Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Bag Review

Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Case Pink

Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Bag Review

Trust is a global company with over 25 years of experience in offering attractive, affordable, easy to use and up-to-date computer accessories for PCs, Laptops, Mac and Netbooks including quality bags and covers. The Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Bag (Black, Pink) is a lightweight and compact Netbook carry bag. As the name implies, it is perfect for netbooks around the 10? range and Trust has designed the bag with their goal in mind: ‘Make your life easy’.


The Trust 10″ Compact, Lightweight Netbook Carry Bag is made with a well finished interior to protect your netbook and a durable fabric exterior that will last many years under normal use. The main compartment of size 45 x 200 x 275 mm can fit most notebook /netbook models with a screen size up to 10 inches.

Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Bag Black

Main Compartment:

The main compartment of the netbook has plenty of room for your netbook and slim external hard drive along with their respective cables. Besides, it has sufficient space for portable CD/DVD drives, additional wires and other netbook accessories. The Inner space features double zip and retaining straps. We had no problems whatsoever in keeping the charger, headphones, wireless mouse and much more. The Trust carry bag appears to be sturdy enough and the compartment for your netbook is also well padded on all sides against any possible hazards and shocks, when knocked around accidently, and that is just what you need when travelling with a netbook.

Front pocket:

Situated inside the bag lid, there is a front pocket with double zip that gives you extra storage space to fit in the power cables, manual and USB sticks, Suppose, if your main compartment has taken up all the space, then the front pocket has plenty of room for power pack, spare rewritable CDs/DVDs, Slim burner and cables. And did we mention that we were able to fit the power adapter (minus power cord) and an USB laptop mouse in the front pocket? There are also extra compartments to store your iPod, MP3 player, charger, headphones, GPS lead, games and other hand held consoles, etc. It also has small pockets for storing pens and other stationery items.

Dual metal zippers:

Keeping it all together are two sets of sturdy Dual metal zips. Each zip has two handles that could be drawn together and parked in a position you like. The zippers look like they can handle everything. We find the overall build quality pretty high. The zippers will not get in the way when you are trying to fit the netbook in the bag. Another good thing is that it can provide you quick access when you need to get your netbook out in a hurry, like for example when you are being screened at airports. This laptop bag will for sure only enhance your lifestyle on the move.

Velcro fasteners:

There is a large Velcro strap that does the job of holding the machine in place pretty well. It fits neatly inside the case and makes sure your netbook will not move around in the bag.

Durable carry handle:

The Trust 10-inch Black colour laptop carry bag is very ergonomically friendly with a robust carry handle on the top that helps you to lift the case with ease. This feature therefore greatly enhances comfort and cushions the load.

Adjustable shoulder-strap:

Trust has clearly understood the needs of business travelers with the inclusion of a useful shoulder strap of reasonable quality. This as we know is the most common carrying method. The length of the shoulder strap can be suitably adjusted to ensure you carry the luggage comfortably.

Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Case Pink

Manufacturer Warranty:

The manufacturer warranty for the product is two years starting from the purchase date.

Use & Care:

Put a small luggage lock (not supplied) through the zip handles to prevent a sneak theft from your bag when it is out of sight such as on a train, coach, aircraft, etc, the same as one would lock flight bag.


This Netbook carry bag is more than useful for storing cables/dongle, documents, leads, booklets, etc. The only downside is that it does not have a divider which would have allowed the space to be used for storing other useful accessories. Also, if the carry bag had slightly more padding, it would have been a great little bag. However, for the price, it is certainly good value.

Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Bag Black, Pink – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Trust
Model Name Trust 10 Inch Netbook Carry Bag
Product codes 16580 for Black, 16834 for Pink
Type of Bag Netbook carrying case
External size 45 x 200 x 275 mm
Storage capacity 10″
Material Fabric
Available Colours Black (16580)
Pink (16834)
Anti shock protection Yes
Padding Yes (Padded interior)
Strap type Shoulder carrying strap
Lightweight Yes
Handle Soft-Grip Handle
Inner storage pockets Yes
Inner Compartment Yes
Outer storage pocket Yes
Partition No
Wheels No
Removable pouch for adaptor and cables No
Inner lining No
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years
Gender to use Unisex
Features Front Pocket (for quick access)
Dual metal zippers
Velcro fasteners
Durable carry handle
Adjustable shoulder-strap
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