De’Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier Review


De’Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier Review

The De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier is another best seller, rated the best dehumidifier by users. Even people who have owned this as their first unit find it the best and those who have owned others also find this the best. Read on to find out more about this dehumidifier including some dehumidifier reviews from those who consider it to be the best.

De’Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier Description

The De'Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier Reviews

One of the reasons the DEM10 is considered the best dehumidifier is because it is a very efficient unit. It has an extraction capacity of 10 liters of water in a 24 hour period. It has a low running cost and also features a humidistat that further increases its energy efficiency.

This feature gives the user the ability to set a comfortable level so that the device does not work unnecessarily. It also demineralizes water so the water can be reused if you wish in your steam iron for example. It uses ecological gas, another feature that makes it a good purchase for anyone who is environmentally friendly.

It is very quiet while it operates and is ideal for moving from room to room because of the carry handle that it is equipped with. It is a compact unit being only 42 cm high and can be used to remove moisture from the air as well as for drying clothes.

De’Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier Features

  • Control panel on top
  • Anti-frost for lower temperatures
  • Tank with a two litre capacity
  • A tank control system
  • Dust filter which can be washed
  • Continuous drainage capability using the supplied pieces
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Carry handle
  • Extraction rate of 10 litres for 24 hours
  • Clothes drying capabilities


The unit is quiet enough to sleep and allows a lot of extraction in a short space of time. It is great at getting rid of condensation on windows even those not close to where the unit is positioned plus it is energy efficient.


Because the unit is so compact you have to empty the water tank often but that is not too bad as you can set up the continuous drainage to avoid this.

Consumer Reviews for De’Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier

One individual pulled from the dehumidifier reviews stated that this unit was purchased not for their home but for a conservatory. The place became very damp during the winter including the windows as well as the walls. Being an artist he needed the walls to be in the best condition for displaying his pieces and he needed the windows to not detract from his art work with dampness or wet streaks.

The De'Longhi DEM10 Compact Best DehumidifierHe of course didn’t want any of the moisture damaging his pieces that he had put so much work into and some of which were a couple years old. He searched the web for dehumidifiers and found some DEM10 best dehumidifier reviews.  He made his purchase and even got it at a discounted price which made it an even sweeter purchase. He says the unit has been absolutely amazing and he is now able to do is creative work without worrying about what will go wrong in the winter. He definitely recommends this item in his dehumidifier reviews.

Another customer stated that the unit was quite, affordably priced and does everything it said it would so it is definitely the best dehumidifier they have ever owned.

Yet another individual rated it as the best dehumidifier because of the amount of moisture it is able to pull out of the air. They found it loud though even from downstairs but still loves the fact that it does what it is supposed to do.

Another owner commented on the fact that the machine is compact yet powerful. He also noted in his dehumidifier reviews that though it is not ultra-quiet it was not too noisy kind of like the older model of fridges which means it is a sound you can get used to in a couple days.  They also love the fact that it has an automatic stop that allows it to shut off when the tank is full meaning you don’t have to worry about coming home to find your home wet.


Though this dehumidifier is small it still does a great job of removing moisture from the air. It is powerful, quiet, and full of features for your convenience and can even be used to dry your clothes. It is portable and can be moved from room to room and is very energy efficient along with a number of other great advantages.  Only you can now decide if this is the best dehumidifier for you after reading our dehumidifier reviews.

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