Panasonic NA-168VG3WGB 8kg Washing Machine Review


Panasonic NA-168VG3WGB 8kg Washing Machine Review

Panasonic NA-168VG3WGB Fully Automatic Washing Machine from the maker of quality appliances gives out many striking features in its new G-Series of machines. They are the ones that are top rated with the energy rating of A+++. It functions with the inverter motor the stuff behind many of its features. The efficiently of technology and other general discerns among the usual models can be obtained in the review that follows.

Type and Technology:

panasonic-na-168vg3wgb-8kg-washing-machine-reviewThis model is been equipped with the Hydro active plus technology and it consists of 5 point multi directional showers that comes from 5 different directions with the speed that penetrates well and gives a great wash. As it belongs to the new G-Series which comes with the inverter motor does a great job in saving energy and so goes with high energy efficiency rating. Another interesting fact is the Perfect sense technology that automatically detects the load and gives the optimised wash. The 3D sensor wash does 3 things of analysing the drum movement in 3 directions, detects the laundry movement and adjusts the laundry to the perfect position for the perfect best wash performance.

Design and Capacity:

This NA-168VG3WGB freestanding washing machine has a white body colour and the dark grey matt ring colour. It is a front loading type with the round porthole with a glass door. The load capacity is 8 kg which is on the larger side for the larger family use. The maximum spin speed is 1600 rpm. The drum size measures 50cm and its volume is 70 litres. The overall appliance dimension is 845mm in height, 596mm in width and 625mm in depth. The 74kg weight does not worry much for the user in fact it is a sturdy construction.


There are 16 programmes in Panasonic NA-168VG3WGB Grade ‘A+++’ Rated Washing Machine that makes the user choose the appropriate one to the nearest and most likely the right one. These lavish programmes includes wide category based on the nature and type of the laundry. These programmes can be set with the rotary knob present in the control panel. The programmes are memory, 15 degree C wash, bedding, rapid 15, quick 50, skin care, wool. Easy care, sports ware, shirts, denim, outdoor clothes, colours, delicates, cotton and cotton rinse plus. This serves a great deal of options and makes using this appliance a worthy move. Irrespective of these programmes it allows you to set various other options that are discussed as follows.

  • The Eco/speed function gives you to set the respective speed based on the allowed time and the quality of the fabrics.
  • The temperature option is also available that can be chosen from the cold to the maximum of 90 degree C.
  • The same goes with the spin option which allows 5 different speed settings from 500 rpm to 1600 rpm.
  • The intensive, extra rinse, pre wash, easy ironing are few other must have programmes that come along with this model.

General Features:

  • The indicators are present in the control panel along with the LED display. This progress indication makes it easy to identify the current position effortlessly.
  • The sensor present for the foam and balance gives it perfect and clean feel of the washed clothes.
  • The drum comes with the front opening with the glass door which works as the viewing window too.
  • Water circulation pump is also present that makes it wash with the optimised consumption yet bring out the perfection quickly.
  • The end of programme alarm gives you the intimation for the immediate attention if required.

Safety Features:

Among the many features that have been discussed above this model adds to it few safety features that gives the user peace in minds. The water leak protection is available with the aqua protection system in which when it senses any leak in the pipes it automatically stops till it is been fixed. The child lock keeps the system safe from the not permitted operations. The auto power off helps in saving the energy yet a desirable one to save the power during the over looked times.

Warranty and Efficiency:

The energy consumption of Panasonic NA-168VG3WGB Front Loading Washing Machine is 155 kWh/year and the water consumption is 50 litres per wash load. The efficiency ration of wash and spin is grade ‘A’ for both and the outstanding performance here is the energy efficiency with the rating of ‘A+++’. Provided is the warranty for 10 years that is been offered by the manufacturer.

Panasonic NA-168VG3WGB Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Specification Details

Manufacturer Panasonic
Model Name NA-168VG3WGB Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Washer Type Fully Automatic
Load Type Front loading
Exterior finishing White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 845 x 596 x 625 mm
Motor Inverter
Weight 74 kg
Capacity 8 kg
Programmes 16
Wash technology 3D Sensor wash
Half Load Yes
Hand Wash Yes
Spin speeds 1600 RPM
Leak Protection Yes
Delayed Wash Start Timer Yes
Water Levels Automatic
Water Control System Yes
Digital display Yes
Water consumption 6.3 litres per load
Special features Progress indicator
3D Sensor wash technology
Foam sensor
Balance sensor
Hydro Active + and perfect sense technology
Inverter motor
Wool Wash Yes
Variable spin Yes
Extra rinse Yes
Intelligent wash system Yes
Child lock Yes
Energy Efficiency A+++
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency A
Energy consumption 155 kWh / year
Noise level Washing – 53 dB
Spinning – 71 dB
Warranty 10 years
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