Bodum Bistro Electric Juicer Review


Bodum Bistro Electric Juicer Review

Bistro electric juicer is introduced by Bodum is a 66 year old company which believes that good design need not be expensive. We may find many products with good quality and functionality at affordable prices but they may not be designer products. Bodum is one company which has made good design along with quality and functionality affordable to everyone. The following review gives a closer look of Bodum Bistro Electric Juicer for better understanding.

The Design:

Bistro electric Citrus juicer has a stylish and compact design with brand name visible in the embossed style. It comes in a range of seven colours to suit the interiors of any kitchen and they are black, orange, red, off-white, dark grey, purple, lime green. It is all curvy with no sharp edges. This makes it compact within your fingers and easy to carry.

The Parts:

Bodum Bistro Compact Electric Juicer consists of a transparent plastic lid. Present is a sieve on which orange / sweet lime will be placed. The juice container below in which juice gets collected and the spout which when pushed downwards releases the juice to be collected in a glass. The motor unit is placed below the juice container and below the motor unit is the space to wind up the extra cord. All the parts are cleverly combined to make a whole, compact and stylish design.

The Function:

The basic function of this Bodum Bistro Citrus juicer is to extract juice from oranges and grapes. Need a glass of fresh orange juice it is simple as you will have to cut the orange centrally into two halves. Open the lid of the juicer, keep one half of the orange on the sieve, keeps a glass near the spout, push the spout downwards and switch on the control. The juice is instantly ready in a few seconds. The function is extremely simple as all that one has to do is just press a button.

Special Features:

Apart from satisfying the basic function of a juicer its performance is improvised with some special features.

  • It has a drip-stop which stops the juice from dripping out of the spout. This helps in keeping the kitchen slab clean and non sticky and saves one from the extra job of cleaning the slab.
  • It has cyclone function which squeezes every last bit of the juice from the pulp. Keep the pulp (resultant after juicing the orange once) over the sieve, close the lid and switch on the power. Now every bit of remaining juice will be squeezed out at high speed.
  • The juicer is 11.2 inches tall. This helps to keep a tall glass under the spout. Now one can enjoy a taller glass of juice.
  • The juicer has in-built space to store extra cord. This keeps the kitchen uncluttered.


Cleaning is a pretty easy job as the lid, sieve and the juice container can be removed and they are dishwasher safe. The motor unit of Bodum Bistro Citrus Electric Juicer can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet cloth.


The guarantee period is 2 years which adds value to the product and makes it extra worthy.

Bodum Bistro Citrus Juicer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer BODUM
Model Name Bistro Electric Juicer
Product Codes Black 11149-01UK
Red 11149-294UK
Purple 11149-278UK
Lime Green 11149-565UK
Dark Grey 11149-911UK
Orange 11149-106UK
White 11149-913UK
Type Citrus Juicer
Material Plastic, silicone, stainless steel
Dimensions 7.7 x 7.1 x 11.2 inches
Rating Europe 220 – 240 V, 50/60 HZ, 80-100 W
Rounds per minute 90 RPM
Cable length Approx. 110 cms
Space for extra cord storage Yes
Min. output of plug point 6A
Control On/off
Juice container Yes
Guarantee 2 years
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