Best Exercise Mats For All Types Of Exercise


Best Exercise Mats For All Types Of Exercise

What is the best exercise mat? Seriously? Now-a-days mats require extra care before purchasing too? Well, Quality control variables for different exercise mats are not that much. And whether they are good or not, can be determined quite easily. What really matters- is the area of usage of that exercise mat of yours.

The exercise mat you bought for yourself, does it really one mat for you? It is what, that matters the most. Check our best exercise mat review sand reveal which exercises mat suits you most.

Check the table above to get a precise summary of this article. Pick up the exercise mat for you according to “area of usage or type”, “special features”. You will get the most suitable mat for yourself in no time.
It does not matter which type of workout you prefer the most.

You might be a spinning bike lover, or say you love bike trainers, maybe you don’t like’em at all – you just want to do yoga or exercise with little or no equipment. To sooth you on your quest, all type of exercise mat covering all type of exercise – is covered here.

For a detailed info on one of the best exercise mat reviews reviewed here, scroll down.

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise with Carrying Strap

Named as it works. It can be used for all purpose meeting exercises. Anyway, let’s do a shortlisting of what it is capable of. Comfortable non-slip exercise mat. That is why it is a great for hardwood floor too.

If you are intending to buy just a shock absorbing exercise mator just to save your wood floor from scratches, it will serve great too. A Best mat for spin bikes or recumbent bike.



  • Thickness – 1/2-Inch
  • Size – 71”L x 24”W
  • Type – Fitness, Floor protector, non-slippery
  • Feature – Extra thick, Shock absorbing
  • Carrying option – Double yoga mat strap with single strap handle, rolling.

Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat for Exercise

Another all doer. The manufacturer claims it to be one of the great yoga mats. Yoga mat needs to be firm. It is thick and firm. Moreover, what a thick exercise mat can do, is done by this Sivan exercise mat pretty

It is one of the comfortable thick exercise mats. It is a great shock absorbing exercise mat too. And for its thickness, undoubtedly it is one of the great choice for hardwood floor. You can use this exercise mat for recumbent bike or spin bike, placing it under the bike.

Both surfaces are not identical. A side is ribbed and the other is smooth. The non-slip surface will stay attached to the floor.



  • Thickness – 1/2-Inch
  • Size – 71”L x 24”W
  • Type – Fitness, Floor protector, Yoga
  • Feature – Extra thick, Shock absorbing
  • Carrying option – Double yoga mat strap with single strap handle, rolling.

Prosource Premium 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High Density Exercise Yoga Mat with Comfort Foam and Carrying Straps

Another extra thick exercise mat to be featured. In my opinion, it is a perfect yoga mats for hot yoga. It is because it is firm, and water resistant. That makes it top yoga mats. Since yoga and Pilates exercise requires same prerequisite. It is also a good exercise mat for Pilates.

For thickness and texture, it is non-slippery. So, you can see it as exercise mat for hardwood floor too. You can place this exercise mat under spin bike, recumbent bike or other fitness machine like steppers, running machine etc.

Made of ½ inch comfort foam. Great choice for shock absorbing mat seekers. Great non-slip yoga mat for you, you cannot admonish me later that I did not tell you about this exercise mat.



  • Thickness – 1/2-Inch
  • Size – 71”L x 24”W
  • Type – Fitness, Floor protector, non-slippery
  • Feature – Extra thick, Shock absorbing, Comfort foam
  • Carrying option – Double yoga mat strap without handle, rolling.

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

This is the best thick exercise mat. It is the one of the thickest exercise mats of this list. If thickness is the only feature you eagerly crave for, I’d say just buy the HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat. top shock absorbing exercise mat choice.

As you know by now, thick exercise mats are best choice for hardwood floor. You can purchase this HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat for hardwood floor too.

It is not only extra thick, it is extra wide too. You will find it wider than other exercise mats. Alike the Sivan one, it is double sided. There is non-slip surface, will give you solid stability.




  • Thickness – 1/2-Inch, Middle portion is thicker than the edges.
  • Size – 70”L x 23”W
  • Type – Fitness, Floor protector, non-slippery
  • Feature – Extra thick, Shock absorbing, Foam
  • Carrying option – Double yoga mat strap with single strap handle, rolling.

Everlast 2’x6′ Folding Mat

Thickest and slightly lengthier exercise mat of the list. A good exercise mat choice for Pilates or sit ups too.

It will cost you little extra. But the extra cost brings extra convenience. The texture of the Everlast 2’x6’ Folding Mat allows you to apply extensive application. You can use it as yoga mat. It is well capable of that.



  • Thickness – 4-Inchs
  • Size – 72”L x 24”W
  • Type – Yoga, Fitness
  • Feature – Super Thick,
  • Carrying option – Single strap handle, single Folding.

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch)

In the continuation of this best exercise mat reviews, I will introduce you with the Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch). It is the largest exercise mat of this exercise mats reviews.

For intense workout session like insanity workout or the p90x (Wikipedia outbound link) from Tony Horton, you are required to constantly change your position. That is why extra-large exercise mat is needed. Since this sort of extra-large exercise mat is not a regular thing you see, it is the exercise mat for insanity workout.
If you prefer p90x workout than the insanity workout, it is also the exercise mat for p90x. Buy this extra-large exercise mat.

For other usage, it is thin. So, perfect exercise mat sit ups and Pilates exercise. It is non-slippery. You use it under your spin bike or recumbent bike as well.

It is made of Closed-Cell Foam that keeps out the carpet fibers. That makes it one of the exercise mat for carpet. Excellent texture, will actively enhance the elegance.



  • Thickness – 1/4-Inch
  • Size – 84”L x 36”W
  • Type – Yoga, Insanity workout, p90x workout, Floor protector
  • Feature – Extra Large, Lightweight
  • Carrying option – No strap, Multi-folding.

Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat for Cardio- Fitness Products (2.5-Feet x 5-Feet)

The most concise exercise mat of the list here. The Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C Mat is the most compact in size and the slimmest. The exercise mat choice for sit ups. Like the sit ups, Pilates workout requires slim and firm mat. So, it can be seen as an exercise mat for Pilates too.

If you have a carpeted home, this Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C Mat can serve you in this regard too. Since carpets are already slightly soft, the mat to be used upon it should not be much thick. To be precise, it needs to be a thin one. As this exercise mat is the slimmest, it is one of the exercise mat for carpet.

Can be used under spin bikes or recumbent bikes.



  • Thickness – 1/4-Inch
  • Size – 60”L x 30”W
  • Type – Yoga, Pilates, sit ups, Floor protector
  • Feature –Lightweight
  • Carrying option – No strap, folding.

Body Solid Super Mat RF34B Bike and Step Mat

Extra wide exercise mat option here. It possesses same width as the Stamina Fold-To-Fit Folding Equipment mat described above. This extra width helps to do wide area requiring workouts like insanity workout or p90x workout program. You have found another exercise mat for p90x. If you like insanity workout, then you have found one of the  exercise mat for insanity workout too.

This exercise mat is widely accepted and lauded by its customers. That is for its versatile usage. The shredded texture makes it non-slippery. So, it can be used on hardwood floor. It is thin and slim, so you can use it on to carpet without reducing the firmness. So, eventually, you have found another exercise mat for hardwood floor.

As said before, it possesses a thin build and solid non-slippery. So, this exercise mat can be used for Sit ups and Pilates workout.

Made of super compressed PVC material. Can be used under spin bikes or recumbent bikes.



  • Thickness – .25 Inch
  • Size – 48”L x 36”W
  • Type – Yoga, Pilates, Fitness,
  • Feature – Lightweight
  • Carrying option – No strap, Rolling.

Giantex 4’x10’x2 Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

People tend to spend less behind mats. If you are apart from them and money is not an issue for you, I have a marvelous exercise mat to talk about. It is the Giantex Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat.

Ever heard of efficient exercise yet comfortable? If not, be heard now. After thorough research, Giantex research team has found a perfect combination of exercise mat thickness and firmness. Exercising on soft surface is discouraged most of the time since it may cause fatigue.

That is why exercise mats cannot be extra thick after a certain thickness. To remedy this dilemma, after a long tiring process of elimination event – Giantex research team has selected a special version of EPE Pearl Wool. They selected the EPE Pearl Wool as the main ingredient and tweaked the material density a little on denser side. The outcome was enthralling and the exercise mat for all sort of workout had been found.

All sort of exercise can be done using this exercise mat. Yoga, Pilates, insanity workout, p90xor workout with weights-  no matter which you prefer can be done.

It is foldable. It can be transformed into a very compact and concise briefcase look alike shape. Very convenient carrying option. Since EPE Pearl Wool is its main ingredient, it is very light. You can carry it wherever you want.



  • Thickness – 2 Inch
  • Size – 120”L x 48”W
  • Type – Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Sit ups, insanity workout, p90x workout
  • Feature –Thick, Shock absorbing, Great portability!
  • Carrying option – Very convenient briefcase lookalike transportation

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Protective Flooring for Gym Equipment and Cushion for Workouts

Ever heard of tiles exercise mats? It might seem a hassle to set up, but great carrying option. People who travel a lot love these exercise mats. It is consisted of some square shaped parts that can be joined together. Thus, a full-sized exercise mat is conformed.

I will cover two interlocking tiles exercise mats. The Prosource Puzzle Exercise mat comes first. It is the tiles exercise mat option in my opinion. It is fully featured as a regular exercise mat is featured. It is of conventional thickness, very good choice for yoga or Pilates exercise. The overall size is extended so, you can mount any large space required workout like insanity of p90x workout program over it.

Assembling is quite easy compared to other tiles exercise mats. Water resistance option makes it a good choice for yoga, Pilates. Noise-reducing feature makes it another great choice for using under spin bikes or recumbent bikes.



  • Thickness – ½ Inch
  • Size –24 square feet
  • Type – Yoga, Pilates, insanity workout, p90x workout
  • Feature –Thick, Shock absorbing, Floor protector, Great portability!
  • Carrying option – Tiles

Cap Barbell Equipment Mat 12-Piece Puzzle Mat

The cheapest tiles exercise mat here. Not only the cheapest tiles exercise mat, it is the cheapest among all exercise mat featured here. If you want to be transferred from regular exercise mat to tiles exercise mat, it is the exercise mat to try out.

It is made of EVA foam. EVA foam is mold and mildew resistant in nature. So does the Cap Barbell Equipment. Finishing edges is not included. So, it might look a little bit odd to you.



  • Thickness – ½ Inch
  • Size – 12 square feet
  • Type – Yoga, Pilates, Fitness
  • Feature –Thick, Shock absorbing, Great portability!
  • Carrying option – Tiles

Anti-fatigue mat

Some people tend to be vulnerable to fatigue while standing on a hard surface for long time. For them, anti-fatigue mats are designed. I have given the name of some anti-fatigue mat below. These anti-fatigue mats are made of various ingredients like rubber, carpeting materials, vinyl and wood.

Most of the cases, there are different buying options in term of size. You can even cover up the whole gym or your workout room by choosing proper sizing.


  1. Sky Mat, Anti Fatigue Mat, 20 in x 39 in – Customer’s choice
  2. Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat, Beveled Edge, 2 by 3-Feet
  3. The Original 3/4″ KANGAROO (TM) Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat  – Best Seller

Yoga mats

Yoga is a popular form of exercise now-a-days for its’ effort to outcome ratio. Mats should be used while doing yoga. Some yoga mats will be mentioned below. There are yoga mats for sweaty hands. There are mats for hot yoga as well. Choose yours according to your limitations (if any).

Yoga requires relatively firmer mats. It can be extra thick or slim, the firmness of the mat is the main feature to look out. Check out our picks for cheap yoga mat. Simple and plain texture is preferred. These yoga mats are slightly pricey. But with price comes great convenience here.


  1. Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit – Include Exercise Yoga Mat– Combo for beginners
  2. Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat – Yoga mat choice – can be used for hot yoga and sweaty hands.
  3. Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat– Yoga mat for sweaty hands
  4. Gaiam Sol Studio Select Dry-Grip Yoga Mat Another sweaty hand option

Final words

That’s all for the moment. Don’t hesitate to shout out if you have other better exercise mat option in mind. And of course, happy exercising!!!

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