Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Review


Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Review

Being Breville bje510xl juice fountain means you are not constantly juicing only one type of fruit/vegetables. Actually, more often than not you are basically throwing an entire bunch of your much loved elements at the same time thus producing that splendid juice which packs a flavor as well as a health filled punch.

Breville bje510xl juice fountain is in its own league in terms of ease as well as efficient extraction of juice. In simple terms, its super smart! This unique juicer comes with standard features that you would certainly expect from a high quality centrifugal juicer. What’s more it has a few quite beautiful features, which basically would seem crazy for you not to love.

Hailed as one of the smartest juicers of all ages (with a smart chip inside), let’s take a deeper look and find out what this amazing bad boy have in store for you.

Features Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

900 watt stainless steel juice extractor:

This Breville bje510xl is pretty gifted. It comes aboard with a heavy duty 900 watt motor which revolves up from a speed between 6,500 RPM to 12,000 RPM.

5 speed selector for different groups of food:

This is the stellar features of this unique juicer. Its well fitted multi-speed selector function coupled with LCD juicing speed warranties utmost extraction of juice every time. Quite convenient! Just pick the speed which is perfectly suited for the product you are about to juice and the juicer is confident to haul out the best output possible.

Large 3 inch round feed tube:

Measuring quite generous thickness of 3 inches, the feed chute which is extra large accommodates large chunks of fruits as well as vegetables thus prepping your output is quite easy.

Huge Juice Jug and a Pulp Container:

This heavily built juice jug comes aboard with a perfectly fitted froth separator together with a large pulp container incorporated with an exclusive handle for your convenience.

Patented Nutri-Disc System:

The cutting blades -which are well reinforced with titanium- aids in keeping the blades sharp for a longer time. The sharp blades help cut the pulp alongside a stainless steel filter basket for proficient juice extraction. Quite an excellent juicer!

Soft Locking Arm:

This additional safety feature prevents this juicer from functioning in case the cover is not locked in place securely.

A Top Dishwasher safe:

All other parts of the juicer except the Nutri Disc plus the mesh filter basket can be easily cleaned on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Control of Sound and Vibration:

The patented central feed system adds to the uniqueness of this product. It located at the center of the chute directly over the Nutri Disc in order to minimize the noise as well as the vibration.



The changeable speed management system allows for easy production of juice in the best way possible:

This Breville bje510xl juicer versatile has a capability to squeeze enough juice from any fruit/vegetable ranging from soft or mushy to the hard not to mention the super dense ones. With other similar juicers it is still possible to juice soft as well as hard produce; however you won’t be in a position to get the utmost possible juice not to mention nutrients. The speed system makes it much easier in making a choice of the right setting thus you get more with your end product by spending that extra buck.

The interesting part is this juicer is accompanied with a speed smart chip which takes the entire guesswork away from your juicing through adjusting the speed automatically as per the load. The result is extremely proficient juicing of relatively wide array of quality as well as uniformity with extremely little waste.

The feed chute to a great extent minimizes preparation task:

The feed chute which is 3 inch wide is large enough to guzzle enormous chunks of produce therefore you can as well save time plus the amount of effort to be used since much of slicing and chopping is not needed.

The Direct innermost feed system enhances efficiently juicing:

Unlike several other varieties which allow you feed the produce to the cutting disc side, this amazing juicer has a wonderful feed chute strategically placed straight above the Nutri-Disc in order to fine tune efficiently. In addition this presents an additional benefit of alleviating the juicer as well as reducing the noise and vibration issues.

Breville BJE510XL

Built to Last:

Ranging from the 900 watt motor to the titanium cutting blades made of stainless steel together with the premium rank polymer body structure, this exclusive juicer is definitely cut out for countless hours of heavy use.

Breville fountain juicer comes with various safety mechanisms:

In order to guarantee your security, all surfaces coming into contact with food such as the juice jug, feed chute, Nutri Disc and pulp container are all BPA free. To prevent overheating, this juicer is well fitted with a sensor that detects overwork and shuts the machine down automatically. What’s more the safety locking arm helps put off the process every time you forget to lock the cover in place.

Super easy to maintain and clean:

Most parts of the juicer can be safely washed. The heavy grade body made of stainless steel maintains its unique smooth finish for a neat yet super sexy appearance on the counter top. In addition, the cord is perfectly designed to hide underneath the base while minimizing the clutter along with the footprint on kitchen surfaces.


Basically the high speed involved in this centrifugal juicer means that a juice productivity that is slightly frothy doesn’t remain well for days. Centrifugal juicers aren’t quite efficient as compared to masticating juicers when it comes to juice extraction from leafy greens such as kale and wheat grass which we cannot do without. Absolutely true, it has the capability to juice the majority types of produce quite easily.

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Best Suited For

The enthusiast person who desires a juicer that is fast, solid, smart, versatile and most of all ease of use will find comfort with these amazing features in Breville Multi-speed juicer. In case getting a large amount out of your fruits and veggies is quite essential to satisfy your ego, this machine absolutely has got you well covered. Adequately equipped with an elegant chip with a capability of sensing much load, this juicer automatically chooses the precise speed therefore you don’t require to do any single guesswork.

The Verdict

When it comes to ease of use as well as juicing efficiency, it’s hard to stare past the Breville Multi-speed juicer. Ranging from the ease to use system, joined with a well incorporated stylish chip, makes it even harder for you to create a great and high quality juice which frankly speaking, isn’t a bad thing to wake to each day? Overall, it has a super robust yet stunning structure which I guarantee will last for many more years of happy juicing memories.

Bottom Line

There you have it! The best review of Breville bje510xl juice fountain. If you are look out for a super centrifugal juicer with top features but at the same time makes life quite easier, this one is a no-brainer.

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