Magimix 14265 Le Duo Plus XL Juicer Review


Magimix 14265 Le Duo Plus XL Juicer Review

Magimix the world wide brand is well recognised for its power of innovating unique model with quality and design that has bench marked for many models. Most of its models are recognised positively and has helped in simplifying the kitchen tasks. This model is one such which is an up gradation of its previous model in terms of an additional function along with the finish. The review that follows is about Magimix 14265 Le Duo Plus XL Juicer which gives you more information about the features and functions.

Magimix-14265-Le-Duo-Plus-XL-JuicerDesign Overview:

This model is made of high grade material and has a striking finish of satin charcoal. The size is compact and goes at par with other small kitchen appliances like the toasters or the kettles. The weight of the product is not a hinge to worry about. The base comes with the non-slip feet which hold the appliance sturdy on the smooth surface too.

Power and Motor:

Magimix 14265 Le Duo Plus XL Triple Function Juicer is been incorporated with the induction motor which is one of the usual kind of such appliances. It works with a single speed and the power of the motor is 400 Watts. This makes it clear for the domestic use and works without much in power consumption.


This model goes special as it is been designed to give triple function. Added to the juicing and the citrus functions comes the smoothieMix.

  • The juice extractor which works in the centrifugal type pushes the fruit or the vegetable in the chute without the need of cutting or slicing. It gives finely filtered juice instantly.
  • The citrus press which is suitable for the citrus fruits like the sweet lime and oranges which can be squeezed without much effort. The citrus press comes with the lever arm for the easy function.
  • SmoothieMix accessory which is available makes it easy to transform the soft fruits into smoothies and Coulis which are great to relish.


  • Triple function of juicer, citrus press and smoothieMix makes it special and it proves to be the upgraded version of the previous model. This does a great deal of function which is interesting in is own way to give juices and smoothies of all fruits and vegetables.
  • The juice extractor basket is made of stainless steel material. It is sturdy and durable which goes high in functions for years. One can be quiet sure of the easy maintenance too.
  • Citrus press comes with the lever arm that is easy to operate and it squeezes out the juice to the most and that too with less efforts.
  • The XL feed tube present in this model lets you juice all types of food. It is easy to pass through even the larger pieces of foods and it requires less chopping.
  • The parts are removable and hence it makes it easy for cleaning and maintenance. It is also simple to assemble the parts without any guidance.
  • Plastic spatula is available for removing the pulp, the extraction and also the mixing or cleaning.


Magimix 14265 Le Duo Plus XL 400 Watts Juicer along with the accessories does give out the recipe book with more than 60 ideas and spatula.


The manufacturer of this product gives a lavish warranty for the period of 12 years which is applicable only for the motor and the warranty for 3 years is available for the parts.

Magimix 14265 Le Duo Plus XL Juice Extractor – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Magimix
Model Name 14265 Le Duo Plus XL Juicer
Available colours Satin Charcoal
Type of Juicer Centrifugal juicer
Functions Juice extractor, citrus press and smoothieMix
Basket Stainless steel
Motor Power 400W
Motor Induction
Speed setting Single
Cleaning Simple
Lightweight No
Chute Yes (Extra large feed tube)
Adjustable spout Yes
Pusher Yes
Rubber feet Yes
Integrated cord storage No
Safety locking system No
Foam separator No
Pulp Container Yes
Dishwasher safe No
Instruction manual Yes
Recipe book Yes
Design features Triple function of juicer, citrus press and smoothieMix
Stainless steel juice extractor basket
Citrus press with lever arm
XL feed tube
Removable parts
Plastic spatula
Package contents Reciepe book with more than 60 ideas and spatula
Manufacturer warranty Motor: 12 years
Parts: 3 years
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