Weber 751001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill Review


Weber 751001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill Review

It’s funny but I’ve been having an obsession with getting my hands on a charcoal grill lately. It all started when I went to my buddy’s house for a barbecue. The smell of the steaks Jim was grilling was very tempting. Everybody was in a good mood that afternoon, and they had even more reason to be happy once the food was ready. The barbecue was near-perfect, it made him a rock star that time among me and my friends.

Jim’s steaks were absolutely amazing! I have to admit, I couldn’t stop myself from going back for seconds. Then is when I realized why Jim is so popular among our group, he is known for serving smiles through his barbecues. It made me want to have my own Weber charcoal grill. I wanted to be the guy who serves up smiles in my barbecue parties. This has led me to stumble upon the Weber 751001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill.

Barbecue Fundamentals

Now I know from first-hand experience that there are tons of barbecue grills out on the market. A bunch of them have fancy features which are catered to the more seasoned veterans of grilling. Since I was just starting out with barbecues, I wanted something that was basic and had the core features of a good old barbecue charcoal grill. The Weber One Touch Gold looks like a simple yet effective type of barbecue grill. It’s perfect for a casual barbecue guy such as me.

Sturdy and Reliable

weber-751001-22-5-inch-one-touch-gold-charcoal-grillI’m the type of guy who doesn’t like it when simple things become more complicated. I had this in mind when I was shopping through Amazon for a charcoal grill. For me, barbecues are an outdoor affair. I know that some models need to be kept out of the rain to avoid damage, but I didn’t want to have to pull my griller under a shade whenever it started raining. I want my barbecues to stay outside, without having to worry about it.

I was glad when I read that the Weber 751001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill was made of porcelain-enameled steel. That means its waterproof inside and out, and it’s weather resistant too so I don’t have to worry about rust, even the vents and ash catcher is rust-free. Other comments from users on Amazon confirmed this as they never had any issues when they left it under the rain. They also said it doesn’t peel or fade; those were more reasons for me to get it.

Get it Grilled All Around

Not only is the lid weather resistant and sturdy, but the porcelain coating evens out the heat around whatever it is I am grilling when the lid is closed. Now I can get that perfect all around grill I’ve been trying to perfect all this time. I got excited about the idea of a perfectly even light char all over my t-bone.  Another good thing about its dome is the hinge side openings that let you add charcoal with having to get burned.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

I was still traumatized from my childhood years of when I used to use a steel brush on my dad’s grill for hours, so that we could have a barbecue. I guess that’s why I’ve been kind of hesitant about getting myself a barbecue grill. I still couldn’t get those images of hardened-up barbecue sauce all over my gloves and brush.

I was so much more comfortable with the idea of getting a grill barbecue when I read that the Weber 751001 One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill had this feature called the One Touch Cleaning System. At the switch of a lever, a set of blades sift the ash into an ash catcher. That means I don’t ever have to spend more than 5 seconds cleaning this grill. This is wonderful news for a guy like me who isn’t so enthusiastic about cleaning his barbecue grill on a regular basis.


Wait, There’s More….

As if it wasn’t already enough, this wonder grill is easy to maneuver around different types of terrain with its all-weather wheels. Now I can bring this grill wherever I go, even on picnics or camping trips. I can enjoy some good camping barbecues with a couple of friends the next time we take a trip to the outdoors.

I can also start with my barbecue party, because the Weber 751001 One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill also comes with a 31-page guide that not only teaches you the tricks and the trade or grilling, it also comes with a number of nice recipes you could start cooking on your grill.

If you want to buy this charcoal grill, I highly recommend you buy it online through Amazon here. You won’t find it anywhere cheaper.


The Best Thing About It

After reading the reviews and comments by other users, majority of the people who posted their reviews said great things about this grill. Some people called it the best charcoal grill ever and the only grill they will ever need.

All these comments are nice to see, but the best thing about this model is the price. I could not believe that a durable, beautifully designed barbecue grill packed with as many features this one has, is priced at just under $150. I was expecting it to be priced a little higher than that. For me, you get more value for your money.

Weber one touch gold also comes with a ten year warranty. I believe this company is confident with all of its models so the durability factor of this grill is not an issue. If ever, someone does go wrong, the warranty covers it. So far, I haven’t come across any comment which stated that this grill malfunctioned in any way while they were using it.

The Best Place to Get It

The shipping is also free if you order this from Amazon, so that’s another good way of saving some cash in buying a reliable grill that can serve you and your friends for years to come. So if you are like me and you want to keep things simple but effective in barbecuing, try getting one of these for yourself.

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