4 Best Adjustable dumbbells for women

Sunny Health and Fitness 33-Pound Dumbbell Chrome Set

4 Best Adjustable dumbbells for women

The practice of training with weights has become increasingly popular among women, and this has been happening for good reasons.

One of the main benefits that women seek with weight training is the increase in metabolic rate and the maintenance of muscle mass during calorie restriction diets, and one of the convenient ways to train with weights is with adjustable dumbbells.

But weight training also provides other health benefits, such as maintenance and possible increase in bone mass, increases flexibility, improves the functioning of the nervous system, mental health, quality sleep, helps prevent injury and treating tendinitis, and it also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disorders.

As you can see, weight lifting isn´t just for men and women can obtain the same benefits as their male counterparts. To train with weights there are two main options; attend a gym or set up a small home gym in your place to perform the workouts in the comfort of your home.

The second option has several advantages, the main ones are:

  • Privacy: Many people can focus more on their training when they are alone and free from distractions. Put your favorite song to play and give your best in your home workout.
  • Saves time and money: To build a home gym in your place, you will only need a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a workout bench. And even though these items may cost a few hundred dollars, you will spend far less money in the medium and long term than if you went to a gym. Furthermore, you will also spend less time and money in commuting to the gym.
  • Schedule flexibility: With a home gym, you will be able to train whenever you want, it may be at the end of the day, at night, on public holidays or days off.

Now here are the good news; given the obvious differences between the two genders, most women do not need to train with weights as heavy as men need. So you will not have to purchase adjustable dumbbells as heavy and you won’t need to spend so much money.

The best adjustable dumbbells for women

Women have different needs of men and they need adjustable dumbbells that that weigh less and that allows smaller weight increments. Therefore, here we will only talk about the best adjustable dumbbells up to 25 lbs.

Weider 25 lb. Adjustable Speedweight

Weider 25 lb. Adjustable Speedweight

In our opinion, this is the adjustable dumbbell that has the best price-quality ratio of the four dumbbells analyzed in this article. For only $82.93, you will acquire a piece of equipment of high quality that will allow you to save a lot of space and perform hundreds of strength training exercises.

This product is quite robust and allows you to change the amount of weight very quickly. Allows you to adjust the weight from 5 to 2.5 lbs in increments of 2.5 lbs. All you will have to do is change the weight is change the positon of the selector pin, and you will be ready to start training.

The grip is comfortable and slip-resistant. For more comfort, it also comes with a storage tray that allows you to place and change the weight of the dumbbell.

The reviews on this product are very good. It is quite apparent that people who have bought this product were very pleased with it. Please, note that to get a pair of these dumbbells, you will have to purchase 2 of them.

PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4

PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4

This is another set of adjustable dumbbells that will allow you to save money, space and the need to purchase, carry and assemble a complete set of dumbbells.

It has the advantage of not requiring a stand to change the weight, so you can land these adjustable dumbbells where you want, and it also allows you to adjust the weight from 3 to 24 lbs in increments of 3 lbs, what makes this product highly recommended for the female audience.

This product is very well designed, well made and rugged. It also allows you to change the weight rather quickly, which makes the process easier and saves you time during workouts. Also, the handle is padded, which helps reduce the risk of injuries in the wrists.

Of the 4 products mentioned in this article, this is the best-selling set of adjustable dumbbells. It has 124 customer reviews and the vast majority of them are positive. However, some people commented that this product is very good but not perfect, and that is why it did not get 5 stars out of 5. Although this is an excellent product, some people prefer adjustable dumbbells with a more classic shape.

This product costs around $184 in most sports stores, but you can save $24 if you buy it on amazon.

Stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell

Stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell

This set of adjustable allows increases of 2,5 lbs, it can weight from 5 lbs to 25 lbs. With this piece of training equipment you will have 9 dumbbells in one and it is very easy to increase ou decrease the weight. All you have to do to change the weight is move the dial.

This is a solid and sturdy product. The grip is also easy and it as an anti-slip handle. Most reviews about this product are positive and the equipment seems to be robust enough and have the necessary quality to last for several years. This pair of adjustable dumbbells is without any doubt an excellent buy.

With a pair of these adjustable dumbbells, you will be able to stay toned and fit. And you can even get in the best shape of your life. Note that this product is sold per unit, so we recommend that you purchase 2 of them

Sunny Health and Fitness 33-Pound Dumbbell Chrome Set

Sunny Health and Fitness 33-Pound Dumbbell Chrome Set

With a cost of only $58.98 This set of adjustable dumbbells is the cheapest option of the 4 products that we analyzed in this article, and it is an excellent option for those living on a limited budget.

Each bar weighs 4lbs and the set comes with 8 weight plates at 2.5lbs and 4 of 1.25lbs, that is, a total of 33 pounds of weight. Which means you may have to purchase heavier weight plates in the future.

This is a good quality product and the reviews are quite good. But unfortunately, this set is not as practical as the other. It will take you longer to change the weight plates, and though he grip is also anti-slip, it is not as comfortable as the others, more sophisticated adjustable dumbbells.

On the other hand, with this pair of adjustable dumbbells, you have the advantage and the ability to put the exact amount of weight you want in your dumbbells. And you can even use heavier weights, provided you purchase heavier weight plates.


We strongly recommend the Weider 25 lb. Adjustable Speedweight. At this point they are undoubtedly the best set of adjustable dumbbells that you can acquire, and the reviews of this product confirms its quality.

Nowadays it is easy to find good workout plans, suitable for women, as well as imagens and videos of exercises that you can watch to learn how to train without having to leave your place or pay expensive lessons from a personal trainer.

With a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a weight bench to workout at home, you will have no excuses to miss workouts or stay out of shape. Start working out today!

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