Detention codes (Update)


Detention codes (Update)

I hope you’ve had the chance to dive into the captivating world of the Detention game. If you haven’t already acquired the latest game codes, now is the perfect moment to do so. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the intriguing universe of Detention. The availability of gift codes for Detention is finite, so act swiftly to secure your spot in this thrilling adventure.

Summary of codes games Detention

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Event codes Detention

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A limited number of Detention codes

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Discovering the Latest Detention Game Codes

In your quest to unlock the latest Detention game codes, follow these steps to immerse yourself in the captivating and eerie world of this acclaimed horror game, deeply rooted in Taiwan’s historical and religious backdrop during martial law. Our journey begins by visiting the official Detention website.

Step 1: Visit the Official Detention Website Embark on your code-seeking adventure by navigating to the official Detention website. This portal serves as your gateway to unlocking hidden treasures within the game.

Step 2: Locate the Codes Input Section Once you’ve arrived at the Detention website, your next destination is the coveted “Codes Input” section. This is where the magic happens, where you’ll gain access to the secrets that can enhance your gaming experience.

Step 3: Enter the Detention Code and Immerse Yourself Now that you’ve found the Codes Input section, it’s time to wield your power. Enter the mystical Detention code, and brace yourself for an immersive journey into the spine-chilling world of this game. Prepare to be transported to a realm of eerie unpredictability.

Detention MOD APK has garnered widespread acclaim and positive feedback from the gaming community. This unique horror experience, steeped in Taiwan’s rich religious history during the era of martial law, promises to plunge you into a world of chilling transformations and uncanny mysteries.

Embark on this captivating adventure, unlock the secrets, and let Detention take you on a hair-raising journey unlike any other. Dare you enter this hauntingly evocative world?

Introduction to detention

Introduction to Detention

Imprisoned in a horrifying obsession!

In the vast realm of horror gaming, where serial killers, haunted houses, supernatural ghosts, and heart-pounding jumpscares dominate the scene, there emerges an exceptional gem that defies convention. Detention, the enigmatic horror experience, ventures into uncharted territory where eerie elements take a backseat. Let’s delve into this haunting tale.

Haunting Prison Story

Detention, a unique horror game, stands out not only due to its unconventional setting but also its narrative approach. Set against the backdrop of Taiwan during the tumultuous 1960s, a period marked by political and military turmoil, the game immerses players in a world teeming with diverse beliefs, customs, and cultures that grip the very soul of its inhabitants.

The story unfolds around Wei Chung Ting, a typical student with a penchant for dozing off in class. One day, Chung Ting awakens to a blaring announcement of an impending storm, triggering a chaotic evacuation. Along his escape, he encounters a slumbering girl, and their paths intertwine in this journey. However, as they reach a bridge, disaster strikes, sweeping them away into an alternate reality. This surreal realm blurs the line between the real and the mystical, forcing the duo to confront a multitude of youkai, decode enigmatic secrets, and unearth the means to escape this eerie place.

Detention seamlessly weaves together elements from ancient Taiwanese legends and religious beliefs. The monsters and specters haunting the school are rooted in these rich cultural traditions, adding depth and authenticity to the game. Players are thrust into an adventure that transcends time, offering a glimpse into the profound faith of the Taiwanese people.


Detention’s gameplay is deceptively simple yet undeniably challenging. A tap and drag interface guide different characters through a world ensnared by eerie spectral forces.

The first half of the game shares similarities with the Resident Evil series, presenting intricate and unpredictable puzzles that demand unwavering focus and patience to solve. You must constantly explore and navigate, seeking hints to progress, all while evading the ever-present ghosts that stalk the school’s corridors. Confronting these malevolent spirits forces you into harrowing battles, requiring tactics like offering rice as a distraction or holding your breath to survive. However, rice is a scarce resource, and holding your breath carries its own risks. The blend of puzzling challenges and spine-tingling encounters evokes an array of emotions.

The latter part of the game pivots towards storytelling, unraveling the mysteries and grudges that have perplexed players thus far. It also offers various endings, influenced by your choices and perspectives. Detention’s hallmark lies in its ability to leave players contemplating their fears and the haunting scenes within, shedding light on the torments endured by the people during that tumultuous era.

A Panorama of Culture and Beliefs

Detention serves as a captivating fusion of stories, beliefs, and the intricate tapestry of Taiwanese culture during a complex period in its history.

The game’s musical score, a blend of traditional Asian instruments with electronic, Lo-Fi, and rock elements, creates an eerie ambiance that lingers long after you’ve put down the controller. It reflects the essence of Taiwanese culture, serving as a portal to its rich heritage.

The 2D graphics in Detention draw inspiration from Taiwanese literature, cinema, and novels from the 1960s-1970s. The doodles, moody aesthetics, somber tones, and iconic symbols like the prayer tree, fan, lantern, and iron-framed windows, all contribute to an immersive experience that pays homage to Taiwan’s cultural legacy.

In conclusion, Detention is more than just a game; it’s a journey through time, a window into the fears and beliefs of a bygone era, and an exploration of the depths of human psyche. Its haunting graphics, mesmerizing music, intricate plot, and multi-layered associations make it a must-play for horror aficionados. As you unravel the story, you’ll come to realize that true terror resides not in mere jump scares but in the darkest recesses of the subconscious.

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