Xmark Fitness XM-3305 Pair of 25 lb Adjustable Dumbbells Review


Xmark Fitness XM-3305 Pair of 25 lb Adjustable Dumbbells Review

My focal point has customarily been cardio-exercises and arm-and-shoulder building. Although it has been quite difficult, I’ve made a decision to employ a back-breaking workout procedure for the sake of renovating myself. To accomplish this, I employed a pair of adjustable dumbbells. I opted to give an eye to the XMark Adjustable Dumbbells, since they didn’t weigh beyond 25 pounds and didn’t carry a hefty price tag.

This I did over recent months, and I must say that I’ve been getting the outcomes that I’ve always wanted, once and for all. However, further on there’ll be more details about the XMark Adjustable Dumbbells, along with my exposure to them.

The Design of Xmark Fitness XM-3305 Pair of 25 lb Adjustable Dumbbells


After doing some web research, I observed that several alternatives to the XMark 25 lb. adjustable dumbbells had a rather large and lengthy structure, when compared to common dumbbells. This was before I actually bought the XMark 25 lb.

I was astonished by the chrome design that they possess. This design is rather perfect in matching various interior designs by not showcasing an unusual look.

I dislike dumbbells that are too cumbersome, or too lengthy. In fact, I’m delighted by the ones that possess indistinguishable features when compared to common dumbbells. But upon seeing the Xmark, I realized immediately that they were the perfect fit for me.

Slide to Adjust

In the preliminary stage of my pursuit for my perfect dumbbell set, I was pounced- upon by many, which were equipped with a turn dial modification framework. However, I opted to undertake something which differs from this seemingly new tendency.

Besides, the Xmark has sliding capabilities. Measurements are clearly visible on the slider, which makes weight adjustment and performing the actual workout, very simple.

Conversely, there have been concerns raised by some persons about the dysfunctionality of the system. However, this has not been the case for me.


I believe that it was of great importance that I obtained a pair of adjustable dumbbells that could provide me with no less than 25 pounds in weight. This was a major factor that influenced me to buy the dumbbell set. I may gradually increase my weights but not for now.

To some persons, this dumbbell set is a ‘no go’, since it only offers 5-pound adjustments. They’re many denunciations of this feature. Some even say that the dumbbells have slender span of flexibility.

In my view, this is not the case. Limited flexibility has never been an issue for me. Isn’t it beneficial to purchase this dumbbell set, instead of buying 5 different ones? Keep in mind that the set gives the same functionality for similar workouts, as do the 5 separate ones.


Additional Features

There are many additional functionalities which accompany this dumbbell set, which cannot go without being highlighted. For example, there are 9 weight adjustments options that can be achieved and able to be employed in 30+ individual workouts.

Be hopeful that your dumbbells don’t get damaged after the first year of usage, because there’s a limited 12-month guarantee that comes with the equipment. Despite its sparse warranty, it provides a small amount of repose.


For persons who are comfortable with having 25-pound weights, this dumbbell set is the best fit. It also has a reasonable price, to which I express great awe. I didn’t want to buy a complete collection of dumbbells. Therefore, I decided to purchase the all-in-one the XMark adjustable dumbbells. I’d definitely implore you to consider purchasing this piece of equipment for your workout regimens.

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