Omega Juicer 8006 Review: Excellent Masticating Juicer!


Omega Juicer 8006 Review: Excellent Masticating Juicer!

For many raw food enthusiasts and juicer lovers, Omega Juicer 8006 versatility and effectiveness makes this juice maker the perfect machine to handle just all your juicing needs.

Juicing at a relatively slower speed with an 80 RPM motor helps protect against flavor, color as well as nutrient loss that can be seen in centrifugal juicers with a higher RPM. This dual stage juicer first crushes the fruit or vegetables and before extracting pulp, it is pressed further to ensure maximum juice yield while at the same time helping you get the most out this exclusive produce that you have already purchased.

Basically you get a lot more than just a normal juicer with this bad boy. It’s multifunctional and can do lots of great things quite well. This doesn’t mean it’s not a high quality juicer though juicing is still its strong point. Further, it’s tough, silent and mimics the movement of the human mouths since it juices your goodies.

Find out what all the hype is about through the features below.

Features Omega Juicer 8006

Omega 8006 is a masticating type juicer meaning it operates via a two stage process as quite a slow speed in order to generate minimal heat and also foam.


High Quality Juice

The Omega Juicer 8006 produces high quality juice. Due to its low speed processing this juicer retains its natural color appearance as well as taste minus the foam that normally forms when the juice is extracted at high speeds.

Longer Shelf Life

A smaller amount of foams means the juice keeps longer hours so you can make up to a 3 days worth of juice.

High Powered 

Well equipped with a high power, GE auger which is generally 8 times even stronger than plastic with a gear reduction which is equivalent to the power of a 2HP motor. Exactly, what do you need such power for? This means that you can extract the juice from virtually any kind of produce including hard to juice leafy greens such as kale, wheatgrass and spinach.

Two stages mechanism

The Omega 8006 Juicer operates through a dull-stage juicing system which in real sense mimics the human mouth chewing mechanism. Fruits together with vegetables are the first to be crushed then pressed tightly in order to extract almost all the juice. It works perfectly with a crushing and pressing procedure which produces drier pulp as well as a higher juice yield.

Super Smooth Juicing

The presence of an auto pulp ejection function makes life even easy since it allows uninterrupted juicing.


The process of crushing and pressing mechanisms translates to even more grater juicing efficiency. This basically means that more and more juice can be extracted by this unique blender from the same volume of the produce as compared to a centrifugal juicer. At the end, you will find yourself saving some more bucks on produce.

Omega 8006

Tough and Durable

Well engineered to last for a long time, this juicer will guarantee you happy years of very happy as well as healthy juicing.

Quiet as a Ninja

This juicer is absolutely noise free so you can be enjoying your relevant quiet environment while juicing.


Excellent Masticating Juicer: As with most masticating juicers, the Omega 8006 is one hardworking, highly efficient and versatile juicer of all times. It has the capability to extract nearly all the juice content of both soft as well as hard fruits.

Tasty and Nutrition Juicer: The amount of juice produced has an extraordinary taste, nutritional profile as well as a visual appearance. In case you put a premium on the health care of your juice, ensure you settle for no less than this type.

Highly Efficient: The Omega Juicer 8006 I s highly efficient for the fact that it has the capability to extract the whole amount of juice of almost all types of whole foods.

Multifunctional and Versatile: Generally, you do much more than just juice. You have a chance to make baby food from homemade pasta, cooked foods as well as butters from nuts.

Gigantic Warranty: Comes with a 15 year warranty thus you will have abundance of juice for the best years of your life. Quite a relief!


Quite Pricey: Priced at this juicer feels that it is too pricey for those users who are basically not sure whether or not they can keep up with the juicing lifestyle.

A bit less easy to clean: Basically, the host of the food processing functions may seem kind of impressive but this means it contains other parts that are quite difficult to assemble, disassemble as well as clean.

Overall, the advantages have better positive feedback as compared to the disadvantages thus Omega J8006 is an ideal juicer for you!

Best Suited For

In case you are an advanced juicer who does extraction of juice on a regular basis and in real sense does not mind the price tag, well this juicer fits your description. Also it is relevant to juicing enthusiast who requires consistent high quality juice with more nutrients. What’s more, you will also appreciate the fact that you are in a position to juice in bulk for roughly up to 3 days ahead. Additionally, this juicer is a best choice for those who really want to do other activities besides juicing such as nut butters, past creation, baby foods and sorbets

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Bottom Line

Big call, but this is Omega 8006 and definitely the best masticating juicer on the market. In case you really love juicing and you are not here to muck around, then this is the perfect juicer for you.

The avid juicing fun will definitely find the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer extremely reliable, versatile and efficient. Fitted well with its widely acclaimed high power, and a two stage juice extraction apparatus, no doubt you will enjoy the high quality and quantity of amazing juice.

Obviously, this is our best and preferred choice. However, for those of you who can’t truly afford this awesome juicer, there is still hope. Preparing nutritious drinks has by no means been this simple.

Get Omega Juicer 8006 at the best price available today.

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