Audio-Technica ATH-M70x Headphones Review


Audio-Technica ATH-M70x Headphones Review

Japanese company Audio-Technica is a very popular headphone, microphone and other audio equipment manufacturer that swept everyone off their feet when they released the highly affordable ATH-M50x monitor headphones. The M50x headphones excelled in every aspect with incredible performance, great build quality, durability, and an affordable price tag.

Relying on such a popular following, Audio-Technica recently released the highly anticipated ATH-M70x monitor headphones. With a better frequency response, improved build quality and design, as well as a clean, matte professional finish, the ATH-M70x manages to live up to all the hype while still taking after its predecessor, the M50x, in many aspects.

Build Quality & Design

The M50x headphones were greatly appreciated for the low price tag and the incredible audio quality. The only aspect where they needed improvement was the build quality, as many consumers stated. Thankfully, Audio-Technica took notice of the negative feedback when designing and building the new and improved ATH-M70x headphones.


The ATH-M70x studio monitor headphones are now much lighter than the previous model, with a more stylish, business-like design. They are still pretty much built with mostly plastic material, but this time it’s a harder type of plastic, much more durable and decidedly better in terms of quality. The matte coating softens up the look of the plastic, adding to the overall business design that Audio-Technica was looking to achieve. The black matte finish combined with grey coating on both the logotype and the ear cups gives the new M70x headphones a more serious, futuristic, slightly intimidating look, as compared to the previous M50x’s glossy finish. Audio-Technica also dropped the M50x’s big bold logo for a much classier branding on the ATH-M70x.

The headband is very flexible and adjustable so that ear pads fit perfectly and comfortably. The padding is reinforced only at the middle, were the headphones rest on your head, with a soft, high-quality cushion. The ATH-M70x don’t fold like the previous M50x model did, but the earcups still swivel at 90 degrees and, while they don’t collapse for easy storage, they fit nicely in the zippered case provided.

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Sound Quality

Just like its predecessor, the ATH-M70x headphones excel performance-wise. With a rich audio quality, neutral sound signature, and wide frequency response, the M70x headphones are perfect for studio monitoring and mixing.

To the untrained ear, while listening to music on your smartphone or tablet, they might seem lacking in bass. Therefore, bad sound quality might be the first thing that pops into mind. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When it comes to studio monitor headphones, this is precisely what you look for, a neutral sound signature, but with rich and well-balanced audio quality. The ATH-M70x headphones blends these two key features into synergistic perfection. This key aspect makes them top-of-the-line studio monitoring and mixing headphones.

The wide frequency response means that the ATH-M70x’s will playback every sound or and detail that your microphone will pick up during recording sessions. So you will get a better overview while recording and mixing. This makes the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x headphones perfect for professional and music enthusiast producers, DJ’s and youtubers alike.

The bottom line is the M50x’s were good, but the M70x headphones are even better, when it comes to audio performance.

Features Exclusive to the ATH-M70x

Since the M70x headphones don’t collapse and fold anymore, Audio-Technica provides a high quality hard shell case, with nice padding on the inside, and the same matte finish to add to the overall high class design of the headphones. So the ATH-M70x’s fit perfectly inside the case once the earcups are swivelled at 90 degrees. Also included in the shell case is a handy cable bag. The headphones come with 3 cables of different lengths, namely a small straight cable, a 3m long straight and a 3m long coiled cable. All 3 cables are signature twist & lock Audio-Technica tech, so you won’t be able to use 3rd party cables, as was the case with the M50x headphones before them.

The long 3m coiled cable gives enough freedom to move around your studio or DJ booth without worrying about getting tangled up on equipment, other cables or furniture. As previously mentioned, the included cable bag that fits perfectly in the hard case is capable of storing all 3 included cables at once, so that’s a big plus.

The 90 degrees swivelling earcups allow for easy storing and also for one-ear monitoring. The earcups connect to the frame with the aid of key metal components, and are extremely durable, thanks to ingenious craftsmanship and technological know-how. Audio Technica realized that a sturdy and durable frame was essential to support the swivelling earcups properly.




Audio-Technica has truly managed to turn something perfect into something special. Though a quick glance at both the M50x and the new M70x might not reveal too many differences between them, it is performance-wise were the M70x really shines. This is not to say that the M50x headphones don’t perform well, but the M70x headphones are head and shoulders above them.

The ATH-M70x studio monitor headphones have a richer, more detailed and balanced sound, and this is likely to be the most striking difference. Not to mention that they actually stand out more with their classy business-type design, clean matte finish and more imposing body. So, if you’re looking to upgrade from the M50x, you’ll find the best just got better. Expect a slightly noticeable price increase with the M70x’s, though, but keep in mind that they are truly magnificent studio monitoring headphones with excellent durability and incredible performance.

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Frequency Response 5 – 40.000 Hz
Driver Size 45 mm
Sensitivity 97 dB
Maximum Input Power 2.000 mW
Impedance (ohms) 35
Collapsible No
Earcup Swivel 90° Both Directions
Cable 9.8′ straight; 3.9′ – 9.8′ coiled; 3.9′ straight
Weight 9.9 oz

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