

Dimple Interactive Robot Puppy

The Dimple Interactive Robot Puppy is remote controlled and can perform many tricks such as singing and dancing. It has multiple play modes, and one of these is the alphabet and number mode. Kids can learn as they play with this interactive toy. The wireless remote control can have a very long range and can operate the dog up to 35 feet away. You can also connect the toy to a USB charger for unlimited playtime. You also get more value for your money as this toy is covered by a 1-year comprehensive warranty on craftsmanship.

Conclusion: The Dimple Interactive Robot Puppy is a wireless toy, remote-controlled and can perform many tricks. It has different play modes, and one of these is the alphabet and number learning mode. It may have some flaws but can be a good play and learning toy for preschoolers.

. With long-range remote
. With multiple play modes
. With USB plug/charging mode
. Can sing and dance
. For kids of all ages

. Made of plastic
. Eats battery power

FurReal Friends Ricky the Trick-Lovin’ Interactive Plush Pet Toy

FurReal Friends Ricky

Ricky responds to different commands and can perform all kinds of cool tricks. It is different from other robotic dogs on our list because this has a plush surface and has realistic eyes. Just some of Ricky’s tricks include flipping his bone, shaking his paws, and bark in tune. This dog will respond with more than 100 sound and motion combinations. He can sound happy and will tilt its head and excitedly moves his paws. Give him treats, and he will eat them, and it will poop when you pet its back.

Conclusion: The FurReal Friends Ricky interactive plush robot dog can obey different commands up to 100+sound and movement combinations. It can perform different tricks using its remote and by touch operation. It is the only robotic dog on our list that can eat treats and poop them. But despite these cool tricks, many parents were not amazed, saying it can’t do much.

. Robotic dog in plush skin
. Can perform 100+ tricks
. Comes with a remote
. Can shake his paws, eat and poop
. Responds in a combination of sounds and movement

. Complaints that it does not do a lot of tricks
. Parents say that eating and pooping are unnecessary



The BIRANCO. RC Dog can respond to gestures and wireless remote commands. It can bark and do adorable tricks. When you use the remote, you can command it to walk, slide, run forward and backward, move left or right, and sit. It can also dance to tunes. When you use gesture control, it can make sounds and movements like a real dog. Use the adventure mode to move through obstacles and the STEM program logic game to enhance your child’s learning.

Conclusion: The BIRANCO. RC Dog is a remote control and gesture control toy that can move and make a noise like a regular dog. Kids can play with it interactively as it can dance, sit, stand, run, walk and slide, to name a few. It has learning and adventure modes which are perfect for young children. It is also programmable up to 30 movements. And despite some flaws, the BIRANCO. RC Dog could be the robot dog toy your child needs.

. Interactive robot dog toy
. Can be controlled using gestures and remote control with adventure mode
. STEM program compatible
. Programmable toy

. Needs fresh batteries to follow different tricks
. Toy made entirely of plastic

FurReal Chatty Charlie, The Barkin’ Beagle

FurReal Chatty Charlie

Why play with a plastic robot toy when your child can enjoy real fur Chatty Charlie. This is a barking and interactive beagle that responds to touch hand sounds. It has a translating collar that will light up when it barks. It is capable of 80 plus barks to phrases so you’ll never run out of tricks to spare. And since this is a soft, plush toy, your child will surely warm up to it in no time.

Conclusion: The FurReal Chatty Charlie is a break from the usual plastic robot toys. It responds to sounds and touch commands and is capable of barking in response to phrases. It is soft, so it’s cuddly and comes with a light-up translating collar. However, many parents say that their kids were tired of the toy after just mere minutes of play. Some also say that it lacks a variety of movements, while some revealed that their kids love Chatty Charlie.

. Responds to touch and voice commands
. Can bark in response to phrases
. Knows more than 80 phrases
. With a translating collar
. Plush covered, not plastic

. Parents say that it lacks variety

JOY FOR ALL Ageless Innovation Joy For All Companion Pets

Ageless Innovation

Now, the Joy For All Ageless Innovation golden retriever pup is not just a toy, but it is also a companion pet. It has realistic appearance, movement, and sounds that you’ll find comforting. This golden retriever pup acts like the real thing with bark-back technology that lets the puppy respond to your voice. This is a perfect companion pet for an aging loved one.

Conclusion: The Joy For All Ageless Innovation golden retriever puppy was made for aging folks so they will have a companion at home or their retirement home. It has a life-like appearance, movements, and sounds that are sure to bring comfort and companionship. It has soft fine fur and sounds like a real dog with a bark-bark technology, so it will respond to your voice. It is a companion pet that’s sure to bring joy to a senior’s life.

. Looks and feels like a real dog
. Moves and sounds like the real thing
. Brings comfort and companionship
. With bark-bark technology
. Will respond to your voice

. Does not perform tricks

Smart Robot Robot Dog Toy

Smart Robot Robot Dog Toy

The Smart Robot Dog Toy is named Harly, and he can respond to touches on its head, on its tail, and his backside. It can sing, dance, play, chase its tail, and will avoid obstacles using a bump and go feature. It is recommended for toddlers to improve hand to eye coordination and visualization.

Conclusion: The Smart Robot Robot Dog Toy is a toy made of non-toxic hard plastic that’s safe to use. It can perform tricks, can respond to touches, and can behave as a real do. It can also avoid obstacles using a bump and go feature. It knows simple tricks and can improve hand-to-eye coordination making it an ideal robot toy for very young children.

. Can respond to touches
. Can move around obstacles
. Made of safe and durable materials
. It sings and dances
. Can improve hand to eye movement

. Made entirely of plastic
. Consumes a lot of power

Final Words: The Contixo Puppy Smart Interactive Robot Pet Toy is our bet for the best robot dog toys. It is the best because of its many features. It can perform all kinds of tricks by using visual, voice, and touch sensors found along its body. It also has an app that will make it perform and program all kinds of tricks. It has more amazing features, and thus, it has become every child’s wishlist.

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