Total Destruction codes (Update)


Total Destruction codes (Update)

Do you already own the new code of Total Destruction game? Hurry up to get codes and play Total Destruction game today. The amount of giftcode Total Destruction is limited.

Summary of codes games Total Destruction

  • 2ebc404a34
  • 64afb1c5a
  • 2dfa97e70d
  • 1842482545
  • 106f4a48b
  • 306d53c788
  • daf18c54c

Event codes Total Destruction

  • 19bf09859
  • 29783ee171
  • 35cf4ca95
  • 2a7e496d6a
  • 2947f40630
  • 1e45d008dd
  • 30f423c3e

A limited number of Total Destruction codes

  • ec19b67a
  • 1f7f91945f
  • 1adcfa645f
  • 165424119b
  • 2902d1c121
  • d53f5c55d
  • dee05875

How to get new Total Destruction game codes

Get New Total Destruction Game Codes

  1. Visit the Total Destruction website.
  2. Navigate to the code redemption section.
  3. Enter the code “TotalDestruction” to unlock rewards.

Total Destruction is a stress-relieving game that lets you unleash destructive weapons on virtual cities and buildings. If you’ve had a tough day, this cathartic demolition simulator might be just what you need.

Introduce about Total Destruction

Total Destruction is a casual game where your sole objective is to cause as much destruction as possible using a variety of powerful vehicles and weapons. The gameplay is simple – aim and fire at buildings, terrain, and enemy cities using machine guns, cannons, bombs, missiles, and even nuclear weapons to earn points and unlock upgrades.

With over 20 different vehicles like tanks, helicopters, and planes, you can start small and gradually upgrade your arsenal to more destructive capabilities. The key to success lies in strategic thinking – how to maximize damage with limited ammunition and make the most of the terrain.

While the graphics are basic, the game shines with its impressive explosive effects and sound design, immersing you in the chaos of destruction. Additionally, the sandbox mode allows you to customize and combine weapons for unique and unpredictable results.

Total Destruction offers a challenging experience that requires quick judgment, careful planning, and reflexes to progress through its 35 missions and 20 achievement levels. It’s a casual game that demands more than mindless gameplay, making it an addictive and rewarding experience for those seeking a destructive thrill.

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