Remington HC365 Stylist Hair Clipper Set Review


Remington HC365 Stylist Hair Clipper Set Review

Although our main focus at Best Electric Shaver Reviews is electric shavers, we do like to keep up-to-date with the latest hair clippers on the market (I’ve saved a lot of money on hair cuts thanks to home clipper sets); so today we’re looking at the Remington HC365 Ceramic Hair Clipper set. Remington have put together a full-clown professional package here that includes everything you could possibly need to give yourself a haircut. It looks like great value, but will these clippers do the job? Let’s dive in and take a look.

The first thing I notice about the Remington HC365 is that the stainless steel blades are Ceramic-coated. This means that they are extra resilient, sharper and longer lasting. They are also self sharpening, so you can be sure that they’ll always be in tip-top condition for cutting your hair.

remington-hc365-stylist-hair-clipper-set-reviewThe Remington HC365 blades are also fitted with Remington’s Lube for Life; the clipper will automatically keep the blades lubricated which means that you’ll never need to oil the blades. This should make the clippers very easy to maintain and care for.

The Reming HC265 Ceramic Hair Clipper is as complete a hair cutting set as you could hope for, and actually comes with a 25-piece grooming kit. This grooming kit includes sectioning clips, ear guides, scissors, neck brush, combs, cap, cape, cleaning brush, and a storage case. Throw into the bargain the separate detail trimmer, which you can use to shape the sideburns and you’ve got yourself a bit of bargain package!

There are 6 attachment combs that come with the Remington HC365, and these cover hair lengths from 3mm up to 24mm (hair cutting grades 1 through to 8). The diverse range of cutting lengths allows you to customise your hair style with a sharp crop or longer, and also a laid-back textured cut. The HC365 also has a taper-level control so that you can adjust the blade length according to your requirements.

The Remington HC365 Ceramic Hair Clipper allows for corded or cordless operation. Whilst running on the build in rechargeable battery, the HC365 will give you 40 minutes of cutting time, which should be enough for 2 or 3 cuts on a single charge.

Features and Specifications

  • Ceramic-coated blades – tough, sharp and long lasting
  • Self-sharpening – always as sharp as possible
  • Lube for Life – No oiling required!
  • 25 piece grooming kit – Everything you need for cutting hair
  • Corded/Cordless Operation – 40 minutes cutting time on a single charge
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty


Customer Reviews and Opinions

It seems that many hundreds of Remington HC365 clippers have been sold, and during my investigation of the product I noticed that just under 80% of customers were very happy with their purchase. While 80% may sound very high, alarm bells immediately started ringing. Having reviewed many products over the years, I generally find that the best of them carry a satisfaction rating of over 90%, which the remaining 10% made up of people who didn’t read the description properly or received a faulty unit. Where the satisfaction level drops 80% I’d expect to find a flaw in the product and that is exactly the case with the HC365.

First, I’ll cover the good things that were said about the Remington HC365. Almost all of the positive reviews by satisfied customers pointed to the good value of this package. As I mentioned previously, this set comes with every possibly accessory and attachment that you could need to cut hair. People generally appreciated the value of the package, and even though they felt they might not use all of the included extras, the majority of them were handy to have.

A lot of people were also very pleased with the way the Remington HC365 cut their hair, mentioning that it gave a good cut. The battery was also a strong feature of the HC365, lasting for several cuts on a single charge.

“The trimmer itself is fine, not too noisy in operation, and of reasonably sturdy construction. The problem lies with the grooming combs themselves, which are totally inadequate, and made of the flimsiest plastic I have ever seen”

But before you buy, you might want to take note of what the unhappy customers said. Most of the negative reviews seem to have picked up on a couple of major flaws with the clipper, and I think that this needs to be taken into account before you make your purchasing decision.

First off, a lot of people said that the plastic guides that come with the Remington HC365 are not very good quality, and are made of very flimsy plastic. A lot of customers found that this meant that tracks were left in their hair which required further pass overs to correct. To my mind this is simply unacceptable; the guides are such an important part of the package that scrimping on the quality of plastics used is not a wise decision. That one simple thing has compromised the cutting quality of the Remington HC365, and could so easily have been avoided. Not good.

“The cutting guides are made from flimsy plastic and are in no way as strong as ones have have previosuly used with other leading brands”

Unfortunately, that is not all that is wrong with the Remington HC365. As if the fact that the plastic that is used to make the guides is too flimsy wasn’t enough, a lot of people also mentioned that they were way too sharp. In fact, several customers found that the guides cut their skin and made them bleed! This was reported both when the clippers were in use on the scalp, and the beard. Now, this wasn’t reported with the vast majority of customers.

What I did notice, that it was a complaint made by people with very little hair (presumably people who had a good head of hair were cushioned from the sharpness of the guides). However, since a large proportion of people who use clippers don’t have a full head of hair, this is another massive fail on the part of the HC365.


Despite the 80% satisfaction rate, I simply can’t recommend the Remington HC365 Ceramic Hair Clipper. When you think about it, a 1 in 5 chance that you won’t be happy with the product is not a good ratio. There are simply too many reports that the guides are of a flimsy quality, and the fact that these clippers have made some customers bleed is simply not on.

While the package represents good value in terms of the accessories included, surely it would have been better to leave some of these out and improve the quality of the clippers themselves. My advice, don’t bother with the Remington HC365 – it’s getting a dismal 2 stars from us. If you’re in the market for a cheap clipper that does a good job, there are plenty of better options around, such as the Philips QC5170.


Remington HC365 Ceramic Hair Clipper Review Summary

The Good
  • Good value for money
  • Good battery life
The Bad
  • Flimsy guards leave tracks in the hair after cutting
  • Sharp guard ends caused some customers to bleed
  • 1 in 5 customers were unhappy with their purchase

Note: customer reviews have been paraphrased for space saving purposes. Please click the links alongside the quotes for full original Remington HC365 Ceramic Hair Clipper review.

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