Candy Grand’O GO282/2 Washing Machine Review


Candy Grand’O GO282/2 Washing Machine Review

The Candy Grand’O GO282/2 washing machine is one of the more popular ones online. It is not made by one of the more well-known appliance manufacturers on an international scale but it does fit the bill where modern design is concerned. It features the water saving front loading design which also means that it is gentler on your clothes than a traditional top loading washer. It has a number of features that you will find on only the most modern washer and there is no wonder why it is considered the best washing machine by its owners. Some of its features that set it apart include a stain vanish feature and a mix and wash program, but it doesn’t stop there.

Candy Grand’O GO282/2 Washing Machine Description

Candy Grand'O GO282 Washing MachineThe Candy Grand Washer is the epitome of innovative washing technology. The drum contains raised dimples that gently massage your laundry as they are washed. This ensures that you get a cleaner set of clothes without damaging them overtime like a conventional washer. It features a lot of additions aimed at making laundry day a good day without the usual hassle and negative emotions surrounding it.

This washer is so innovative that you no longer have to do too much sorting thanks to its mix and wash feature. This allows you to wash different fabric types and colors in one wash. It also has a fast wash feature that takes a whopping 50 minutes off your wash time. Its stain vanish button allows you to get the deepest clean out of your fabric so that you can get rid of stains that are embedded. It also has the delay start feature so you can take advantage of cheaper electricity rates at certain times of day even if you are not at home. Just set it to the right time and leave it and it will start when the right time comes around. If you are in a hurry you can use the 32 minute cycle to get it done in time. All of this is backed by great Candy Customer service.  With your purchase you get your Candy Grand’O GO282/2 washer, an instruction booklet and your warranty card.

Candy Grand’O GO282/2 Washing Machine Features

  • Front loading
  • Stainless steel drum
  • 8kg drum capacity
  • 1200rpm spin capacity
  • Display Screen
  • Up to 9 hours Delay Start
  • Allergy Care
  • Stain Vanish
  • Fast Wash
  • Mix and Wash
  • Rapid Cycle
  • A+ Rated
  • Choice of Spin speed
  • Smart sensor
  • Prewash
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Consumer Reviews for Candy Grand’O GO282/2 Washing Machine

There is a lot being said about the Candy Grand’O GO282/2 and we want to let you know about it. Using these washing machine reviews you can make the best choice, an informed choice as to which machine will be the best for you and your family. What do people have to say about this brand and model?

  • “FANTASTIC arrived quick ordered late on 22nd received early 25th
  • “no complaints”
  • “love the half hour cycle”
  • “….manmade fibre articles coming out almost dry”

One of the reviewers stated that they own a holiday park which they run themselves. As such they really benefit from the large capacity drum that this Candy washer offers. Now they can clean the bedding for their park and be able to do it in a small amount of loads. She loves the many features also that allow her to get her laundry done in a better way. They love it so much so that they have two and their daughter owns her own. Bottom line she states that she would recommend it to anyone as being very good.

Another reviewer who had a Candy Washer before said they had to replace their old Candy with a new one. The Old one they had for 15 years and they were sure they would get good service from a new more modern version. Since purchasing it they have used it and found that it works very well. Though they don’t use all the features, the ones they use make purchasing the machine very worthwhile. They state that this washer lives up to all their expectations and though they have only owned for a few weeks they think it is living up to the Candy name and expectations they had for it. They definitely recommend this washer as one of the best on the market.

Another reviewer said that they installed the machine themselves and that it was quite easy to install with the accompanying instructions. They had a curious one year old around trying to climb on the washer but that didn’t make installation any harder. (This is great news for do it your-selfers.) They stated in their review that it washes well and they are overall pleased with their purchase. They go on to further state that they would recommend this washing machine without hesitation to anyone who is seeking to purchase a modern washer that helps them to do more laundry it a more cost effective rate.

Another reviewer stated that they had owned Candy washers for all their life and so it was no wonder they purchased this washer. They read some reviews, read the product specs and decided this would be the one. They love it, it works well and they are especially appreciative of the half hour cycle.


The Candy Grand’O has many pros, one of them being its 30 minute rapid wash cycle and other big one being its mix and wash cycle which coupled with the large drum capacity helps you to get all your laundry done quicker and more efficiently.


One reviewer received a washer that had a defective door seal but that was an isolated incident and was probably down the some accident whilst delivering the product.


The Candy Grand’O GO282 is definitely one of the better washing machines out there. It has a lot of faithful users who have used the company’s washers over the years and a lot of people who are new to owning a machine from the company as well. But the bottom line is that they all love it.

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