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Beko WM5100 Washing Machine Review

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Beko plc is a subsidiary of a large multinational group, which is one of the top 500 largest companies in the world and is also one of the top ten home appliances manufacturers in Europe. They have over 40 years experience in manufacturing home appliances and they are very well known for their quality washing machines too.

In the following review, we will see in details about the Beko WM5100 Front Loading Washing Machine. It comes with fine set of features and with a wash capacity of 5 Kgs, the appliance is ideal for the small families.


beko-wm5100-washing-machineThe Beko WM5100 washing machine has a very simplistic look that has been well blended with the attractive looks. In the extreme left you got the panel for detergent and fabric softener, the rotary program control is in the middle followed by the complete control panel. The control panel includes the usual buttons along with some very useful ones like door indicator and program flow up indicator.  While the model is available in silver and white shades, we found that the silver finishing seemed to be more attractive than the other. The model names too differ accordingly; if you are looking for silver, it is WM5100S and that of the white model is WM5100W.

The handling and use of Beko WM5100 is really easy to load and unload with its wide door-opening angle. The controls are easy to use, but the lettering on the panel is quite small and it is not good that there is no LCD screen to indicate how long a program has left to run.


Features wise, the Beko WM5100 5kg capacity washing machine justifies its price tag. The program selection is made in such a way that there is a solution for all types of fabrics. Make sure that your load is correct, but most of us are not always sure on how much the fabrics would weigh. In order to eliminate your dilemma, Beko has provided with a table with approximate weights of the different laundry types. You can even refer their program table to select the appropriate program for the laundry according to the type, amount and degree of soiling of the laundry.

Wash temperatures:

The Beko WM5100 front loading machine has about five temperature settings which includes 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 40 degrees and 30 degree centigrade. The 90degree temperature is used for the normally soiled, white cottons and linens, 60degrees is used for the fade proof coloured linens, cottons or synthetics and the other temperatures are used for the delicate and blended cloths including the synthetics and linen.

Main programmes:

There are five main programmes and each of them comprise of a complete washing process including washing, rinsing and if required, the spin cycles. The main programs are categorised based on the type of textile: CottonSyntheticsDelicatesWoolens and Hand wash. For the sake of special cases, there are also a few extra programs available. But we have to admit that the Beko WM5100 is a bit short on the extra options. It is disappointing that there is no easy iron or delayed start option.

A Class 40 Program:This program washes for a longer period at 40°C and gives the same result as the “Cottons 60°C” program, thus it saves energy. It is suitable for clothes for which you cannot use the “Cottons 60 °C” program.

This program is used to quickly wash (30 minutes) a small amount of lightly soiled cotton garments.

Half Load:
Beko WM5100W Washing Machine with its half load option offers you the facility of washing less number of clothes on an economy mode by reducing the water and energy consumption according to the size of the load.

Extra programs:

For the sake of specific programs, you can select Rinse or Pump plus Spin.

This program is used when you want to rinse or starch separately.

Pump + spin:
This program spins with maximum possible rpm in the default setting after the water drains from the machine.

Auxiliary function selection:

There are a few auxiliary function selection options which can be used on some special conditions. You can select the desired auxiliary function depending on the programs selected, but some combinations cannot be selected together and in that case, a warning signal on the selected auxiliary function lights up. If an auxiliary function that should not be selected together with a previously selected function is chosen, the first selected function will be cancelled and the last auxiliary function selection will remain active.

A pre-wash is only worthwhile for heavily soiled laundry. Without pre-wash you save energy, water, detergent and time.

Extra Rinse:
With this function, you can increase the number of current rinsing steps. Thus, sensitive skins’ risk of being affected by the remainder detergent on the clothes will be decreased. But you are unlikely to use this feature as the program’s rinse cycles are quite good at removing detergent.

Rinse hold:
If you do not want to unload your clothes immediately after the cotton, synthetics, woolen and delicate fabrics program, you may release your clothes inside the machine in the last rinsing water by pressing the rinse hold button in order to prevent your clothes become wrinkled.

Spin speed reduction:
You may use the speed reduction button whenever you wish to spin your clothes below the maximum spin speed. When speed reduction button is pressed, spin speed will be at the minimum rpm given on the panel.

No spin:
You may use this program if you do not want to spin your clothes at the end of cottons, synthetics, woolen or delicate programmes.

No Heat:

If you wish to wash your clothes in cold water, you can use this program.

Child-proof lock in WM5100:

There is a childproof lock to prevent any program interruption because of pressing the keys while the program is on. In order to activate the childproof lock, press on the 1st and 2nd auxiliary function keys from the left simultaneously for 3 seconds after the washing program has started. 1st auxiliary function light will flash continuously.

Other features:

The spin protection feature automatically checks the spin rate and the zero delay lock system provides immediate access to the washed clothes, after the wash programme.


Knowing about the features, we know that you are keen to know about the performance of the machine too. Keep reading to know about the same.
The Beko WM5100 Silver, White Colour washing machine seems to clean the fabrics well, but we feel that the programs are very long for a machine that has a maximum load of 5kg. The cotton spin leaves the cloths quite damp. The cleaning performance on the 40 degree cotton wash is great, but the spin is a little disappointing. Though the easy care program does not do any good for the cleaning, the spin is better. However, it is disappointing that the energy and water consumption on the easy care program are rather high.


The Beko WM5100 Automatic Half Load Washing machine is not a quiet one. The machine is very noisy during washing and spinning. So, we would say that the machine is best recommended for people with a dedicated laundry room that is far from your lounge.

Energy ratings:

The energy rating of the machine is A which means, you will be saving heaps on your energy bills. An “A” for energy on a budget washing machine is simply great. This appliance makes the maximum utilization of 0.95 kWh, to complete a wash cycle. It also has an “A” for the wash performance, so your cloths are clean too. This washing machine scores a C grade in the spin efficiency and 1000 rpm spin speed of this wash machine helps in reducing the drying duration. Beko WM5100W Washing Machine consumes 49 litres of water per wash programme and the automatic water level control option help in balanced and optimum utilization of water.


Beko offers its WM5100 free standing washing machine one year limited warranty for parts and labour.


The Beko WM5100 washing machine is good in cleaning energy and water use, which are the three sole and most important factors that you would be expecting out of a washer. It is a great value for money, the only downside of the machine is that, the main washes go on forever for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes. If you are looking for a budget machine, this would be the right one.

Beko WM5100 Freestanding Washing Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Beko
Model Name Beko WM5100 washing machine
Model Numbers WM5100W(white) and WM5100S(silver)
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior colour White and Silver
Tub Material Plastic
Dimensions (H x W x D) 84×60×59 cm
Volume Capacity 5.0 Kg
Wide Door Opening, Angle 180°
Wash Programmes Cotton, Synthetics, Delicates, Woollen, Hand wash,
Rinse, Pump plus Spin, A Class 40 Program and mini
Extra Settings Pre-wash, Extra Rinse, Rinse hold, Spin speed reduction,
No spin and No heat
Spin speeds 1000 rpm
Water Levels Automatic
Washing Method Drum
Digital display No
End-of Cycle Signal Yes
Delay Start Timer No
Count down display No
Fuzzy Logic No
Easy Iron No
Hand Wash Program Yes
Anti-crease No
Baby & Toddler Clothing Programme – 65°C No
Extra rinse Yes
Child safe Yes
Anti-Flooding device Yes
Extra features Cold Fill
Child Lock
Automatic Half Load
Automatic Unbalanced Load Control
Automatic Water Level Control
Automatic Spin Speed Selection
Easy Access Filter
Annual Energy Consumption 190
Energy Consumption 0.95 kWh
Water Consumption 49 litres
Energy Efficiency A
Water Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency C
Warranty 1 year

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