Flymo Glider 330 1450W Electric Lawnmower Comprehensive Review


Flymo Glider 330 1450W Electric Lawnmower Comprehensive Review

A good lawnmower makes the task of maintaining the perfect grass a whole lot easier. Flymo Glider 330 1450W Electric Lawnmower Comprehensive is one of the popular options on the market but is the right one for you? The following comprehensive review will help you figure out.

Does It Really Work?

flymo 330 mower reviewFlymo 330 is a 1450-watt motor lawnmower that is electricity-powered and that features Flymo’s hover technology. An air cushion is used to make the movement and the manoeuvring of the lawnmower a whole lot easier.

To deliver good results, Flymo Glider 330 features four height adjustments for grass cutting, a 26-litre collection box for the grass, a 33-centimetre blade and a cable that is 12 metres long. The size of the collection box and the blade make this mower a good choice for a small to a medium-sized lawn.

Top Advantages

Flymo 330 has several key advantages that set it apart from other products on the landscaping market. Its most important positive characteristics include:

  • Very lightweight: the lawnmower weighs slightly under 10 kilograms, which makes it easy to move around and suitable for use by every member of the household. Apart from being rather lightweight, the mower has an air cushion that makes the task of pushing the machine around an even simpler one.
  • Customisation: the handle is very easy to unfold and fold. There are no bolts to be tightened, which makes it easy to use the lawnmower and to store it in a garage or a garden shack. The mower can be stored in the upright position, which saves a lot of space
  • Powerful motor and various cutting options: the motor is powerful enough and it can handle nearly all kinds of grass. The four cutting options provide yet another degree of customisation for the appearance of the lawn. The first setting results in the shortest grass and it cuts very near to the ground. The fourth one results in a slightly longer, yet perfectly shaped grass.
  • Silent and vibration-free: the functioning of Flymo Glider 330 is relatively silent. It’s not going to cause massive disturbance, while you’re mowing the lawn. Most of the individuals that reviewed the machine reported that it works without vibrating too much.
  • Easy cleaning: getting the cut grass out of the box is a simple task. The box itself is transparent. You can easily see how full it has gotten and when the time has come to get rid of all the cut grass.
  • Good price to quality ratio: Flymo 330 has the power and the feature of some more expensive lawnmower models. The majority of the people that bought this piece of equipment were extremely satisfied with the price to quality ratio.

A Few Shortcomings

flymo 330 glider The Flymo 330 is praised for the price to quality ratio but a couple of shortcomings have to be mentioned. A couple of online reviews include negative statements focusing on:

  • Low handle: some reviewers were dissatisfied with the height of the handle. Taller individuals found it somewhat uncomfortable to use.
  • Some grass remains out of the box: some of the grass will be disseminated on the lawn, rather than sucked in the box. The problem is especially noticeable when making turns.
  • Could have problems with wet grass: wet grass is tougher and more difficult to cut. Waiting for it to dry is the top recommendation provided by individuals that bought and used Flymo Glider 330.


This lawnmower does precisely what it promises to and it comes with an excellent price to quality ratio. Individuals that bought it were happy with the small size and the ease of using the Flymo Glider. Regardless of a few minor shortcomings, it’s a solid piece of landscaping equipment that is great for smaller and medium-sized gardens.

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