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Böhm B66 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

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Böhm isn’t a headphone brand name we come across very often. Actually, this was the first pair of Böhm headphones to ever get our hands on, and we were more than excited to see what this small company had to offer.

Usually you’d expect a premium price tag to go along with a nice pair of wireless headphones – $300 or more isn’t unreasonable. So how do the Böhm wireless Bluetooth headphones, which are currently sitting in the sub-$100 category, hold up to their more expensive brand-name competition?

bohm-b66-wireless-bluetooth-headphones-reviewBöhm B66 Headphones: Pros & Cons

  • Long battery life
  • Large wireless range
  • Excellent value (check prices)
  • No visual battery indicator
  • Leather ear cups can cause some warmth after prolonged wear

Sound & Battery Life

Even though wireless headphones are notorious for delivering less-than-perfect sound, the Böhm holds up well to the competition.

The sound from these Bluetooth headphones is crystal clear, delivering solid highs, mids, and lows without feeling flat. We found that music and movies alike sounded overall richer and distortion-free. The bass isn’t overdone – which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your tastes – but sounded clean and refined.

Of course the main shining feature of the Böhm B66 headphones is going to be its Bluetooth connectivity. These headphones feature the newest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which will support an entirely wireless experience on your smartphone, computer, tablet and other Bluetooth connected devices. The Bluetooth can be slightly quirky to set up for the first time, but afterwards will pair easily to your device with the simple touch of a button.

In addition, the wireless range on the Böhm Bluetooth wireless headphones is something outstanding. While usually we’d expect to get about 15 feet or so without experiencing any disturbance – a respectable amount for a wireless headphone – the Böhm B66 headphones double that to 33 feet.

Böhm claims a whopping 16 hours of battery life with continuous music playback, and it’s actually not far from what we experienced during testing. This was done with the music playing at just a 50% volume, so expect the battery life to decrease slightly if you’re cranking the volume way up during listening. Recharging back to full battery afterwards will take you just about 3 hours.

Böhm B66 Headphones Comfort

Wearers will find a comfortable listening experience with the B66 headphones due to the high quality materials Böhm used in their construction. The aluminum that makes up the housing allows them to be sturdy yet lightweight, decreasing wear fatigue after hours of wear.

The ear cups of the Böhm B66 headphones are wrapped in a “gorgeous protein leather”. We found this to just be a fancy term for faux leather, but it is comfortable nonetheless. After hours of wear however, we did find that the ear cups started to get a bit warm, which is unfortunately pretty typical with this type of headphone. The Böhm B66 wouldn’t be the best choice in headphones for wearing outside or taking to the gym – the heat would get uncomfortable.

We’d recommend these iSport bluetooth headphones if you’re looking for something to use at the gym (check out our sports headphone reviews if you need more ideas).

Headphone Design

The Böhm B66 wireless headphones are very attractive. With two different color combinations available (silver and black or gold and tan), we think these would appeal to a wide range of people.

While these Bluetooth headphones fall into the sub-$100 category, Böhm skipped the plastic and opted for some more premium materials when creating the B66 headphones. The housing is made of a beautiful aluminum with tapered edges. The buttons featured on the outside of the headset (volume, power, noise cancelling) are a beautiful aluminum as well. The ear cups and headband are wrapped in a comfortable faux leather material, making the headphones quite comfortable to wear.

On the right side of the headset you’ll find a port to plug in the included auxiliary cable, in case you want to conserve the battery by running wired. Also on the outside of the right ear cup you’ll find a silver switch, and an LED lighting indicator. This switch is used to either turn on or off the headphone’s active noise cancelling feature, and the LED light will indicate Bluetooth connectivity.

On the left you’ll find the Böhm B66 headphones you’ll find:

  • Volume up / volume down buttons (these also act as “next” and “previous” when listening to music)
  • The power button
  • USB Charging Port

Headphone Portability

bohm-b66-wireless-bluetooth-headphonesIncluded with the Böhm B66 Bluetooth headphones you’ll find a very sturdy carrying case. While we found the carrying case to be quite huge and have the resemblance of a UFO, it also was extremely sturdy and should provide the headphones with adequate protection while traveling. The case also features a pouch on the inside to hold the included auxiliary and micro-USB charging cables.

The headphones also feature a folding ear cup design that is usually reserved for higher price points. This foldable feature allows the Böhm B66 headphones to lay snugly in the provided carrying case, without taking up too much room.

With its lightweight aluminum housing, these headphones travel beautifully and won’t cause fatigue on the head if you’re wearing them on a long flight, or enjoying an extended music listening session. We wore these for hours on end to test them out, and personally experienced no fatigue whatsoever.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to travel with, the active noise cancelling feature on the Böhm headphones shouldn’t be looked over. The feature can easily be enabled or disabled by flipping the small silver switch on the outside of the right ear cup. We found it to work very well at blocking out normal room noise, but it did seem to drop the volume slightly when enabled. However, these would still be perfect for travel and easily drown out chatter and other ambient sounds on a long airplane or bus ride.

Final Verdict on the Bohm B66 Headphones

While they do have some quirks, the Böhm B66 wireless Bluetooth headphones stand up respectably to brand-name wireless headphones that cost three times the price. If you’re looking for good looks and premium sound at a sub-$100 price point, these would be an excellent entry level pair of wireless headphones to try.

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