Daewoo DWDM1231 Washing Machine Review


Daewoo DWDM1231 Washing Machine Review

Daewoo was established in 1971 and is seen a global reputation. The products are comprehensive that extends to the domestic appliances of refrigeration, microwave, floor care and laundry. The innovative technology, outstanding performance and impressive design are the key factors of Daewoo for their high global reputation and it does show great value in customer care. Daewoo DWDM1231 6kg Washing Machine is a perfect example of the brand quality and the following review brings you closer to the product details.

Design Overview:

daewoo-dwdm1231-washing-machine-reviewThis model has a neat and classic look in white colour housing. The technology in-built is innovative with the many impressive features. The controls are manual along with the LED display. The programmes and the functions are user-friendly to suit the complete family requirement. Daewoo DWDM1231 Front Loading Washing Machine shares the space of 850mm in height, 595mm in width and 440 mm in depth.

Another highlight of the design is the slim depth and this slender construction is suitable for any interiors and goes well even in the lean space. The overall product weight is 54 kg. This model works in the spin technology and can accommodate the capacity of 6kg which goes suitable for the mid-size family. The maximum spin rotation of 1200 rpm gives the best move to remove the water and making it an easy dry for the clothes.

Control system:

The control panel that stretched on the front top side consists of the rotate knob which is operated manually and does have few buttons to set the operations. The selector knob allows you to select the programme based on the neat guide printed besides it. The available buttons allows adjusting the temperature based on the chosen programme. There are push buttons to hold the rinse and in case the spin is not required the waster stops the programme after the draining of water. The delay start and the child lock settings are also present in the control panel. Overall, it is a user friendly control system.


This Daewoo DWDM1231 6kg Wash Capacity Washing Machine has 24 Programmes which includes wool, cotton, hand wash, delicate, synthetic, quick 30. They differ in terms of the temperature, rpm and the timing of the wash programme. Right from those delicate fabrics to the hard blankets the wash programme differ and it is also easy to choose the programme based on the laundry load. By default it functions on the cotton programme that has optimised time and water consumption. The pre-rinse and the extra rinse feature can be set for the selected programmes that bring a spotless washing for even the highly soiled laundry.

Features Overview:

The various features that are incorporated in this model make this appliance perform to expectation and it does stays ahead in the performance rating. The same is been discussed as follows.

  • Intensive wash is a programme that is present in this model which works to clean up even the stubborn stains and highly soiled clothes and suits for the sports clothes, socks.
  • Delay start allows the user to take advantage of the less traffic hours and since it allows to be programmed in advance it suits even the busy people.
  • Intelligent wash system automatically senses the type of programme required for the load. It fills the water accordingly and also sets the duration of the programme. This is a trouble free programme that reduces and saves the time and energy.
  • Child lock is an indispensable feature for the homes where children are around. It eliminates the worry of unauthorised operations during the functioning of the appliance.
  • Pre-wash and Rinse-hold are few other functions which helps to give clean output in the laundry.
  • Extra rinse is preferred by some who prefer to get a better rinse of the detergent and is sure to get away with the aroma and the dirt.

Efficiency and Performance:

The performance rating is competitive for Daewoo DWDM1231 1200rpm Spin Speed Washing Machine with the ‘AAB’ rating which denotes that grade ‘A’ rating for the energy efficiency, grade ‘A’ again for the wash efficiency and grade ‘B’ rating for the spin drying. The water consumption for per wash is 42 litres. The spin speed of 1200 RPM makes it a model of high performance.


The manufacturer of this model offers a warranty for 1 year for both the labour and parts.

Daewoo DWDM1231 Washing Machine – Product Specification Table

Manufacturer Daewoo
Model Name DWDM1231 6kg Spin Washing Machine
Washer Type Freestanding
Load Type Front loading
Exterior finishing White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 850 x 595 x 440 mm
Product Weight 54 Kg
Volume Capacity 6 Kg
Wash Programmes 24 Programmes which includes wool, cotton,
hand wash, delicate, synthetic, quick 30
Fitting Non-integrated
Control Type Electronic with dial control and LED display
Half Load Yes
Hand Wash Yes
Spin speeds 1200 RPM
Leak Protection Yes
Delayed Wash Start Timer Yes
Water Levels Automatic
Water Control System Yes
Digital display No
Water consumption 42 litres
Motor Belt drive
Wool Wash Yes
Variable spin Yes
Extra rinse Yes
Intelligent wash system Yes
Child lock Yes
Energy Efficiency A
Wash Efficiency A
Spin Drying Efficiency B
Warranty 1 year for Labour and Parts


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