Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones Review


Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones Review

Audio Technica is a Japanese audio equipment manufacturer known for releasing high quality, durable and affordable headphones, as well as other audio related devices and accessories. It first achieved international recognition after releasing the M series studio monitors, and since then, Audio Technica has managed to surpass everyone’s expectations by managing to constantly improve their products, and eventually launching the much anticipated Mx series studio monitors.

The ATH M30x studio monitors are one of the best additions to the Mx series; very popular mid-range headphones with incredible performance stats, crisp sound capabilities and a very attractive price tag, or at least, that’s what Audio Technica would have us believe.

Build Quality & Design

The previous Audio Technica M series met with an overall positive response when it comes to build quality and design, with only some models that needed slight improvements. Audio Technica definitely took notice of the negative feedback when redesigning the Mx series, improving the overall quality of the build on all Mx studio monitors. The ATH M30x sticks to this self imposed standard, as Audio Technica managed to release the highly anticipated M30x with a sturdy, durable and advanced build that definitely looks like a lot of engineering, time and effort was put into designing and building the ATH M30x studio monitors.

The ATH M30x sports a modern and robust design, with leather padded headband and earcup padding for a delicate and classy fit. They are collapsing headphones, and the collapsing mechanism incorporates durable, high quality metals to avoid cracks after extended use. This mechanism is perfectly engineered, attached to both the headband frame and the earcups to ensure accurate and flawless collapsing. This sturdy build makes the M30x studio monitors perfect for mixing, studio tracking, and field recording. The earcups can fold individually for maximum freedom, not to mention that they are easy to store and carry.

Audio Technica has opted for a more classic, elegant design for the M30x studio monitors, with no flashy and over-the-top colours or trims. So the ATH M30x studio monitors have a basic, but, at the same time, efficient and practical design, with smooth edges and stylish branding on the sides of the earcups, as well as the headband.

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Sound Quality

Audio Technica has already set a standard for releasing high-end sound quality headphones with the previous M series. With the Mx series, the company has managed to raise the bar even higher by releasing well balanced headphones with enhanced sound detail and definition.


The ATH M30x studio monitors fall into the mid-range closed back headphones, a category where they carry more weight than more expensive closed back, or even open, studio monitors. They sport 40mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils, and have a frequency response from 15 Hz up to an astonishing 22 kHz, being optimally tuned for enhanced sound detail and incredible definition. They incorporate circum-aural tech, fitting perfectly around your ear to ensure great sound isolation. This means you can listen to the M30x headphones in loud environments seamlessly, while still managing to hear the crisp and defined sound quality that these studio monitors offer.

Exclusive Features

The ATH M30x sports a 9.8’ (3m) long straight cable with convenient and practical left-side exit, perfect for setting around your furniture or recording and editing equipment without having to worry about tripping on it or accidentally slashing it.
The earcups have a 15 degree angle both-way swivel, so the M30x studio monitors are flexible, as well, to some extent, though Audio Technica doesn’t recommend bending the earcups further than this preset level.

They come with a standard jack, but Audio Technica also provides a 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter compatible with a multitude of recording and editing audio equipment. Also included in the initial purchase is a very handy and elegant leather protective carrying pouch. The protective pouch is fabricated from good quality leather with excellent craftsmanship that gives it a refined look. Once the M30x studio monitors are collapsed, they fit perfectly in the protective pouch, which is easy to carry and store in style.

Build quality, aside from sound performance, is one of the most important aspects when it comes to studio monitoring headphones. The market is jam-packed with headphones with poor build quality, that tend to break easily. This usually happens due to the usage of cheap, soft plastic in the headphone build. These somewhat more affordable headphones usually aren’t too comfortable due to the poor build quality either. Audio Technica, however, managed to incorporate good quality materials, metals found in high-end equipment, and certain types of strong plastic into the ATH M30x build, while managing to keep a relatively low price tag. So you get great value for your money, something we all are looking for these days.

As previously mentioned, the ATH M30x studio monitors have a very comfortable and elegant leather padding, feature that makes them incredibly comfortable even when wearing them for long periods of time, so the M30x headphones will not disappoint when wearing them during long recording and editing sessions.

Final Verdict

The Audio Technica ATH M30x studio monitor headphones catch your attention from the get-go. Even a quick look at the M30x reveals its sturdy yet elegant design. A much closer inspection will reveal comfortable, high quality build headphones, or, for want of a better word, a masterpiece of engineering. Audio Technica really showed off its craftsmanship, know-how and creative capabilities when it released the well balanced, high-end build and high-performance ATH M30x collapsing studio monitor headphones. This feat of engineering and art is something every audiophile should give some thought.

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Frequency Response 15- 22.000 Hz
Driver Size 40 mm
Sensitivity 96 dB
Maximum Input Power 1300 mW
Impedance (ohms) 47
Collapsible Yes
Earcup Swivel 15° Both Directions
Cable 9.8′ straight
Weight 7.8 oz


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