ProForm SpaceSaver Dumbbell (25 Double) Reviews


ProForm SpaceSaver Dumbbell (25 Double) Reviews

Contrary to popular belief, women tend to use dumbbells to increase the strength of their biceps, similar to men. However, they often cannot withstand the use of their partners set of dumbbells, which they find to be exceedingly uncomfortable, and the large accompanying weight too heavy for their built.

The reasons for the creation of the ProForm SpaceSaver Dumbbell (25 Double) which is highly suited for many women, if not all.

First Attempt Weight Adjustment

The use of this dumbbell set is relatively straight-forward for its user as the instructions are rather self-explanatory and will ensure safe and comfortable operation. The alteration of the poundage is quite easy which can be done in and under 15 seconds which is appreciatively quick when compared to its product counterparts on the market.

These dumbbell sets are quite beneficial to their users as they are very convenient and versatile in their functions; however, the most outstanding component is its adjustable capabilities which give it an edge over its competitors.


Compact & Easy Storage

Most women tend to be neat freaks and very organized and as a result, they will not tolerate their homes accumulating many exercise equipment. For easier storage the design of the ProForm SpaceSaver Dumbbell is one that is exceptionally compact thereby encouraging better storing of the exercise equipment.

Furthermore, in the dumbbell set packaging, there is an accompanying storage tray for the dumbbells to be placed when not in use. This storage tray essentially provides the user with the ideal storehouse of the dumbbells making it easier to locate for future applications.

It is recommended that for proper storage the dumbbells should be correctly placed and seated into the trays and tucked away under a bed, as a good way of concealing the equipment.

Portability of ProForm SpaceSaver Dumbbell (25 Double)

The ProForm SpaceSaver Dumbbell set is particularly portable due to its specifications with a total weight of just 25 pounds, enabling the user to take the set easily to a nearby gym.

With these innovative products say goodbye to the men’s dumbbell equipment as you now have the option for a dumbbell set designed for comfort and efficient use by ladies. It is way easy! Throw them in a gym bag and you are off to enjoy your schedule workout sessions at a local gym near you!

Perfect Weight Options

The weight specification of this dumbbell set combination provides an effective weight of 25 pounds, which indicates that both dumbbells weigh 12.5 pounds each. This dumbbell set is adjustable, where the user can modify the set in poundage from 2.5 through to the maximum of 12.5 pounds making it particularly suitable for the many females who are interested in strengthening those biceps.

As a bonus to its user, the Proform eliminates the requirement of multiple dumbbells with different poundage specifications.

Resulting in the Proform being an all in one dumbbell kit for most women.

Overall Design

It is important to note that the weight plates are not very tightly fitted to each other in these dumbbells and as a result there is some allowance for movement in the form of wiggling; this often occurs while the dumbbells are in use.

Furthermore, it might be annoying to some users as there may be some instances of a clanging sound production which can be quite loud at times. It is recommended to listen to your favorite tracks to mitigate the effects of the noise production from the dumbbells. In fact, ear plugs can be worn to alleviate the noise production if the user does not find them to be uncomfortable.



The ergonomics of this dumbbell set was of primary consideration in the development stage of this gym equipment as users usually complain about their grip with dumbbells.

Firstly, the handles are cushioned with a material encourage comfort and a secure grip between the user and the gym equipment. Besides, this will guarantee the user longer work out periods even if the users hands begin to sweat and moistened by it.


It is found that the ProForm Dumbbells are well-suited for the needs of many women concerned about their health and appearance. The one aspect of concern was found to be the noise production which users may find to be very annoying, but to counter this, the user can listen to her favorite tracks.

This will block out all interference, and it is not recommended for seasoned female weight lifters as this dumbbell set would be particularly light-weight for their needs.

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