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Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil Review

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Sony are known worldwide for their iconic, highly durable, premium quality and well-designed studio headphones. This colossus has managed to keep the MDR headphone model in the spotlight for nearly 30 years now; not one of the easiest tasks, by any means, as the studio headphone market is jam-packed with manufacturers dishing out headphone models in their thousands.

The Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones are the first choice for popular youtubers, DJs, producers and musicians alike. They are true circum-aural headphones, making for a perfect fit around the ear, and rendering it a comfortable listening experience, enjoyable to the full for hours on end.

Build Quality & Design

With such an impressive life span, one would think that Sony would have changed the design of the MDR drastically over time. But with the MDR, this is not the case. Sony played it safe, and stuck to the original MDR design as much as they could. A comparison between the MDRV6 and the very first MDR design will reveal little to no differences in design and build quality. This is due to the positive general response to the original Sony MDR’s features.


The MDRV6 studio headphones are durable, with a solid build. The case on the earpieces is solid metal. The headband is bulky and padded. The headphones collapse with a bit of pressure on the brackets. They fit in nicely in the black bag provided, and they travel light. While working in your studio, Dj booth, or during podcasts and livestream sessions, your headphones’ build quality and durability are put to the test. The MRV6 will carry its weight nicely through long recording or editing sessions. It sports a circum-aural design, fitting perfectly and snugly around your ear, and shielding you from external noise extremely well. It comes with a soft nice padding on the earpieces, that can be easily replaced when you put your MDRV6 headphones through too much tear and wear, which is bound to happen.

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Sound Quality

Sony is known worldwide and appreciated for releasing excellent audio quality headphones. The MDRV6 studio headphones are no different, keeping the bar up and setting the industry standard. It’s no wonder that Sony managed to keep the MDR on production lines for nearly three decades.

The MDRV6 studio headphones rock neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers for powerful, detailed and excellent audio quality. They also have a wide frequency response, from 5 Hz to a max of an outstanding 30 KHz. These features combined make the MDRV6 the perfect studio headphones for recording and editing like a professional. The wide frequency response means that the headphones can reproduce a wide variety of sounds that normal headphones wouldn’t even come close to. The MDRV6 is capable of playing back sounds that your microphone might pick up from your surroundings or environment, and that you wouldn’t be able to hear using other headphones, so it opens up new audio horizons. This is essential for both professional and amateur Djs, producers or youtubers. When using headphones with a short frequency response, your microphone can record sounds or noise that won’t be noticeable to you until you listen to your recording on professional speakers or headphones.
Some customers said that the MDRV6 has a major drawback, namely its sound leakage. This could indeed be a major setback if you keep your microphone close to you when recording, as the microphone could record the sound that leaks from the headset. However, most professional microphones come with various features and accessories that filter out and cancel the sounds that could ruin a recording session. So this potential problem will only occur in certain situations, depending on your equipment and recording environment.

Features Exclusive to the MRV6

The Sony MDRV6 headphones have many features that make them stand out from the crowd. They managed to squeeze in a very handy and classy leather Sony branded carrying case in the elegant box that the headphones come with. This is a big plus, as many manufacturers don’t include such essential accessories, giving you no other option but to buy various carrying or storing accessories.

The MDRV6 comes with a long 10-foot, oxygen-free copper coiled cord that ends in a 3.5 mm plug. An optional 1/4-inch adapter plug is included, perfect for a multitude of mixers and other studio recording and editing equipment. The long coiled cord that the MDRV6 features makes these headphones perfect for use in your personal or professional studio, as it is highly flexible and extendable. Wearing your MDRs in the studio is a breeze, without tangling, tripping over wires or slashing cords with your chair. This is one of the main reasons the Sony MDRV6 studio headphones are so popular among youtubers, producers and DJs, in fact.


sony-mdrv6-studio-monitor-headphones-with-ccaw-voice-coilThe Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor headphones with CCAW voice coil are by no means poised to impress you with a futuristic or flashy design. Their mainstay is a blend of simplicity and accuracy, focusing on excellent sound quality in a visually appealing package. The design is as basic as can be, loyal to the original MDR design. The robust and practical build is exactly what you need for studio monitoring. The long coiled cord will give you enough freedom to move around your studio, or recording office with ease, keeping track of equipment without having to take the headphones off to avoid tangling them.

The emphasis is on the amazing, clear and crisp sound that the MDRV6 is capable of producing. The headsets will give you a unique listening experience every time they are put to good use, whether you are a professional producer or a starting DJ trying to make a name for yourself.

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Headband Wide;adjustable;single;folding ear-cups
Cord Length (Approx) 10 ft (3.0m)
Frequency Response 5Hz – 30.000Hz
Sensitivity (db) 106dB/mW
Magnet Neodymium
Power Handling Capacity 1.0W
Impedance 63 ohms


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