The Best Drill Hammer


The Best Drill Hammer

Choosing a drill hammer is often tricky, because of the vast range of machines. This machine is equipped with a pneumatic hammer mechanism. Working with a best hammer drill can be done in three ways: drill bits – in structures in materials such as brick or concrete, drilling in wood or metal, as well as hammer drilling and cutting. You will need a real hammer. But, big project will require larger work to be done in a short period, and a manual hammer will not be suitable for such task which is one of the reasons we need drill hammers. This article provides us with enough information on the drill hammer that best suits our need. Here we briefly explain what to look for when purchasing a quality drill hammer.

What Is A Hammer Drill?

This is an electric drill that offers a hammer-like action via rotation motion. This allows it to demolish hard materials like wood and stones. This machine is like a screwing drill but does nothing similar to that. The clutch on the head of the drill allows it to punch head In and out repeatedly. The punch may be slow in motion, but the thousand of blows within minutes enable the drill to be used on brick and concretes. This is not just for home use, but an essential tool for any industry.quality drill hammer.


Types of Hammer Drill

Below are the different hammer drills to use for your projects.

1. A corded drill

This hammer drill work with electricity. This is one of the best drill hammers if you have an electric source nearby. This is because you won’t have to worry about running out of battery.

2. A cordless hammer drill

This is best when you are on the go. If you need to work at different places in which has no electricity, using a cordless hammer drill is best. Many brands provide you with extra battery kits to work for an extended hour with your cordless drill hammer. If you travel to work a lot of time, cordless drill hammer should be your best choice.

3.Benefits Of A Hammer Drill

Hammer drill comes handy. The drill hammer uses rotary motion to punch the material its been used to drill. This form of rotation allows quick penetration into the material. Hammer drills are the top choice of the professional contractors for drilling works and electrical installations. You can drill hard surface for installation of shelf and cabinets at home.

Factors to consider when buying A Hammer Drill

Below are the few of the elements to consider when selecting the best hammer drill to use for your various projects.

1. Budget

We have different price range for the hammer drill in the market. The price is determined by its durability, functionality, brand and the purpose. If you use the drill hammer regularly, the basic option will be a good choice. But, if you use it in the industry or for repeated work you will need to go for the drill hammer with warranty and those with more durability. But they will cost more than the basic drill hammers.

2. Motor Power

The typical motor power is between 9 volts to 20 volts. You can go for the motor power in between, but the purpose of the drill hammer will determine the best motor power.

3. Cord vs. Cordless

The cordless drill hammer is good because of the ease of use, but if you are choosing this type, you will need to get an additional battery to work for extended hours. If you have electricity in the place, you are working the corded option may be best because you won’t need to worry about the possibility of running out of battery.

4. Additional Features

You may have other feature that comes with the drill hammer. This may be LED light, supporting rail and different functions depending on the type of drill hammer you go for.

The 11 Drill Hammer Review

Here are the top choice drill hammers you will need to have in your toolbox.

1. Powerplus POWX0047LI


The Powerplus POWX0047LI is a very affordable but good battery drill. This drill comes with two batteries so you can simply get through if your battery is unplugged. If you use one battery, you charge the other one. Both 18 volt 1.5 Ah Li-Ion batteries are also of high quality. So when you get started, you have two full batteries at your disposal. The drilling machine itself has two mechanical gears for drilling and screwing. But the Powerplus POWX0047LI also has a disadvantage. With drilling in hard stones such as bricks or tiles, this drill battery has trouble.

2. Bosch PBH 2100 RE Drill


For the more massive drilling, the Bosch PBH 2100 RE drill is suitable. This 550 watts power kit features a pneumatic Bosch hammer mechanism with 1.7 Joule impact force, drilling holes up to 20mm in the concrete. Still, this Bosch drill hammer is handy and lightweight; the device weighs only 2.2 kilos.

3. Drill hammer Makita HR2470


Its efficiency and functionality distinguish the Makita drill hammer HR2470. Also, it is also effortless. It is suitable for drilling, hammering and chisel work. The electronic speed control ensures precise drilling and excellent results. The unit can be set to be in 40 different positions. This allows optimum adaptation to work conditions and provides high work comfort.

4. Bosch GBH 2-23 REA with dust extraction


The Bosch GBH2-23 REA drill hammer with an integrated detachable vacuum cleaner is a compact solution for dust-free drilling. It comes with adapter drill set for suction when working with hollow drill bits (up to 68 mm). It allows working without a steam suction module, simply by removing it without tools. The ergonomic design and low weight make for less fatigue.

5. Bosch 3-28 DFR Professional


The drill hammer Bosch 3-28 DFR Professional is a specialist for quick drilling and chiseling. Compared to other 3kg drills hammers, this is characterized by high efficiency and low vibration. This is possible thanks to the innovative Vibration Control System. This comes with a carrying case and a changeable drill bit with SDS-PLUS, which guarantees a vast range of accessories. The L-shape balanced weight distribution allows for comfortable operation. This machine also has a rotary head for grazing.

6. Hitachi DH 28PC


Another example is the DH28PC Hitachi drill hammer with SDS-plus, which meets all the requirements of professionals. This device is equipped with electronic steering with steady, variable speed for total control. The device is particularly lightweight (about 3.5kg) and has a compact design – is short and allows easy maneuvering in small spaces. The drill hammer DH28PC Hitachi also has the L-shape with a closed handle. Such configuration allows the full control of the device with the highest precision. This solution prevents wear of parts. The Hitachi DH28PC is equipped with SDS-PLUS tool holder. This allows for fast, no tools changing of accessories. The side handle has in this case a built-in depth stop

7. Makita DHR241RFJ


We also present you the cordless drill hammer Makita DHR241RFJ. This is a perfect solution when it comes to wireless work. You can work freely without power with this machine. The parameters of the model correspond to the power of ordinary drill hammers – the stroke energy is 2J. This drill hammer has three working modules: drilling, hammer drilling, and chiseling. It is also equipped with an SDS-plus tool holder, which also has a quick change of accessories without the use of tools. The Combi Hammer with 40 chisel adjustments is quickly ready for use. It comes with a MAKPAC carrying case, two batteries, and charger.

8. Makita HR2432


This drill has an integrated vacuum system. This allows working without inhaling dust arising during drilling and chiseling. This tool has 40 times chisel adjustments. The anti-vibration system and ergonomic design ensure optimum power transmission. The machine is delivered in a carrying case

9. Bosch GBH 4-32 DFR SE


This model makes it possible to drill in stone, concrete, wood, and metal. Without a doubt, it can be said that this is one of the fastest drill bits in the 4 kg category. Low vibration values (Bosch Vibration Control) ensure safety and less tiring work. The SDS-plus and the quick-release drill holder allow quick change of accessories.

10. Skil Masters 1790MA


This model has fast speed selection. An efficient percussion also characterizes it. An essential feature of this machine is the rotation stop for chisel work. The drill hammer is suitable for both professionals and do-it-yourself. Another advantage is the set of supplied accessories.

11. SDS-Plus DeWalt D25123K


This drill hammer has an electronic variable speed for total control. It is suitable for drilling in concrete and brickwork. The new seal system provides maximum protection against dust. An additional advantage of the machine is the safety switch for active protection of the user and machine.

The above-listed drill hammer proves their worth in the market. The purpose of use and the requirement given in this article should help you in making the right choice on the drill hammer to go for. This list covers both the basic and the professional drill hammer you will love to own.

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