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Samsung WF0704W7W Bubble Wash Washing Machine Review

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The Samsung Bubble Wash Washing Machine is another popular one on the market currently. It like the other machines we review have racked up a number of reviews online and so we want to turn our spotlight on this particular washer to find out what exactly it is about it that makes it the best washing machine. For starters it is equipped with the revolutionary Ecobubble technology which allows it to save energy while still giving you a clean wash.

It also features the Diamond Drum that allows it to care for your fabric in the best possible way. There are a number of happy customers out there that own this washing machine and very soon you could be one of them. Simply put it is a great addition and enhancement to living modern life but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Samsung WF0704W7W Bubble Wash Washing Machine Review

Samsung WF0704W7WThis Samsung bubble wash washing machine is referred to by the manufacturer as one of their most revolutionizing washer. It features a diamond drum and uses bubbles which allow you to clean your clothes effectively without wearing them out too quickly. With its 7kg capacity and its features it is ideal for modern living. What is this bubble technology and what does it do? The machine produces bubbles with the use of a bubble generator which dissolves the detergent then injects air so that the bubbles are formed.

When your clothes are being washed in this it allows you to get a better wash from your cold water cycles. This also lowers your energy bill since it allows you to cut down on the use of warm and hot water for washing and that is why it is called Ecobubble Technology. With this technology the detergent penetrates the clothes four times deeper than in your traditional washer so at a 15 degree wash you would get the results of a 40 degree wash using a whopping 70% less of energy.

This feature being the main thing that makes this the best washing machine also gives your fabrics advanced care when it comes to washers. Now you don’t have to run two cycles to get clean clothes that will last a couple months. Now you can get clean clothes in one wash that will last you all year or longer.

The washer also features no mechanical action which means you can wash even the most delicate clothes in there including water repellant fabrics! If you have made the mistake of putting a water repellant item in a traditional washer you know that after that wash it loses some if not most of its water repellant properties. With this Samsung washer you don’t have to worry about that as the Ecobubble technology is gentle even on water repellant fabrics enabling them to keep their water repellant attribute and their overall looks.

Samsung WF0704W7W Bubble Wash Washing Machine Features

• Front Loading
• Freestanding Installation
• A+++ Energy Efficiency Rating
• ‘A’ Spinning Performance Rating
• 7 kg capacity
• Weighted Annual Energy Consumption of 182 kilowatts
• Weighted Annual Water Consumption of 9800 liters
• Maximum rotational speed of 1400 rpm
• 14 Cycles
• Quiet Drive Motor
• Ecobubble Technology
• Diamond Drum
• Ceramic Heater for Durability and Longevity
• Two years manufacturers’ warranty on parts and labour

Consumer Reviews for Samsung WF0704W7W Bubble Wash Washing Machine

Whilst researching the product online we found quite a few washing machine reviews for this great Samsung product. All reviews suggest that actual users love it. Here are some snippets of what people say about it:

• “…it is the best machine I have ever had the pleasure to use…”
• “…I cannot find fault with it.”
• “…really pleased with everything…”
• “quiet”

One consumer said she purchased this particular machine because she saw an online demonstration which got her really interested in owning the machine. She went on to say that purchasing the machine online had a lot of downs as she had problems with delivery. But due to the demonstration she had seen she was not willing to let it slide and so waited for her machine. When she got it, she found it to be a pleasure and mentioned that it was very easy to install. She was happy from the first wash as her clothes came out of the final spin clean, fresh and soft. She was amazed as to how quiet even the final spin was and says she is looking forward to doing the self-clean cycle.

Samsung LogoOne other consumer commented that the machine is very quiet and that they love the digital display. She loves that it has a number of programming options saying “lots of flashing buttons”. The bottom line for her was that it washed her clothes perfectly and that it does.

One other consumer said that they bought the product after reading an internet review. She bought it and is quite happy with her purchase as her 13 year old son is now doing his own laundry. She urged consumers to get the Samsung washing machine mentioning that she highly recommends it.

One other reviewer simply put their review as – the machine does what they say it will do and has a myriad of washing options so you can wash everything you own, even stuff you wouldn’t traditionally wash in a machine.


The Samsung Bubble wash washing machine has a number of things going for it but the greatest could be the Ecobubble technology. It gives a cleaner clean without damaging your clothes and helps to keep your energy bill low; all attributes you want to see in a washer that is considered to be the best.


Of all the reviews, there are mostly five stars with only one being a four star review. Even in that four star review nothing negative was said about the washing machine.


Coming in at under £400 and with state of the art technology it is a good buy. It will wash your clothes to their cleanest and keep them looking their finest. With all the five star reviews supporting it you can safely spend your money on this Samsung bubble wash washing machine.

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